Saturday, February 27, 2010

The One with the Monkey Face

Today brought some excitement. For several days... maybe a week... our "Monkey Face" cookie plate has been missing.

Did it get thrown out with the trash, the way knives and pizza cutters tend to disappear around here? Was it misplaced in a cabinet no one would think to look? Did tiny gremlins sneak in to move it and make mom crazy?

Nope! Mom said the plate was hiding in plain sight!
Perhaps the Monkey Face is tired of winter too
and wanted to an escape?

Alas, the cookie plate has returned!!
And is back to work!
Meanwhile... Phoenix was out cold! The excitement of the Monkey Face saga and smell of warm cookies must have worn her out!

Yes, I'm embarrassed to say, she really does sleep like this. Though the snap of the shutter does wake up her inner diva and she gives the camera a "how dare you wake me" stare.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The One with the Raspberry

My long time followers may remember from last year that late winter is pretty dull around here. No camping. No outside chores. No hikes. No green grass or trees to be seen. Between mom's busy season at work and papa's pre-Spring planning, it's quite monotonous.

A few days ago I read an interesting tidbit on the decline of Winter's fanbase. Check it out!

Even I, the Amazing Zona, hit a slump in the late winter. I blame it on my limited computer time in February and March with mom's work schedule but, to be honest, there's not much going on these days!

However, papa got off work early today. Since the sun was out and the wind died down by the late afternoon, we all got some outside playtime. Occasionally, Cali likes to wait just off the deck to catch treats the two-leggers toss to her.

Missed it!
"Umm... is she blowing a raspberry at me?!"
"She IS!!"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The One with the Quick Message

After being away for a couple of days, papa got home tonight with PRETZELS!! Otherwise, it was quiet around here. Mom worked a long day at the office, the ducks spent hours staring at the pond instead of swimming in it, Phoenix snoozed, Cali gazed and I kept watch for my nemesis.

Now that the snow is melting, I have caught a few glimpses of him prancing about by the fence. And he's leaving little bits of evidence for me - a nut shell here, a smell there.... I wonder what adventures spring has in store for us?

It's time to catch up with papa so I only have time
for a quick message:
to a couple of my favorite two-leggers:
Stacey and Aunt Katie!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

The One Where the Sun Appears

The sun returned this afternoon. It was GLORIOUS! The two-leggers took a nice walk in the pasture when papa got home around dinnertime.

They weren't too sure how deep it would be so they went alone but mom is sure I could handle it. Phoenix... not so much. Hehe...

Then we all played hard in the snow.

Even Wally and Stella were enjoying the rays.

I'm writing this from bed because papa had to turn in very early. He has to be up around 2:30 A.M.!! I have to admit, I'm pretty tired too. All of that running in the snow, you know? So I'm going to take the easy route tonight. I present to you:

The Afternoon in Pictures: click here for the story!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The One with the Worry

It's Tuesday. Papa is away and mom had to make the long journey to work.

I tried to be brave. My friend Scruffy even came up on the deck to console me through the sliding glass door as mom was getting ready.

I tried denial. Perhaps I was mistaken and she was not going to work. The sun was already up after all.

But soon I saw her work shoes come out and then her work jacket and WORSE... her work bag. I knew she was leaving us for the day. Would she remember how to get home? What would we do all day here without her?

Cali and Phoenix were nonplussed.

I was a mess. I cried my eyes out. Perhaps I wailed a bit louder than necessary for so early in the morning.

Alas, she said a quick goodbye, despite my best, "Why are you deserting me?!" face.

I crept back to the couch as I heard her pull out of the driveway and dozed off for a bit. I woke to Cali and Phoenix pulling toys out of the bin and was soon wrapped up in game of tug. Then more napping and some looking out the window for my nemesis, who seems to be hibernating. Then, before I knew it, mom was pulling back in the driveway.

I so easily forget how we do just fine when we're alone. I'll be a brave girl next week. After the nice long spring break next month? Well, I'm not making any promises just yet.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The One with the View

Happy President's Day! Exciting news: MáMá is making great progress!! She was discharged to and comfortable at home now. Isn't that wonderful?

