Monday, October 8, 2012

The One Where it's My Turn

Oh no...

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The One Where I was Bored...

And Phoenix paid the price. BOL!

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Friday, October 5, 2012

The One Where We Have TIME!

Oh, anipals, I have missed you so!!!  Do you remember me?  I still can't comment from my iPaw by my mom has a bit more time these days now that she has gotten so far ahead at work in preparation for my baby sister two-legger.  She was supposed to be here yesterday!! SO.. I get to play on her laptop tonight!  I've missed all of you but missed my dearest Sarge most of all.

A reminder of what I look like just in case he forgot all about me:

This is pretty much what I've been doing while waiting for the little one to arrive...

Babysitting my boy..

Or napping while he naps...

He's 15 months today!  My mom is still amazed by how good I am with him.  What did she expect of me?!  Sheesh!

You might wonder why Phoenix is in a red t-shirt.  Remember that nasty I had taken off my leg in the spring that turned out to be not so nasty?  She had one taken off that was full of the nasties last week.  BUT it returned with clean margins and a non-aggressive diagnosis so we are hopeful that is all behind us.  She goes back on Monday (unless my baby sister arrives then) to get the sutures out, which is what the t-shirt is hiding so she doesn't chew them out like I do, and mom will grill the dogtor for more info, of course.  She got all kinds of spoiling when she came home from the two leggers and me and Cali.

Enough about us... how are all of YOU?!

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