Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The One with the Plum Thief

She's back.... my plum thief!! No, not my nemesis. He's here every day and he brings friends now. THIS thief!

I don't mind her visiting us. She's FAST like me. And some people say they see a resemblance like we might be related some how.

Still no rain here. Looks like nothing in the forecast until THURSDAY! Yipes! My ducks are escaping into their pond to cool off.

I pretty much snoozed while mom worked on her computer.

I was dreaming about the first harvest... these were ready for us when we got home from The Bash.

SO YUMMY! Not that the two-leggers let me taste any. THAT'S why I was dreaming about the first FULL harvest!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The One with the Drought

We need rain.

Does anyone have any to spare?
Please send ASAP.

My address is 101 Zona Lane.

In the meantime, we're doing rain dances here.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The One After the Bash

We're home!! Did you miss me??

Thanks for all of the well wishes. I'm feeling back to normal now. Thankfully! We had a great time at the Birthday Bash!

This was my least favorite part but the two-leggers all seemed to enjoy the show!

I much preferred this show at the campfire!

Cali's favorite part was all of the attention! These boys especially loved her!

There were lots of doggies in attendance. Look at these two. Both sitting in their dad's lap together!

Before we knew it, we were back on the road and headed for home.

Papa Michael, my assistant was too slow with the camera but this sign said "PASQUALE'S PIZZA."

If you look very carefully, in this picture there is a clue to my surprise in a few weeks!

More pictures of The Bash (click on the photo if the slideshow isn't working):

Friday, June 25, 2010

The One with the Long Drive

I'm sorry I've been neglecting my bloggie these last few days. On Wednesday I was helping mom pack up the Airstream to head north. We had a friend who came to help but then spent most of the time dining on fallen plums!!

So Wednesday evening papa got home and we all hopped in the truck and towed the moving house northbound. About two hours from our overnight stop, I started to feel a little funny in the tummy. I usually sleep in the car and don't even like to get out for potty breaks so when I sat at attention and kept "knocking" on the car door like I do at home, mom knew something was up. Let's just say I had bowel distress (edited for my sensitive readers). It made for a long ride and a long night.

Papa was proud of how well I was able to alert him and not have any accidents even though sometimes we had to dash outside FAST! This was in the overnight hours at a Walmart parking lot after he had been awake for 463997 hours traveling back from London. I love my papa. He didn't complain at all!!

By yesterday afternoon it had tapered off a bit but I was still suffering and it turned bloody. Mom being mom freaked out.

Luckily, my hero, Dr. Mitchell was available and calmed mom down. She asked her to find a pharmacy that would be open at that hour (6:30 p.m.) so she could call in a prescription. As luck would have it, a local pharmacist is here at the rally and kindly jetted off to his drugstore to pick up the medicine for me. Wasn't that nice??

Then since word travels fast in our Airstream family, everyone came to be sure I was okay. Including TWO vets who are also at the rally! Mom felt much relieved after knowing so many people were willing to help. I was a bit overwhelmed by the attention since I'm not completely comfortable with two-leggers. But when mom calmed down, so did I and then so did my big sister Cali. She worries about me and when she went outside and discovered the blood mom was standing over, she got pretty upset. She's very sensitive.

The good news is that I've started my medicine and am now over 24 hours without incident. Mom said I'll have to go to see Dr. Mitchell when we get home even if I seem completely better though.

Since mom has been making sure I rest and don't overdo it, I haven't been allowed to visit your blogs for a couple of days. I'm sorry. I'll try to catch up this weekend! Despite my tummy trouble, I'm feeling fine - hungry and active - so this rally has been a lot of fun. So many different smells and sights!

I'll post more tomorrow with a link to some photos! Airstreams are still rolling in today but by this evening we should have NINETY rigs!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The One the Day Before

It was a busy day today... we're getting ready for a road trip!!! Tomorrow evening we're headed north to the biggest Airstream rally we've been to yet: about 90 rigs! That's lots and lots and lots of two-leggers but there will also be tons of other dogs so that should balance it out for me. I admit I'm a little nervous about so many two-leggers but I'm trying not to think about it.

Cali's so excited that I'm not sure she will be able to sleep tonight. BOL!

"Is it time to go yet?!!"
"How about now??"

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Monday, June 21, 2010

The One with the Sad

The two-leggers went swimming yesterday and made us stay inside. That worked out okay because whoo-wee... it's been really hot here. While they floated around, they let the boys out to play in the grass.

Normally they only spend 10-15 minutes out of their enclosure while mom sits with them and watches them dig for bugs - it's much more exciting than that sounds! (Even though I'm generally in the house watching out the window.)

But today they got to stay out a long time, while mom and papa swam around in the outdoor bath. I don't understand two-leggers.

They usually scoot right back in when mom says it's time but today... they had another idea.

"Stella, here she comes."
"Yep, she's definitely coming this way."
"I'm not ready to go in, Stella. RUN!!!!!!!!!!"
I have to tell you that "RUN" is a relative term with Wally and Stella. They waddle so fast that they look like they're going to tip over - it's hilarious! Mom should have video taped it but she was too busy laughing at them. Finally papa came over and they EVENTUALLY got the boys back in the pen. It was most amusing to watch. Mom told Wally that she's going to think twice about letting them out for a long time when she's alone now!

Now for the sad.... Today after mom got home from work, she was watering and noticed that momma bird wasn't around. I'm sad to report that our latest batch of birdies didn't make it. Papa thinks the heat and our lack of rain might have been the cause despite the watering they'd get through the deck board when they watered the plants. :: sigh ::

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The One with Papa's Day

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!Don't forget to give your papa an extra hug today!

My papa is returning from a trip today and, after yesterday's unexpected delay helping with the mouse situation, I am a bit behind on my Papa's Day preparations!

He sent me these pictures yesterday...

So... without further ado... I refer you to my post last year!

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The One with the Heat

Today was H-O-T! We spent most of the day inside to avoid the 100° weather!

Then finally we got to run outside.

Mom even let us run in the tall grass where the daisies grow. (We had to get intense tick-checks afterward but it was worth it!)

While Cali took a rest in the former-horseshoe pit, now one of our sandboxes...

We checked on the baby birdies.

In other critter news... evidence of a mouse in the Airstream. Yep. This again! The silver lining is that I discovered that we have a trip planned!! I don't know the details yet but mom is hopeful that our uninvited guests have departed by then. Papa comes home tomorrow so we should have things under control by then! If not... I bet Phoenix can handle it. Remember how she helped last time?
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