Sunday, October 31, 2010

The One with a Chick and a Duck

Okay, so this title is misleading. This isn't post about my ducks. But it's so rare that I can use an actual friends title! I figured you wouldn't mind the use of poetic license.

Mom, papa and the Crazy Cat Lady went to pick out hens today so I had to do a rare second post!

General is happy to have company. Now there are TEN in the coop!

As you can see, mom made me edit the names papa and I chose for the chickens. She gave us permission to name them whatever we wanted and then said our names were inappropriate! Sheesh!

You already know General Tso, our Araucana Rooster.

Our hens are....

Lemon Garlic a Gray Andalusian

Parmysean a Golden Comet Production hen

Francese an Americana

CacciaTory a Jersey Giant

ta another Gray Andalusian

Enchilada another Jersey Giant (she does have two legs!)

Marsyala a really pretty Cochin Partridge (look at her feathered feet!)

Teriyaki a White Crested Black Polish

Dumpling a White Crested Blue Polish

We hope to have eggs real soon. Anyone want an omelet to order??

General does crow but he doesn't wake us up. He's apparently shy so my blog assistant hasn't been able to get it on video yet. Booker Man asked if it's true that he crows all day and not just in the morning. He's right!! (Of course! He and Asa are so smart!) General crows periodically throughout the day but is quiet after dark until morning-ish.

We're loving the sound! We're on our way to being true Hobby Farmers!

Just so Wally and Stella don't feel left out!

The One with Oz

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Clearly we are thrilled with our costumes this year. BOL Don't we look like the most somber Wizard of Oz crew you've ever seen?? We were every excited but in the middle of the photo shoot mom told us we were taking the picture early and our treat day wasn't until the next day. We were, as you can see, appalled by this.

This theme is for my Papa Michael (my grandpa). He LOVES The Wizard of Oz so here I am as the Cowardly Lion, Cali as the Tin Man and Phoenix as Dorothy with Toto in front of the Tin Man for some reason. We have a Scarecrow costume too but papa refused to put it on for the camera.

We even have a couple flying monkeys!

We dressed up last year too but didn't have an organized theme like this.

As I said at Howl-o-ween before, mom's not a huge fan of the holiday. She thinks it's cute for little ones but she can do without all of the scary stuff! So she again told me, "No scary monsters or such on the blog." But what's a Halloween post without a monster? So... a repeat of my compromise: a monster being decidedly NOT scary.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The One where the Monkey Gets Away

It's Saturday and we're getting a slow start. Papa took the Airstream yesterday and left us behind. He even left MOM behind! Can you believe that? Mom keeps saying it's because he had back to back shifts at work or something but I'm not convinced. The good news is he told me he'll be home this afternoon and then off for two days! Just in time for our Howl-o-ween festivities tomorrow.

So this morning we all cuddled in bed and listened to General have a crowing contest with the Crazy Cat Lady's roosters. He's not loud enough to wake us up (the cold air did that) but if it's quiet we can hear him crowing. I'm sure a certain neighbor isn't thrilled with us but what's one more rooster in our rural neighborhood, right? It's not like we're partying on the roof every day.

Sometimes we move it to the backyard.

Well, Phoenix is threatening to take over the blog to tattle on me so I guess I should tell you myself so you hear the truth. I got in trouble today. The blog title is reused because this happened once before AND it's an actual Friends title, which I haven't been able to work into a blog lately. I should mention that I NEVER do this when papa is home.

Remember how I said we got a slow start? Well, it was really cold this morning and mom didn't turn the heat on last night so she didn't want to get out of bed. I don't mind a good snuggle on a cold morning but after awhile I want to play and go see my feathered friends. So I may have been a little hyper. After about 87 minutes, I managed to pull her out of bed and she shuffled to the hallway to turn the heat on and then let me outside to do my business.

