Sunday, March 27, 2011

The One after the Office Day

It has been a BUSY few days!!!

First, on Thursday, mom and Cali took papa to work. Cali got to spend the day at mom's office. School is closed until Tuesday so she had the run of the building!

"We're here!!!"
Heading up to mom's office...
Looking out one of mom's windows at the NEMESIS tree!
After breakfast in mom's office, they went out for a walk and then checked out the lower level of Lloyd House, where mom's office is.

The kitchen! The building used to be the dormitory. This is where they cooked meals... now it's used for special events and sandwich making for the homeless! Great smells in here!

Cali LOVED the floor to ceiling windows.

SHE'S HOME!!!!!!!!

I think I had more fun when I got to go last time.

Click play arrow to view video.

THEN... on FRIDAY... it was my bestest boy Sarge's BARKDAY! He turned FIVE! Since I'm so far behind on my posts, I'm sure everyone has already visited him but if not run over and check out his post! His barkday weekend has been a working weekend. Have you heard the latest on the Blogville Case?? Check it out on his blog... we're getting close to a resolution. I hope Mayor Futer's friend Slick.

Speaking of Frankie... I think we need his help! It looks like we have a mole problem!!

Papa spent time evening out the piles and we inspected his work when he was finished, as usual.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The One where Ducks are Mean

First, a great big thank you to everyone. Mom is feeling much more centered today after getting some sleep and giving us all extra loving! We'll keep monitoring our lumps and bumps and take it day by day. Hopefully by my 6th birthday in a few weeks, my crazy bump will have disappeared! We'll keep an eye on Phoenix and reconsider whether or not her fatty deposit needs any attention. And Cali, well, the bump on her eyeball had some changes overnight but mom's hoping it's just irritated. She read about eye issues of this sort working out on their own so... we're much more upbeat today. Thank you ALL for the supportive comments. (I think mom was just overtired, if you ask me! She didn't get a nap yesterday. I don't know how two-leggers function without napping during the day!)

This morning I woke mom up by whining and crying my little heart out. She jumped up thinking I had an upset tummy and raced outside with me... to realize I was crying because I KNEW Scruffy, one of the neighborhood dogs, was visiting. She keeps asking me how I knew he was out by the garage from all the way in the back bedroom. Hehe.. I can't give up those kinds of secrets, mom! He's so small he can slip under the driveway gate to come visit us. (Phoenix is even a little smaller, but doesn't realize she can fit through there. Papa will probably have to put a wire across there if she notices that is how Scruffy is getting in and out!)

Later today, the boys were enjoying a swim....

Then papa let them out to snack on the grass. Not a big deal! Normally Phoenix is inside when this happens but she did fine. She was curious but Cali and I really couldn't care less about the ducks unless they're handing out food. However, today those boys were FEISTY! They were chasing US around! They would poke us in the butts too! Can you imagine? Don't they know we could EAT them? (And technically, Cali does dine on duck everyday!)

This video isn't for the faint of heart. And mom says I need a "do not try this at home" disclaimer. We've had these duckies for about 18 months now. Can you believe it? Obviously, they know we won't hurt them. They don't hurt us either. Poking each other is how they play other so I guess they want to play with us too... but I don't understand that kind of game. Mom gets nervous every time we interact... mostly with Phoenix. BOL Something about "instinct" and boring stuff like that. But we pretty much just run from them. If you'll notice - WALLY is the instigator most of the time! (I don't know why the first video is shrunken. My assistant must be saving it wrong. And don't you love how mom thinks Phoenix will understand what "encourage" means?)

Click play arrow to view video.

Click play arrow to view video.

Finally, I want to wish MáMá a very much happy birthday!!!! We wish we could celebrate with you!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The One after the Checkup

What a long day we have had! Lots of entertaining! The Crazy Cat Lady and Mr. C stopped by AND we also got a visit from Dr. Mitchell. She brought her daughter and another little friend to visit too! While papa entertained the mini two-leggers, Dr. M and mom gave us each exams.

This is when I would suggest taking a break to potty and get a snack. This is a WORDY post!!!

I wasn't due for any vaccines but we talked about my leg trouble and a strange bump mom found this morning. As suspected, at some point I injured my cruciate ligament in my back right knee. Probably from my "fancy run at high speed and spin around to stop and wait for my sisters to catch up" move! That knee is thicker than the other knee so she's sure that's what's causing me to limp now and then - stiffness due to arthritis that has set in from a prior injury. It's not torn so no intervention is needed but I will get two extra supplements added to my diet. I was SO happy to hear that running and exercise is recommended to keep me fit and keep my knees strong. So that was good news! But mom has to make sure I don't overdo it or start favoring my other knee and tear that ligament... blah blah blah... All I heard was I can still run and play! I also heard my teethies are due for a cleaning. Mom has been dreading this. She hates the thought of anesthesia for any of us and especially hates the thought of my separation issues. They have a plan worked out for that piece. But the schedule is moved up because of the suspicious lump on my leg. We're hopeful that it's an insect bite of some kind that will go away on its own but if not, it has to come off. Paws crossed! They barely even talked about my allergies but I have a new supplement for that too. ::sigh::

Phoenix was next. She needed a vaccine or two AND they took some of her bloods for testing. She did not enjoy any of that. Mom also asked about her knobby neck. It's just a fatty deposit and is most likely just fine but Dr. M said it should also come off when it's time for her dental in the fall. So mom is worried about that AND little Phoenix having to deal with anesthesia too. But she looked at lots and lots of pictures and realized this fatty deposit has been there for a long time without any changes so she's trying to relax a bit. (Not easy for my mom.)

