Monday, August 30, 2010

The One Where We Thank JD & Max

A great big huge thank you to JD and Max and FH for hosting the most exciting auction in blogland! Shelby is going to benefit so much from all of the green papers raised on her behalf!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The One with the Exchange

So today started with a goodbye. We said farewell to one of the two-leggers' toys.

He is off to a new home in West Virginia with a new family. One with little two leggers who will use it 100 times more than my two leggers ever did. They even brought their MP3 player to test out the speakers! Papa was a little sad to see it go, even though it pretty much just took up room in the crowded garage. He is one of the final rides he took in it.

Click play arrow to view video.

Later he took mom for a ride and she screamed with glee like she was on a roller coaster almost the whole way since he was going "too fast." Luckily I was inside or my eardrums surely would have burst.

With this extra cash in his pocket and the pending sale of the Globetrotter, we essentially traded this...

And this...

1969 Airstream Globetrotter (21')
For this!

1953 Airstream Cruiser (25')
It's getting late and I'm smelling pizza so I'll include more pictures in a future post for all of you Airstream fans out there! And yes... we still have my favorite house on wheels - The Argosy. In fact, we're going to take it to what I'm told is a dog utopia in a few days!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The One with No Bears

It was a busy day here! The two leggers were buzzing about doing lots of chores. That makes for an exhausting day for me since I have to supervise. You know how it is! So when we finally took a rest on the couch, we browsed through the 450 pictures from earlier in the month taken by the wildlife camera we have in the yard.

My friend Lisa, the Crazy Cat Lady, has one and has been capturing photos of bears!!

Picture stolen from courtesy of Lisa's Sassy Cat Hill blog.
Thanks, Lisa!!
While cool, this freaks my mom out. We never see any bear activity down here at our end of the neighborhood but mom wondered if maybe we're just missing it! So out came the camera.

"Is this thing on??"
We started it at the top of the hill.
No bears.

We moved it down to the apple trees.
Still no bears but it did capture papa moving the Airstream!
Still no bears. (Mom is happy about this!)
Though we did get a trio of nightly visitors
while we were at the beach.
And then a picture of us getting home from the beach!
And papa mowing the lawn.
And stealing apples.
But still no bears!
Only our overnight/early morning guests,
also stealing apples.
Phoenix was curious about the
scent they leave behind!
That perfume only means one thing...
An evening shot with apples...
And gone by the first picture during the daylight!
Back for more.
And now learning a new trick!
"Now how did she do it again?"
"Got it!!"
"Oh my word!! Is that a CAMERA spying on me?!?"
I'm wondering if they'll be back for more.
There are lots more apples...
YEP! She's back!
I wonder what the camera has captured this last week. The card should be filling up again! I hope it didn't snap a picture of me doing anything... embarrassing.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The One with Friendly Friday

Don't forget that this weekend officially opens Shelby's Auction hosted by my good furends JD and Max!

Click on Shelby below to go take a look at the auction! Your mom told me you could use her plastic card thingy so head on over there!

And now a picture from The Park tonight after playing with Wally & Stella.... who MAY be meeting a couple of live-in girlfriends soon...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The One After Monticello

We had a fantastical time with Aunt Katie. My only complaint is that it was too short! And Phoenix says she missed playing with Mesa. Miss Mesa usually flies out with Aunt Katie but stayed home this visit since the her in-cabin doggie ticket was very much expensive. She's not quite 10 pounds so Phoenix loves having someone almost half her size to play with for once. Cali loves Mesa because Cali loves... well everything and everyone. I'd rather not admit this but Phoenix is threatening to sneak onto my bloggie later to spill the beans so... I will confess that I might be a teeny tinsy bit intimidated by Mesa. Phoenix is laughing at me.

She is cute though. But.. yipes.. she is nippy with me!

Anywho... we had a great visit. The two leggers went to Monticello one afternoon.

This is my mom and Aunt Katie late in the day as the giddiness set in!

One day they went to the National Harbor and browsed through this pet accessories store. Mom said everything was too small for me though. She said I have runway legs, which apparently don't fit into pet accessory store clothes.

Scruffy, Phoenix's secret love, came by one rainy morning to see if he could meet Aunt Katie. Look at him making himself right at home on my deck.

