Thursday, October 8, 2009

The One with a Duck and a Duck

Happy birthday, Big G!!

Tonight I am happy to report that our ducks have moved in to their new home! This is their second night tucked safely away in the house. They don't quite understand the ramp yet so the two-leggers have to take them in and out but hopefully they get used to it!

I wasn't scared, though when they moved quickly I was nervous, of course. The verdict: I like them! I try to get Stella to play but she mostly just stares at me as I prance around trying to entice her to chase me.

Phoenix is surprisingly subdued with both of them. She gets a little hyper when the two-leggers pick up either of them but otherwise doesn't seem as interested as we thought she would be, which is great! Not that we'll be introducing them without the protection of the fence anytime soon! :: wink wink ::

Cali is pretty smitten with them. She loves to mother all of us, including Stella and Wally apparently.

Phoenix meets the new ducks on the block!

Click play arrow to view video.

Today Crazy Cat Lady came to visit us all when mom and papa were at work. That was lots of fun! Just another great day in the country!




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