Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The One with the Mistake

So... today is Wednesday. Not yesterday, as I posted. Whoops! The first week mom is exclusively working remotely and I just assumed since she was home... it must be her Wednesday telecommuting day! Thanks for humoring my almost-Wednesday-nearly-wordless-Tuesday post.

I think I was partly excited for Wednesday to arrive because..... ::drum roll::..... my AUNT KATIE arrives tonight for a visit!!!! Yahoo!

Aunt Katie and me high-fiving
during a basketball game when I was just a puppy.
(Look at the poofy tail Cali had back then!!!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The One with Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Do you see what I see? Click to biggify!

Also... did you hear about the latest Blogville arrest? Marvin "Pouch Cheeks" Oakly (that name just makes me BOL!) is awaiting trial! I raced home from our trip to help Sarge, our chief of police, sniff out the suspect! Check out Sarge's post!


In light of the tornado in Joplin, Tank had a very timely post. Check it out.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The One After the Babymoon

We're BACK!!! We had a fantastical time at the beach last week and then with Airstream buddies this weekend. Mom said she'll post a link to photos on her blog by tomorrow.

But I have to tell you... we saw a MR. Puddles, can you imagine?!

AND... we found a town named after our very own REMINGTON!

AND mom's not driving in to work until the fall so I should have lots more time to stay in touch with my furends.

Speaking of which, I'm slowing making my way to everyone's bloggie this week. In the meantime... what did I miss???

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The One After 87 Days

Does anyone remember me? It's me...


I took my two leggers and sisters to the beach for my papa's barkday! We have been having SO much fun but I've been sad that I haven't been able to get any time on the laptop to check in with my furends! I took a peek at the bloggies today, though I wasn't able to comment too much.

You won't believe what the two leggers made me do on the drive here... they cramped my space! Poor Cali now has a "cool mat" bed on the floor (which she is crazy enough to love) and I was crunched into... are you ready for this?... ONE side of the bench seat! Can you believe that? Normally I take up about 2/3 of the seat and Cali is squished. This time Cali had the entire floor space - which is A LOT - and I was squished. They thought it would be a good idea to put the car seat in the truck so that we get used to sharing the back seat of the truck. Okay... so I wasn't completely squished but... they didn't think I'd figure out how to share when the mini-two legger gets here?

After that embarrassment the trip progressed wonderfully! The weather has been great and the beach is tons of fun this time of year since it's not too hot and not loaded with two leggers.

I hope everyone is having a great week! I'll try to check in more frequently! I'll have more pictures near the end of the trip! Mom said I can post those on the drive home. Yahoo!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The One with All the Killing

That title got your attention, didn't it?!

So you know how Shelby got a squirrel last week, right?

And how Puddles bagged a chipmunk last Tuesday?

AND then Puddles she moved up in size and got a squirrel today?

Well... tonight... Phoenix.... I can barely paw this.... got a rabbit. Doxies are taking over the world. We didn't actually SEE her catch the rabbit so Phoenix is maintaining that she FOUND it that way. But mom is pretty sure that's not how it happened.

Regardless, mom shrieked (why do they always shriek?) and told Miss Phoenix to "drop it" and then mom pretended everything was fine as soon as she let what was left fall to the grass. (Pretend is the key word there. I could tell she was completely grossed out.)

Phoenix followed us all back to the house but about half way laid down in the grass - belly up. Mom tried to coax her to finish walking but eventually had to carry her back into the house. And then ended up giving us all treats! (I think she felt badly about shrieking.)

She refused to take any pictures. Two-leggers are weird.

Now Phoeny is resting and of course she took a picture of that - like we don't have 87 million of those.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The One with Friendly Friday

As many of you know, our pal Pip has been trying to sell his house... it's time to spread the word and send up those good vibes!! We won't mention the raccoons that visit him sometimes.... or that Puddles parks her Pinto out front when she's on a kool-aid bender.

Speaking of Pip, don't forget to get your superhero outfits ready for his big Blogoversary pawty on May 30!

AND have you heard about the GREAT idea my best boy Sarge had??

It's only the most fantastical event AND you can win a super cool prize! It's called....

Isn't that a cool logo he made? Click here to see how it works! I think I'm going to start mine now and set it to post on Sunday, May 29. It will work out perfectly because I will be busy that weekend.... do you know why??? MY AUNT KATIE IS COMING TO VISIT US IN 22 DAYS!!! YAHOO!!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

La Una con Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! This is widely celebrated day in Arizona but here on the humid coast - not as much. Two-leggers in these parts will partake in a margarita or two to celebrate the day! Side note: my mom doesn't need much coaxing to order a margarita - Cinco de Mayo or otherwise! Though this year... she has to abstain - maybe one of your mom's could have one for her instead?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The One with Wordless Wednesday

Phoenix on babysitting duty.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The One Where We're Ready

So this was us waiting for mom to hurry it up so we could go meet dad at the office where he had the truck and Airstream waiting for us. She took foooorrrreeevvver to get ready.

When she finally decided it was time (about 87 hours after we jumped in the car), we each got in our seats and made the trek to papa's office. The rally was lots of fun!

Though rallying does make me sleepy!

It makes us all a little sleepy! (See HER hogging my space again?!)

I caught catnaps wherever I could!

The blurry mini-two-legger is Grayson -!

We got to meet this cute little guy this trip! His name is Riley.

This is his mom, Peg. She's pretty fun too!

Tom, one of our two-legger friends, made this video one night.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The One Where Mom is PROUD

This weekend we went to the first Airstream rally of the season. It was lots of fun! There were about 20 rigs there. My mom and papa were SO proud of me. It's no secret that I'm cautious around new two-leggers but this trip I was warming up to EVERYONE! I was loving the attention. Last season I started to get more comfortable with women but still felt anxious around men. This weekend I was enjoying everyone's company! I think I even saw mom well up with tears once or twice.

I bet some of you can relate!

I'll post some pictures but in the meantime, check out my first experience with agility! They had a doggie park at the campground. Cali was in agility when she was younger but this was the first time I saw any of these things. I don't completely get the point but it sure made papa happy! Phoenix was not exactly on board with these games. BOL!

Click play arrow to view video.
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