Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The One with Round Two

It's no secret that Miss Phoenix loves to be warm. She'll lay in the sunshine no matter where it is at any given moment - even the fish tank!

Just teasing. Or as Sheldon Cooper would say, "BAZINGA!"

Yesterday afternoon, while we were cozy in the house, the two-leggers headed to town to stock up on supplies and refill the gas cans in case of another power outage.

A casualty of the storm.

The roads are rough - like driving on cobblestone!The River
The Flood Plain (aka: Soccer Field)
The roads were passable but sometimes one lane and often quite slippery! Coming back home papa helped some people free their car from the snow!

Meanwhile, closer to home, the roads were virtually deserted.

We'll see what today brings! The forecast?




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