Friday, April 30, 2010

The One Where they Hatch

They're here!!! The baby birds are here!!

If you listen REALLY closely, you can hear their little chirps. (Please pardon mom's shaky camera work. The nest is on one of the deck boards and she had to hold the camera up over her head. Not to mention she was rushing so she wouldn't spook momma bird.)

Click play arrow to view video.

Mom's photos came out blurry - she had the camera on the wrong setting! - but here they are anyway! Papa said we needed to leave them alone for awhile so I'll have better pictures as they start to grow up into full sized Chickadees!

Aren't they cute? After the quick photo shoot, we went to visit with our other cute birds: Wally and Stella.

See Phoeny running the background? I was so fast I was halfway around the pond before the photo was snapped!

The birds were happy. The weather was beautiful. Papa was home recuperating. Mom was working remotely today. It was a great day!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The One with Good News and Bad News

The good news: papa will be home with us for a whole week!!

The bad news: he has pneumonia. Hopefully. I know. I know. That's a strange thing to say but the other possibility is worse so we're hoping the antibiotics kick in ASAP and he's on the mend before we know it!

When he got home from the doctor's office, since mom was at work, I gave Cali the paperwork and she took a spin around Google looking up what the big words meant.

"Zona, maybe your anipals can help me.
How do you Twitter?"
"You want to tweet?"

"Tweet, tweet.""Tweet?"

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

The One with the Weed

Happy Monday, readers! Saturday was a great day here at the park. We snuggled with the two-leggers in the morning and then got to play outside while they planted flowers and vegetables. Then papa worked on giving the Argosy a bath and starting the polishing.

Rain was in the forecast but it cleared up into a nice day after all!

Then Sunday came.

In the wee hours, I woke up with a terrible bellyache. The gurgle sounds were so loud they could be heard clear across the room! It was miserable. I was miserable. Mom thinks a few weeds are to blame.

I was able to catch a nap when mom left in the morning to go with Lisa on a Chicken Field Trip. Did she take pictures? No. She was too caught up in the excitement of meeting the chickens and, later, some goats. I should have been more clear with my instructions. Though I can't blame her really. Goats are certainly intriguing! They love to climb and mom said they sound super cute. Since mom brought her camera for nothing, here's a picture I swiped from Lisa's blog from this winter... click here for a few more on her site.

I was still lethargic and on my self-imposed fast when papa got home. At first I thought papa was having sympathy pains because he too was sleepy. No tummy upset but the two-leggers think he was hit with the flu - again! Poor papa.

This morning we all slept in a bit for a Monday and I woke mom up with bright eyes and more energy than yesterday! She was very relieved. I chased my nemesis up a tree and then came in and ran straight for my food bin. Mom gave me my breakfast in three tiny meals thoughout the morning. I gobbled each one up and, most importantly, kept them down.

As I write this, my sisters are napping and I'm wide-awake!

Mom says things are getting back to normal around here! Now we just have to get papa feeling well again...

Friday, April 23, 2010

The One with the Mystery

He's back. My nemesis. And he's been digging in the planters!! It's been driving the two-leggers crazy. Maybe they'll FINALLY see what I've talking about here! Take a look - he scoots the plant over and then digs in the dirt. What is he looking for? Is it because he buried some chestnuts in the flowers by the pond this past fall and these flowers are similar?? He is a quirky little devil!

Most of the morning was spent watching for him while mom worked. Then in the afternoon my friend Lisa came over for a visit. We half-heartedly tried to get the boys to come out and play but they weren't interested today.

Later, papa came home from Germany with LOTS of treats for mom - pretzels and her new favorite: Kinder Candy Bars!

They're made from the same makers of those Kinder Joy Eggs.

You'll notice in that post about the Kinder Joy that there are pictures of last year's baby birds. So far our birds are still growing in their eggs. Here's a picture through the deck boards.

And here's momma bird keeping a close eye on mom.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The One Where the Shed Beckons

Today started off a little rough. Papa was away getting pretzels for me last night and mom went to work early this morning. Unfortunately, not long after she left, I got a little sick. One of my best two-legger friends, Stacey, came to visit us and, I'm embarrassed to admit, she had to clean up my mess. She goes above and beyond. Sorry, Stacey!!

I recovered by the time mom got home and I took her on a nice walk around the park. Time to get her exercising!

"Hmm.. this is interesting."
"PHOENIX!!! Come here. I need your help!!!!"
"Shorty, I need you to do me a favor."
"Scoot under there and tell me what's new."
"I'm on it, Legs!"
"Nothing new. But mom made me come right back out."
"ZONA! She's threatening to block my opening
with chicken wire again!! Abort the plan!!"

"She's gone, Phoenix. She gets out of dodge
as soon as mom uses her "no-no" voice."

Cali's right. I quickly left the scene lest Phoenix got into trouble. Look how spring has sprung around here!

The two-leggers call these "buttercups."
They taste more like boring "saladcups" to me. Ick!
I wish we had scratch and sniff monitors already.
The flowers are all so fragrant!!Papa, this one is for you.
Click to enlarge the photo... see anything interesting?
This was happening in most of the pictures tonight. And Phoenix was VERY spazzy! So funny!

The pasture. Where are my horse friends today??
"Ahhh... spring!"
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