Scruffy may or may not have been visiting this morning. And I may or may not have followed him on his morning adventures through the neighborhood. I will say that after about 10 minutes, mom called for me and I might have ignored been too far away to hear her. Her voice doesn't carry very well (she practically whispers my name if you ask me) so she'll blow a whistle and I'll come running from the top of the hill in our yard. Err... usually. She hesitantly blew the whistle probably making neighbors even more angry with us and I still "didn't hear" her. Remembering that I was hyper she started to get nervous having not seen me for all of 12 minutes.

Knowing that I was wandering around during deer season with some gun shots in the distance, mom figured I might have been getting nervous. (I don't like gun fire ever since the fireworks scared me this summer.) Not to mention I'm not supposed to leave the yard EVER let alone when hunters might confuse me for a deer!

Is she crazy?! Seriously. Do I, Zona...

... look anything like Miss Deer??

So mom got in papa's car and drove down our little road and spotted me just as I spotted her a few houses away. Oooo.. I was kinda nervous at first. I knew I was not supposed to be there and mom looked like a hobo in her miss matched PJs, orange shoes and bright pink fleece. I was a bit embarrassed to get in the car with her.

Needless to say, papa will have another chore added to his list. It's time to put up a gate for the driveway. We have next to no traffic on our road but every time I sneak down the drive way, she freaks out. If I'm away for even 2 minutes she starts worrying about cars, bears, poisoned meat, getting disoriented and being to scared to ask two-leggers for help... you name it. 99% of the time I'm not even out of the yard when she thinks I am. She says she worries enough as it is so.....

Looks like the party is over, Scruffy. I can no longer sneak out with you and pretend I'm a real country dog who gets to wander the neighborhood. Well, at least until I learn how to open the to be purchased gate.

I hope everyone will still be my furiend even though I was naughty today. Can I blame it on the Kool-Aid?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The One with the Foxy Boxer

We were out for a drive not too long ago.

And we ran into one of Maggie Mae's cousins! You can see her looking at us suspiciously from the passenger seat. Check out her license plate!

Mom snapped a picture of her cuteness.

I asked her if she wanted to play zoomies since I know Maggie Mae is so good at it but she said she was kind of creeped out by my mom taking pictures of her like puparazzi without her two-legger's permission.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The One with General Tso

He's HERE!!

Please meet... General Tso!
(It probably is clear that mom did not name him.
said papa and I got to name him & his future hens.
This should be fun!!)

My friend Lisa, the Crazy Cat Lady, found out that this young rooster was needing a new home. So... as Wally, Stella and Phoenix before him... Lisa brought General to us! I'm realizing now that it's like she's my personal rescue animal placement guru! Mom said after awhile, when we get settled with General and his to-be-acquired hens, if a few goats happened to be needing rescue.......

Don't worry papa. Your sore muscles will certainly feel better by then!

All weekend we worked on turning the old run-in shelter into a chicken coop and yard!

This is BEFORE....

And this is AFTER...

As the two-leggers were working on the new chicken coop, I LOVED trying out the chicken door!

After all of that work, papa played zoomies with us!

And then I squeezed myself onto Phoenix's red pillow for a much needed nap.

Click here for more pictures of the building process!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The One with Late Friendly Friday

Are you confused? Isn't it Saturday, you say? My two-legger was a little distracted yesterday with work and what-not. And she FORGOT to help me with my pictures. Can you believe that? I think I need to enroll her in a two-legger training refresher course.

Yesterday brought lots of friends to our park.

In the morning, my friend Scruffy stopped by to say hello. The pictures are hard to make out because mom has to stand WAY back when he comes to visit. He doesn't like the flashy beast AND he's very shy - even with MOM, can you believe it?

Before papa left for work, we had a good game of chase. My very favorite!

And then in the evening my neighbors came by to visit. Delilah wasn't around but Miracle and Dixie stopped by for apples.

Miracle was admiring the full moon.

Oh wait... I almost forgot another friend.

But it's getting late and moms needs my help checking on the ducks before we settle in for the evening so I'll have to tell you about him tomorrow!

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