Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The One with Nuts and Bucks

Wednesday is here - mom's telecommuting day! She's working on something called demographics. She's trying to turn a lot of numbers into colorful charts. I took out a sampling of my toys to give her color ideas. She did not get what I was trying to do so I just spread them around to keep her busy later. You have to give your two-leggers something to do, right?

Meanwhile, despite the sun being out this morning, the clouds are rolling in again. My nemesis has been parading around our park all day. Allegedly he's preparing for winter but I know he's just torturing us for his own entertainment. That menace!

This reminds me of something that happened on Monday! Papa was in the woods behind our house in Mr. Cat Lady's tree stand when a relative of the scalawag got so close to very-still-papa that his tail was tapping papa on the head! That has certainly never happened to me! Exciting!! Ironically, papa wasn't excited about such a close encounter with a relative of my rival, he was excited about seeing three bucks. What is so exciting about three dollars?? Two-leggers...

P.S. - I just noticed the dime in this picture
I downloaded from Google Images.
Mom says, "Figures."




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