Sunday, October 18, 2009

The One with the Weekend

What a busy couple of days! We started the weekend with a few visitors. Both of the friend...

and nemesis varieties..

Cali practically got a stiff neck from watching him jump from treetop to treetop!!

Then mom headed out to visit some friends of her own...

Sadly, the camera battery died early in her visit so she only got these few pictures. Maybe that wouldn't have happened if I'd been allowed to go along with her! Alas, we had to stay home.

As you can see we were not happy being left behind! Though Phoenix did make the most of it!

The two-leggers were productive this weekend too! They closed up the pool..

And checked out a friend's tree stand...

I guess it's official! Fall is here!!

Though if you look south, you'll notice a snow covered mountain! Yes, snow!! In addition, tonight we have a freeze watch. Did I sleep through October and November??

On the Wally & Stella front, Papa fixed the outlet by the enclosure so mom could pump Stella's pond out without having to run buckets by hand! Speaking of those two, they are acting more like ducks every day! Stella sure loves swimming now!

They have learned to use the house ramp and are getting so good at turning in at bedtime when mom asks them to! And, best of all, they still really love us pups! I sometimes don't understand why they can't come out to play chase with me but I continue to have fun through the fence. And it's a hoot to watch them eat! This was the end of dinner tonight!

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Not an overly exciting weekend but lots of fun nonetheless! Plenty of Wii and walks to keep us entertained between chores. Tonight the sunset was a great ending to a relaxing couple of days!




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