Friday, March 22, 2013

The One with the Trip

I have so much to tell you - grass dog dishes, GPS collar attachments, minor surgery... A trip!

I had some super dee dooper photos of Lexi modeling with her new dish but SOMEONE moved the photos from MY iPaw to the laptop and they are gone for now. (That someone has only two legs.) SO... To embarrass her a little bit, I will have to show you a picture of my boy using the dish.

Let me back up... Lexi came to us from a rescue and she was saved by them after being a STRAY on the streets of Alabama. Can you imagine the horrors? :(

Well she has been SO hungry and maybe worried about getting another meal - I keep telling her it's like an unending buffet but she thinks it's too good to be true. She sucks up her food and doesn't even chew!!! Then she is famished and begging for more food.

The usual tricks didn't work: a can in the bowl to slow her down, a bowl with knobs in it... So... Mom got online and found a dish that looks like a patch of grass. She will sprinkle the food in it and Lexi plucks it out one by one. It takes her 5 minutes to eat a cup of food. AND... She chews and hasn't been as starving!!!

Now... The embarrassing for mom photo... She gave my boy some dry Cheerios, turned around to get a drink and turned back to find him testing out the new dish! BOL! See his cereal scattered in there?

Interesting food dish, isn't it? I tried it out myself today when Lexi left some food behind. Yes, you read that right! She's no longer so hungry or nervous she inhales her food without even knowing it! Mom loves this dish (GREEN by Northmate an Interactive Dog Feeder)... And I thought it was pretty fun!

GPS... I'll save that for the next post. That's not as fun. Ugh!! Neither was my minor surgery to have ANOTHER growth removed. (More news on that on 3-4 days but my doc thinks it's nothing to worry about so....)

Something super fun? We are on a trip!!! Headed to the beach! It's our first Airstream trip of the year. We stopped halfway for the night and will arrive tomorrow.

More to come!

Falling asleep on the job - watching over my mini-two leggers. (You can see the GPS on my collar. Sigh. My sisters have them too.)

ALWAYS sleeping on the job: Miss Phoenix.

At a stop light, Lexi had to copilot.

Our campground for the night!

PeeS- the 25th is fast approaching. A special someone (SARGE!!) has a birthday on Monday!!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The One with all the News

Oh. My. Dogness! It has been so long since my mom has let me post!! She and I have been so busy with my baby two-leggers and helping with her work and our new sister, Lexi.

Yep, you read that right!!! A few weeks ago Miss Lexi came to live with us!!!

It has been fantastically exciting!

AND!!! The day I come back to Blogville we get almost 2 feets of snow and Mr. Al Roker visited our sleepy town!!

Check out all the fun and meet Lexi!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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