Saturday, April 28, 2012

The One Where Zona Begs

"I know we're camping, Mom, but mini-two-legger is sleeping. See? Can I PLEASE blog with my anipals??!"

She said YES! But only time for a quick one... Boo!! Wait until you see the amazing pressies I got for my barkday!!

Now my Bloggie iPaw Poster thingy is all different and I can't seem to put the pictures where I want them so I have no idea how this will post. BUT one of these is a terrible picture but has a big pressie hint...

Better pictures to follow... If mom ever lets me blog again!! Sheesh!!

Miss you all!! Especially you Sarge... ::smooch::

Monday, April 9, 2012

The One with my TV show?

So... I know there is a singer that uses my name: Zona Jones. And now, there is a TV show personality that is using my name?? Where are my royalties??

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The one for a Hoppy Easter

Hoppy Easter everyone!! In honor of the holiday, may I present an oldie but goodie... The One with the Disco Ducks! Click here!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The One with the Movie

So many of you know that my two-leggers often take Miss Cali to the drive-in movies with them. Well, the theater is open for the season and she got to go again!!

I'm usually only a little jealous but deep down I don't mind sitting this one out! This time I was a LOT jealous. I know she gets special treats, usually pizza, but this time she also got to taste FUNNEL CAKE! Phoenix and I get some of the pizza crust when they get home and sometimes even popcorn but do you think they saved any funnel cake?? NO!

She described a little box that the movie sound comes out of....

And a HUGE movie screen...

Sounds cool doesn't it? Have any of you been to the movies before? Or do you like to relax on at HOME one the couch to watch movies like I do?
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