Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The One with the Takeover

Hi Blogville! This is Queen Phoenix here with an update on my sister Zona.

Ummm... I'm not sure Zona is going to like this Phoeny.

Oh, Cali, you're such a worry wart! She's so loopy, she's not even going to remember this.

I don't think you really understand how blog posts work. She doesn't have to "remember" it. She can read it.

Not tonight! She's wandering around here like she's never seen the place before... BOL

Phoenix, be nice. Remember when you were on those meds for your back? You were the biggest baby that ever wa---

You are mistaken.

No, it's right here on Zona's blog. Which reminds me of my point. This is ZONA'S blog. In three and a half years and over 600 posts not ONCE has she let you guest blog.

Yes, well, she's come to her senses. Let me tell the good citizens of Blogville that Zona's tattoo removal was a SUCCESS and get on with things.

We were all very relieved to hear that the mass came off easily and wasn't attached to anything underneath, which is apparently a good thing. And Dr. Grimm thinks the removal was "curative." I had to look up that word. It means the nasties should be GONE.

She's a bit disoriented tonight. Mom says that's the anesthesia wearing off. And the whining. OMD... the whining is driving me crazy. She's trying to tell mom she wants to go to bed but she wants mom to go too and mom is just NOT getting it. Zona whines when she wants two-leggers to know something. BOL How embarrassing. I bet she never told you THAT before... what other dirt can I dish....

Phoenix, let's stay on topic. You KNOW Zona has way more dirt on you than you do on her.

Hmm... maybe. So, the bad news is she can't run around with me for a couple of days and has to wear a bandage that seems disproportionately large for the tattoo size.

It's to keep it clean for a few days. And I think it's very festive for Valentine's Week!

Speaking of Valentine's... Cali and I both want to thank Shiver and Chico for escorting us to the Blogville Dance! We had a pawsome time!!

Umm.. Phoenix, you better cut this short. Zona is starting to wonder why you're on her laptop!! Thanks for all of your good vibes! I know that was a big help getting Zona (and mom!!) through the day!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The One for Tsar

I had a wonderful time at the Blogville Dance - and for such a good cause! It was a great time before my big day tomorrow. Sarge really spoiled me. Did you see that pawsome ride he picked me up in???

Speaking of big days tomorrow...

We did get some terrible news today, thus a very rare two posts in one day. One of our dearest friends Tsar is not doing too well. Power of the Paw is needed once again... please stop by to visit them if you can. I know they would all appreciate your well wishes!

The One with the Pillars of Strength & A V-Day Dance

Do you know a super special dog named K? If not, you HAVE to check out her blog! She shares her blog with her mom, KB, and her brother, R, and it has the most AMAZING pictures!! All kinds of wildlife and snow zoomie pictures. It's AWESOME!

Miss K has her next round of chemotherapy for the NASTY C on Friday. A group of Blogville citizens banded together to be Pillars of Strength for KB and K. All are welcome to join in to support Miss K and her family during this difficult time. I know we all can do amazing things when we enact the Power of the Paw!

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I hope she can come to the Valentine's Day DANCE! We're going to have a great time. I'm off to get ready! And to help Cali and Phoenix get ready for the big day. And it's also time to celebrate Fudge's barkday!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The One with the Treats

I LOVE brussel sprouts. LOVE THEM. I know Miss Mayzie is with me... Anyone else??

Friday, February 10, 2012

The One with a Reminder

I thought I'd post this reminder in light of a recent event involving a certain newscaster.

I know WE all know this but maybe an uniformed two legger will stumble on this. ::sigh::

Click to biggify.

PeeS: Thanks for all the good vibes and crossed paws!!

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The One with the Lump

So.. you know how I haves trouble with ingrown hairs? (How embarrassing.) Well, mom noticed this bump messing up my beautiful hairs on my ankle. It was like a pimple so she thought it was another ingrown hair. We were going to wait until my next appointment to have the v-e-t take care of it but last night mom said it looked like a tiny strawberry tattoo! Now, I know I partake in cheetos and beers now and then but I would certainly remember getting a TATTOO!

So she took a closer look.

She freaked calmly called the vet's office and got me scheduled for today. I actually don't mind it too much there because they speak very softly to me since I'm a little nervous and always give me tons of treats mom doesn't let me have at home. After about 87 treats, Dr. Grimm took out a ginormous needle and sucked some of the guts out of my strawberry tattoo! Can you believe that??! Trying to butter me up with treats before sticking me with a NEEDLE. (Okay, so I didn't even feel it but STILL!)

Then he said we would know what was going on in 6-8 minutes. I waited patiently while mom spread my business all over Facebook.

He came back surprised. Amelanotic melanoma. I was proud of mom. She wanted to burst into tears but she was brave. Dr. Grimm said that she was a good mom for bringing me in so fast. He said left alone these nasties can cause lots of problems. But he feels confident that we're in a safe zone right now and, as long as we get it OFF me, I'll be 100% fine. Meaning, it shouldn't have time to spread. Mom still won't breath normally until it comes back benign like when Ginger had one on her toe but even if not, Dr. Grimm says he's not worried and we shouldn't worry either.

On the way home I was asking mom how they plan to get it off exactly and she just kept saying we'll go back on Wednesday and get more treats. Then I'll take a nap and it will just be gone when I wake up. That didn't sound too bad but when I explained this to Cali, she just about fell over laughing... what am I missing?

At least I'll get to have lots of fun at the dance before the big day!!

So, anyway, on Wednesday, will you keep your paws crossed? I know I'll be just fine but my mom will be an absolute wreck waiting for updates from Dr. Grimm... and then the waiting for results will begin... oh dear...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The One with the Confusion

Umm... where is the SNOW????
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