For more photos of the week, click here!
Aunt Katie took more so once she posts some,
I'll sneak a few to show you.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The One After a Hiatus

Do you remember me?? I'm Zona. Some of you know me as Monkey. I have been in charge of keeping things straight here this last week - mom has been working lots, papa's schedule is changing and we've been entertaining Dr. Aunt Katie for the week!! It's been so busy here and my time away at the wedding of the century, I haven't had much time to blog. But, sadly, Aunt Katie headed back to the blast furnace this morning and the two-leggers are setting into their routine so I'm back!! I hope you didn't forget me. I'll update you on my week tomorrow but for now... in case you forgot me...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The One with the Business

So much happened while I was away!! So this post is LONG. I mean LONG. You'll probably need a drink break AND a potty break! I promise tomorrow will be a more manageable length. Aunt Katie arrives!!

First and foremost, I want to let my Arizona two-legger friend, Cathie, know that I'm thinking about her and about her two Cocker Spaniel babies, as they mourn the loss of Jamie, a mischievous but loving Cocker girl. Jamie went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. I know her family misses her but I an sure there was a party up there last night as old friends and new welcomed her as she begins her wait for Ms. Cathie!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Don't forget to check out the auction that JD and Max set up for Shelby! I sent our auction item info off to them yesterday. Since mom is.. well... let's just say she's not reknowned for her skills in the kitchen... I offered up a cook book. It's not just any cookbook. It's a cookbook to teach our two leggers to make all kind of yummy treats for us pups! Check it out! And look at the other items. There are some really great things and all for a great cause - Shelby!! I placed a bid on one of Lola's items, a super cute harness for my little sister.

Another cool thing JD and Max has done is borrowed his mom's green papers to sponsor a doggie for me at Dog's Trust for Paw it Forward!! My sponsored doggie packet arrived while we were at the beach. Check this out! Isn't Jason handsome?? Click on the photos to make them bigger.

Since JD and Max were so generous, I'd love to Paw it Forward! If you'd like to play, please let me know in the comments! I'd like to use my allowance to donate $15 to an animal charity of your choice in your name AND send you a surprise gift! The first two furends that wish to play... are my PIF participants!

I thought of my blogger furends a lot while away. First some of the doggies there looked like some of you and then... there was this...

When I got home, I received an award from Those Elgin Pugs and Sprinkles! Aren't they great?

The rules are:

1) Thank the person who gave you the award.


2) Share 10 things about yourself.

1. I love sleeping in with mom using papa's warm space.
2. I love breakfast, especially with a bit of egg on top as a treat.
3. I love playing in the yard on a warm spring day.
4. I love playing in the snow on a cold winter day.
5. I love playing any day.
6. I love snack time.
7. I hate answering machines.
8. I love my pack.
9. I love dinner and dessert.
10. I love sneaking up to cuddle with papa in his chair.

3) Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and you think are fantastic.

I think all of my blogger furends are fantastical!! But as I looked through blogs I noticed this award seemed to have made the rounds while I was away so… I open this up to everyone!! I think you’re all fantastic so if you haven’t received this award yet, please accept it!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The One After the Storm

This blog post is later than I'd expected on account of a big storm that blew through here earlier! The thunder was rumbling the house!! Some of us MAY have been nervous... or we may have been conning mom... I won't say which. Either way, we were treated to some frozen peanut butter Kongs as a distraction.

WAY back on Saturday morning we left the beach and headed north for home.

Goodbye cozy naps in the Airstream.

Goodbye fun times with friends after dinner.

Lori and Stuart
Greg, Papa and Stuart
Goodbye flying lessons by Stuart. (Click here for some more photos and quick videos of the fly day.)

Goodbye art contests.

Goodbye surprise birthday wishes for Dave and Peter.

Goodbye surprise birthday cake, of which we didn't get a tiny taste.

Goodbye Uncle Pauly's - the restaurant mom and papa had lunch at not once but twice and brought us left overs... ZERO times!

Goodbye Bodie Lighthouse, which is still undergoing secret renovations.

Goodbye National Seashore.

Goodbye buried mini-golf course and Old Nags Head Hotel at Jockey's Ridge. (Click here to see how it looked when we visited for New Year's. It's always changing!)

Our friends from PA followed us home and parked in my yard on Saturday night to break up their long drive home. It helped cushion the blow of leaving rally since we had a mini-rally!

It's always sad to leave the beach but it was good to get back home. In fact, when we pulled into town mom got very excited to see this bumper sticker in the lower right corner.

She got so excited that she ordered a t-shirt online yesterday. What am I going to do about her geekiness??? Oh, wait, I have to go. The Big Bang Theory is about to come on!!

Stay tuned tomorrow. I have lots of blog business to catch up on!
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