Meet My Pack

First, let me introduce us. My big sister is Ginger. She crossed the bridge in February 2009.  She was 11 and a half, which I'm told is old for a Shar Pei.  She and the two-leggers moved here from Arizona in a big truck with all of their things stashed inside.  She had various health issues throughout her life but took everything in stride and was a wonderful big sister.  She taught us... well, pretty much everything I know I learned from Ginger, not the least of which is how delicious PIZZA is!

After settling in here on the east coast for awhile, they met Cali. She is a Border Collie/Flat Coat Retriever mix. She was born in August 2001. The two-leggers were leaving Petsmart one mid-September afternoon, when papa spied a lady carrying a tiny black fuzzball. Earlier that day, this kind lady had rescued a four week old Cali from a cardboard box at a flea market 60 miles away from where she lived, ironically this flea market is close to where we live now. She was told that if the puppies weren't adopted, they were going to leave them in the box at the market!! So she scooped up the last puppy and headed back home - to mom and papa's neighborhood. She was bringing Cali to the adoption day at Petsmart to see if the rescue league would consider taking her in, when papa intercepted them. After some mild persuading, mom agreed to hold Cali and the rest was history! Mom knew the moment she held her, she wouldn't be able to give her back.... and after looking into those puppy eyes, she never let go!  I'm so thankful to the lady that brought her to my two-leggers. Cali is an awesome big sister!! She loves to play chase with me (my all time favorite game) and is a really responsible big sister. She's brave too - she happily greets everyone who comes to visit. I'm much more cautious.

Someone who is not cautious at all is my little sister, Phoenix. She came to live with us in January 2008, when she was about six months old. The Crazy Cat Lady convinced mom and papa to bring her home after she was hanging around a neighbor's house for a couple of days. Phoenix had to spend ten days at the animal shelter to make sure she wasn't being looked for by her original two-leggers. Mom was VERY nervous for those ten days and wished she just kept her here and never notified anyone. But it was the right thing to do. And it turned out of the best! No one claimed her, which was meant to be because we couldn't imagine our family without her. I'm so glad she found us because she's a tun of fun and always cuddles with me when it's cold. Plus it's nice not being the baby anymore!

I have the best time when I'm with my two-leggers!  My papa is great. He is the best hide-and-seek player EVER. I’m not sure what he does for a living but he seems to get paid with various edible treats. Sometimes he brings mom chocolates, wine or pastries but usually he brings home pretzels, which is my favorite because she shares a little bit with all of us. You might notice that all of my post titles are in the style of the Friends TV show titles.  This is my mom's influence. She's very helpful to have around: she feeds us and takes us for long walks.  AND she helps me when I get stuck with my bloggie!  One of our favorite things to do as a family is go camping in our Airstream.  You'll read all about that in my posts!

While we're away camping, we have two duck-dogs, watching over the park: Wally and Stella.  They are both boys!  They are named after Wally and Stella Byam, the founders of Airstream.  At the time we adopted them, they were young and we were sure Stella was a girl... now we know we have A Boy Named StellaOur wonderful neighbor, Lisa (aka: Crazy Cat and Critter Lady), received a call about a young Pekin duck who was living in a dog kennel with two dogs. The owner decided this was not a good situation and was looking for someone to adopt this duck, who thinks "she" is a dog. Lisa put her rescue hat on and picked up this sweet Duck Dog.  Who else but my crazy dog family would jump at the chance to take in this creature! While papa was planning the habitat, a funny thing happened! Lisa learned of ANOTHER Duck Dog who also was living with dogs and, although he was coming from a sad situation, this was perfect for us and our newly adopted ducks! Ducks are very social and love to be with others, a lot like us dogs! Soon the two ducks were together and happy to start learning how to be ducks and not dogs together.  Needless to say, they're still Duck Dogs at heart and my mom is often frustrated that Wally and Stella get more excited to see us then they do seeing the two-leggers!  Cali met them first and even though they were ecstatic to finally be near a dog again, Cali was pretty disinterested!  Here's a link to their first meeting.

I suppose I should also mention another frequent topic on my blog.  MY NEMESIS.  He torments me almost daily!  He even has his own category on my blog!  Speaking of that little devil, I better go track him down. 

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