Saturday, October 31, 2009

The One with the Fire Chief

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Being the youngest, Phoenix and I got the hand-me-downs. I wore Cali's Fire Chief costume and Phoenix wore the very appropriate Little Devil costume, which Ginger reluctantly donned a few years ago! Dr. Aunt Katie sent these when the two-leggers first moved to the park. Aren't we cute? Cali got a brand new costume... the former table cover came out of storage and is now a lovely ghost costume! Mom dressed her last because she thought Cali would be antsy during the photo shoot. Not so. She sat as still as a statue. I guess because if she moved the eye hole shifted and she couldn't see so she was very careful!

I love my costume! I even ran around looking for my nemesis while mom was getting ready. (Sorry about the wet grass stains.) Phoenix was appalled that I'd prance around the yard in a cape, "What if Scruffy comes by?" Meanwhile mom was chuckling to herself wondering what people would think if they drove by and there I am in the driveway dressed up for Halloween so early in the morning.

I didn't care, it just meant we got our Howl-o-ween treats early. Got love the extra special photo shoot smelly salmon treats!

Even Stella and Wally got in on the festivities!

Okay, so I doctored that one. It was too hard to get the tiny top hat to stay on Wally's head anyway. Thanks for the Roxio Photo Show stickers, Rodger!

You should see the photos we couldn't use! Our hats kept causing all kinds of problems. Look at this sad face when Phoenix's horns fell off.

Mom's not a huge fan of the holiday. She thinks it's cute for little ones but she can do without all of the scary stuff! So she told me, "No scary monsters or such on the blog." But what's a Halloween post without a monster? So... a compromise: a monster being decidedly NOT scary.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

The One Where Papa Lets the Ducks Out

We had some excitement here yesterday! Papa was adding some rocks around the duck pond and moved away from the open door for a moment. Though previously they've shown no interest in the open gate, this time, with little warning, Wally went one way while Stella went the other way and both were soon romping outside the enclosure.

I was quite busy during the rescue and didn't get any pictures snapped so, using your imagination, picture the scene: 3 playful dogs, 2 skittish ducks and 1 overwhelmed papa all on the loose! I am happy to report that we all survived no worse for the wear.

At papa's request - correction - in response to papa's begging, Cali tried to help herd Wally and Stella back to the pond. However, I did not hear this plea and thought she was simply trying to play with the ducks when I wanted her to play with ME! I have little interest in our feathered friends - Cali's a lot more fun. So there we are - papa and Cali trying to herd Stella, me trying to play with Cali and poor Stella wondering what all the fuss is about. Where are Phoenix and Wally you ask?

Nose to bill! Papa was worried that our little terrier-ist would take advantage of this opportunity to "play" with Wally but she surprised s all and was a good girl! Mom was equally surprised that Wally, our pincher, didn't take a shot at Phoenix with that beak of his. But he too was being good.

After much scrambling around, Wally decided the enclosure was more suitable and ventured back inside. Stella was desperate to follow him but had a bit of trouble since she would have to pass all of us by that point so she ran to Wally's side against the fence. Papa picked her up and Wally and Stella were reunited once more.

Is it me or does Wally have a bit of a grin after his escape?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The One with the Year in Review

Can you believe I've been working on this blog for one whole year? Thank you so much for your visits!!

A lot has happened over these last twelve months. Papa suggested I do a Year in Review blog to recap and bring my new followers up to date. So here we go...

Last October, I wrote my first post at the persistent urging of Dr. Aunt Katie.

The following month was primarily spent helping papa train for his trip to Montana and then both two-leggers ended the month with a trip to NJ for Thanksgiving. We stayed home with our friend Stacey. Cali can't be anywhere NEAR turkey!!

December brought a month of fun with the two-leggers, prayers for Rodger, demolition in the downstairs bathroom, preparing for Santa, a stomach bug, prayers for Ginger and hopes for snow!

In January, we welcomed 2009 & the snow. We celebrated a few birthdays, continued the pursuit of my nemesis and said hello to our Argosy.

And in February, we said goodbye to Ginger. The month continued with lots of wind and more snow! I did some indoor training exercises with my pack.

March brought roller coaster weather! Papa was sadly away for 12 days but returned and got back to work on the Airstream. Then the two-leggers traveled west to see our Arizona family, while we stayed back to remain vigilant - that nemesis of mine does not take vacations!

We had a wonderful April! We celebrated more birthdays and enjoyed the warming weather and blooming flowers. Most exciting, April brought our first camping trips in the Argosy, beginning with the Cherry Blossom Rally! April also holds the record number of hits to a single post on my blog - the famous Gladys Cravitz post... not sure why but this is the most popular post!

May brought another birthday, papa's, and a few more trips! The best was our Beach Week in Hatteras for papa's special day. After Hatteras, stripping commenced!

June began with yet more stripping and continued with a new crate pad and a fun trip to NJ with a not so fun case of poison ivy for mom!