I don't have too much time to blog today. Mom is busy getting ready for the commute to work tomorrow. I'm sad. She's been home with us due to this wild weather for two weeks. The good news for me is that a late start is already announced so at least it will be a more reasonable start to the day than her usual morning commute! I promise I'll try not to cry too loudly when she leaves tomorrow. I know she'll be back but, boy, do I hate to see her go when I've gotten used to having two-legger company for so long! Despite running around the house after her this evening, I had to take a moment to share something with you.

Papa's View Today:
Versus my view today:Perhaps you would like to see them from another angle.

Papa's view:
My view:Mom would prefer the beach at this point in the winter but I have to say it would be tough for me to choose the beach... or the snow! I love both!

I also love how the snow is starting to melt around the face of the angel statue by the pond. You saw the photo above but I've zoomed in a bit here. Only her face is showing! I did have study it for a minute before realizing what I was looking at this morning!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The One with the Snow Painting

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

I was looking at last year's post and it looks so warm and sunny.... and GREEN! We're not going to see grass in the park for weeks I hear. Boo!

Last year:

This Year:

It's hard to see but that glaring white stuff I'm looking at - SNOW. Mounds of it! Though it did make a great canvas for papa's Valentine's Day message to mom.

You can't make it out in this photo but there's even a rose!! Mom loved it, of course. Papa is always surprising her! She says that papa, her Forever Valentine, is the best Valentine anyone could ask for. I think she's right!

I did the final inspection.

Nice work papa! I'll report back to your boss!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The One with the Lover's Leap

Today was boring. There is no sugar coating it. Papa went to work and mom worked literally the entire day trying to catch up from all of these wonderful snow days! It's the busy season for her and, if yesterday was any indication, that's an understatement! We pups kept her company and thought about mom's dad, who is also working LONG hours lately.

I bet he longs for the days when he and mom would watch reruns of Ellery Queen - the 1975 version starring Jim Hutton as Ellery Queen and David Wayne as his Inspector father - and try to guess the endings without worrying about pesky work piling up! By the way, it's JUST dawning on mom now why he was so very good at guessing the endings. Now he's brilliant, we're all in agreement on that, but... these WERE reruns. He likely saw them a few times and mom was seeing them for the first time. Michael? She'd like to go back and adjust the score card considering this handicap.

I found the catchy, 44 second opening to the show on YouTube.

It's not the full opening, I'm told. Before this opening, it would have the announcer saying something like:

"In a few minutes this man will be dead.
Who killed him?
Was it the jealous wife?
The nosy housekeeper?
The conniving business partner?

Match wits with Ellery Queen and
see if you can figure out Who did it."

I caught a couple of episodes online to pass the time. I love how Mr. Queen talks to me!! Here are three scenes from the Ellery Queen episode: Lover's Leap. The scenes are Simon Brimmer finding out about the murder... You can find lots of these on YouTube. (You can find anything on YouTube - except the full opening, that is.)

Friday, February 12, 2010

The One After the Round that Wasn't

First, thank you all for your prayers. MáMá is still in the hospital but is showing great signs of improvement. She sounds like MáMá again!!! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Second, remember Round Two? It didn't happen!! The city got hammered but we were spared. About 4-6" fell but it's hard to get an accurate measurement because of the drifting. It was WINDY! Happily, though we were prepared, power stayed on this time. Normally 4-6" and blizzard conditions would cripple us but after the weekend storm, that was no big deal! The roads are down to pavement around here.

Just because we didn't get another couple of feet of snow, we still had fun out there! Mom and papa jumped off a mountain of snow by the driveway - mom tried to refuse but papa insisted it was fun - turns out she loved it and did it a few more times! Papa made a snow angel.

I walked through it... oops! And then we played and played!! I have a few videos but they're giving me trouble posting today. So here are some stills.

Mom loves her Nikon camera for many reasons but one of those reasons is the speed at which it can take consecutive pictures. And not just for those famous running shots. She loves snapping tons of pictures of us doing various things and then studying our body language in the photos later. Don't ask me why, I don't get it! She has book after book on canine body language on the bookshelf but I guess that's not enough. We humor her though. Let me show you what I mean:


Kind of boring but mom said at least one of my dog trainer followers would enjoy them so... plus, I look so FAST!

"Ummm.... Guys?? .... A little help?"
The Rescue TeamPlaytime Resumes
Kneading the snow.Snacking on yet more snow.Some poker with friends.
"Time to go inside!"
"Wait. What?!"

Eating snow is exhausting!
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