Friday, October 30, 2009

The One Where Papa Lets the Ducks Out

We had some excitement here yesterday! Papa was adding some rocks around the duck pond and moved away from the open door for a moment. Though previously they've shown no interest in the open gate, this time, with little warning, Wally went one way while Stella went the other way and both were soon romping outside the enclosure.

I was quite busy during the rescue and didn't get any pictures snapped so, using your imagination, picture the scene: 3 playful dogs, 2 skittish ducks and 1 overwhelmed papa all on the loose! I am happy to report that we all survived no worse for the wear.

At papa's request - correction - in response to papa's begging, Cali tried to help herd Wally and Stella back to the pond. However, I did not hear this plea and thought she was simply trying to play with the ducks when I wanted her to play with ME! I have little interest in our feathered friends - Cali's a lot more fun. So there we are - papa and Cali trying to herd Stella, me trying to play with Cali and poor Stella wondering what all the fuss is about. Where are Phoenix and Wally you ask?

Nose to bill! Papa was worried that our little terrier-ist would take advantage of this opportunity to "play" with Wally but she surprised s all and was a good girl! Mom was equally surprised that Wally, our pincher, didn't take a shot at Phoenix with that beak of his. But he too was being good.

After much scrambling around, Wally decided the enclosure was more suitable and ventured back inside. Stella was desperate to follow him but had a bit of trouble since she would have to pass all of us by that point so she ran to Wally's side against the fence. Papa picked her up and Wally and Stella were reunited once more.

Is it me or does Wally have a bit of a grin after his escape?

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  1. I sure can't wait to come out there so I can meet this Wally and Stella!



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