Lump is over her sternum,
just to the left of the leash clip.
2011, just a few weeks ago.
Notice the perfume
smeared all over her neck? BOL
Finally, it was Cali's turn. She had the same vaccines given and even more blood taken on account of her... advanced age. She was perfectly calm throughout. You wouldn't know she had a needle in her neck!! She, too, needs a dental cleaning, even though she JUST had one done last year!! Her tail is still looking umm.. rat-like after her infection last spring but seems fine. One of the blood tests will be a T-4 to check her thyroid. Her beautiful face has a pink spot that's curious looking but we were distracted by a strange non-ulcer...bump ON her eye under her eyelid. If it's still there in a few weeks when I go in for my yet to be scheduled dental cleaning, she'll come with me so Dr. M can take a closer look and mom will remind her to look at Cali's pink spot.

Needless to say, mom's a little overwhelmed - probably just overtired - no nap today! We're going to say extra prayers that my lump and Cali's eye bump go away on their own. Then mom only has to worry about routine dental cleanings... and Phoenix's umm.. fattiness. Hehe..

Friday, March 18, 2011

The One with Friendly Friday

GUESS WHAT?! To make up for being SO busy these past few weeks and to celebrate the first official day of SPRING BREAK... my mom, my beloved (today) blogging assistant, ordered PIZZA for us!! Meatless, of course.

Now don't tell my papa because he can't have pizza anymore --- something about gluten. I don't know what gluten is but if it's in pizza I love gluten. Aunt Katie can't have gluten either. There's a pizza place here that has gluten-free pizza. I offered to taste test it for papa and Aunt Katie. Wasn't that generous of me??

Don't forget to stop over and wish my furend Riley a happy barkday! She's TWO today!!

I borrowed this picture from her blog
(hope she doesn't mind)
so you could see how cute she looks
on her barkday!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The One with the Want Ad

Miss Puddles had a great idea--- oh, stop, she has great ideas ALL the time! I tried to borrow a foto but her blog caught me red-pawed so you'll have to click here to see one of her fantastical ideas. I'll wait until you get back.....


FINALLY you're back. Her blog is chock full of interesting projects, isn't it? I especially enjoy her lessons about the umm... trash can. ANYWAY, Puddles suggested that it might be time for me to get a new blogging secretary. It's no secret that my current assistant is not up to par lately.

So, I hearby announce an opening: Zona's Blog Secretary.

Applications are now being accepted. So are bribes. I like beer. Sam Adams, especially. I also like pizza. My pizza source has been slacking lately too. (Yes, that means you Grandpapa Michael!!) Oh, wait.... stop the presses... my soon to be former assistant is telling me that Blogville Deputies shouldn't take bribes??

Let's call them gifts.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The One with SPRING


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The One with the Police Report

Blogville Police Department

The evening of our Blogville Banquet to honor the Big Race participants and coaches, a call came in reporting that there was a break in at the mayor’s house.

There was very much broken glass and Mayor Furter’s TOY ROOM was ransacked!

Many prized stuffies were taken.

File Photo #10
Most noteably TRICK is missing!

File Photo #4
A few empty beer cans were left near the entrance to the home and there were Cheetos scattered throughout the residence.

Evidence Photo #128
Evidence Photo #87
Anyone with information about this unprecedented crime in our very own Blogville, is urged to contact SARGE. Our devoted Chief of Police will be interviewing this mysterious caller and is available to talk with any of our residents with information.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The One After Almost a WEEK

Umm.. so yeah... I'm still annoyed with mom. She works A-L-L T-H-E T-I-M-E in February and into March. She keeps telling me we're almost through the worst of it though so MAYBE just MAYBE I'll get back to a regular blogging schedule. I miss my furends!!

She let me come online real quick tonight because my mini two-legger brother was tumbling and kicking her so much she finally got the hint that work time is over! I'm training him already!

AND she let me take a break from snoopervising her to go to the banquet this weekend. That was a great escape from this snooze-fest here. Did you see my boy Sarge on the drums??

That was so exciting! I had no idea the band was so good! Look at Asta rocking out!

Not much going on here. We've had some crazy weather but it's warming up now. I'm sad the snow is gone but that means much more time outside! I do like that! I hope everyone is enjoying the week!
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