Saturday, February 27, 2010

The One with the Monkey Face

Today brought some excitement. For several days... maybe a week... our "Monkey Face" cookie plate has been missing.

Did it get thrown out with the trash, the way knives and pizza cutters tend to disappear around here? Was it misplaced in a cabinet no one would think to look? Did tiny gremlins sneak in to move it and make mom crazy?

Nope! Mom said the plate was hiding in plain sight!
Perhaps the Monkey Face is tired of winter too
and wanted to an escape?

Alas, the cookie plate has returned!!
And is back to work!
Meanwhile... Phoenix was out cold! The excitement of the Monkey Face saga and smell of warm cookies must have worn her out!

Yes, I'm embarrassed to say, she really does sleep like this. Though the snap of the shutter does wake up her inner diva and she gives the camera a "how dare you wake me" stare.




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