July was fun-filled!! We had baseball games, mom's first time pulling the Argosy, another trip to Hatteras and baby birds. Most exciting, though, was a visit from Dr. Aunt Katie and Mesa. The month closed with the two-leggers taking a couple of fishing trips on the river, a birthday, a Carnival AND another camping trip!!

In August, mom flew to Connecticut to meet up with Dr. Aunt Katie, who had a conference there, and her mom, who traveled to keep her company and visit family. A great time was had! When she returned, we celebrated another birthday, had some fun in our piece of the country and took another trip in the Airstream to search for more teeth!

We kicked off September with an awesome trip to Southwick Beach in NY. We even went on a ferry ride with mom and papa! Back at home, the two-leggers went to a local air show and enjoyed the yard.

October began with a special anniversary, a trip to NJ and PA for the WDCU Installation Rally! The highlight of the month has to be the addition of Wally and Stella to our family!

I thank you for your interest in life in the company of dogs! It's been a great year and we're all looking forward to more good times ahead. Stay tuned....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The One with Nuts and Bucks

Wednesday is here - mom's telecommuting day! She's working on something called demographics. She's trying to turn a lot of numbers into colorful charts. I took out a sampling of my toys to give her color ideas. She did not get what I was trying to do so I just spread them around to keep her busy later. You have to give your two-leggers something to do, right?

Meanwhile, despite the sun being out this morning, the clouds are rolling in again. My nemesis has been parading around our park all day. Allegedly he's preparing for winter but I know he's just torturing us for his own entertainment. That menace!

This reminds me of something that happened on Monday! Papa was in the woods behind our house in Mr. Cat Lady's tree stand when a relative of the scalawag got so close to very-still-papa that his tail was tapping papa on the head! That has certainly never happened to me! Exciting!! Ironically, papa wasn't excited about such a close encounter with a relative of my rival, he was excited about seeing three bucks. What is so exciting about three dollars?? Two-leggers...

P.S. - I just noticed the dime in this picture
I downloaded from Google Images.
Mom says, "Figures."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The One Where the Machine Gets a Makeover

It's been a busy few days! We enjoyed lots of treats . . .

and playtime this weekend...

Mom has been feeling a lot better so, in between fun times, we helped her with a lot of chores. Even cleaning downstairs! Phoenix was banished while mom did the vacuuming down there. Mom says vacuuming with a JRT-mix is always a challenge! Miss Phoenix waited patiently for the gate to open.

She's not skilled at opening it herself, as I am. In fact, I'm so talented, I learned how to work the levers on the food bins mom has on the wall in the laundry room. Now the two-leggers keep the door closed, lest I over-indulge. Again.

Speaking of the laundry room, last week the washing machine went on strike. Though another popular theory is that mom broke it to take a laundry reprieve. Regardless, The Amazing Papa took the machine apart, located the broken piece, ordered said piece online and, when it arrived yesterday, fixed the washer and, miraculously, put it back together with no trouble! We're lucky to have such a handy papa! Now mom has to get the laundry back under control. In fact, I better cut this short. We need to supervise, lest she break it again!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The One with the Crest

It's cloudy and cooling off here, not to mention mom has been working all morning so I decided to look up the original Wally and Stella Byam.

Not exactly a resemblance to their namesakes... though Wally's crest is a bit familiar...

Speaking of the duck dogs, I read today that there is something called a pig dog!! Could a pig dog be in our future someday?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The One with the Theme

A few weeks ago, as I was looking through photos for the anniversary blog, I noticed a trend.

Without further ado, I present to you: yet another reason two-leggers confound me.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The One with the Weekend

What a busy couple of days! We started the weekend with a few visitors. Both of the friend...

and nemesis varieties..

Cali practically got a stiff neck from watching him jump from treetop to treetop!!

Then mom headed out to visit some friends of her own...

Sadly, the camera battery died early in her visit so she only got these few pictures. Maybe that wouldn't have happened if I'd been allowed to go along with her! Alas, we had to stay home.

As you can see we were not happy being left behind! Though Phoenix did make the most of it!

The two-leggers were productive this weekend too! They closed up the pool..

And checked out a friend's tree stand...

I guess it's official! Fall is here!!

Though if you look south, you'll notice a snow covered mountain! Yes, snow!! In addition, tonight we have a freeze watch. Did I sleep through October and November??

On the Wally & Stella front, Papa fixed the outlet by the enclosure so mom could pump Stella's pond out without having to run buckets by hand! Speaking of those two, they are acting more like ducks every day! Stella sure loves swimming now!

They have learned to use the house ramp and are getting so good at turning in at bedtime when mom asks them to! And, best of all, they still really love us pups! I sometimes don't understand why they can't come out to play chase with me but I continue to have fun through the fence. And it's a hoot to watch them eat! This was the end of dinner tonight!

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Not an overly exciting weekend but lots of fun nonetheless! Plenty of Wii and walks to keep us entertained between chores. Tonight the sunset was a great ending to a relaxing couple of days!

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