Thursday, October 29, 2009

The One with the Year in Review

Can you believe I've been working on this blog for one whole year? Thank you so much for your visits!!

A lot has happened over these last twelve months. Papa suggested I do a Year in Review blog to recap and bring my new followers up to date. So here we go...

Last October, I wrote my first post at the persistent urging of Dr. Aunt Katie.

The following month was primarily spent helping papa train for his trip to Montana and then both two-leggers ended the month with a trip to NJ for Thanksgiving. We stayed home with our friend Stacey. Cali can't be anywhere NEAR turkey!!

December brought a month of fun with the two-leggers, prayers for Rodger, demolition in the downstairs bathroom, preparing for Santa, a stomach bug, prayers for Ginger and hopes for snow!

In January, we welcomed 2009 & the snow. We celebrated a few birthdays, continued the pursuit of my nemesis and said hello to our Argosy.

And in February, we said goodbye to Ginger. The month continued with lots of wind and more snow! I did some indoor training exercises with my pack.

March brought roller coaster weather! Papa was sadly away for 12 days but returned and got back to work on the Airstream. Then the two-leggers traveled west to see our Arizona family, while we stayed back to remain vigilant - that nemesis of mine does not take vacations!

We had a wonderful April! We celebrated more birthdays and enjoyed the warming weather and blooming flowers. Most exciting, April brought our first camping trips in the Argosy, beginning with the Cherry Blossom Rally! April also holds the record number of hits to a single post on my blog - the famous Gladys Cravitz post... not sure why but this is the most popular post!

May brought another birthday, papa's, and a few more trips! The best was our Beach Week in Hatteras for papa's special day. After Hatteras, stripping commenced!

June began with yet more stripping and continued with a new crate pad and a fun trip to NJ with a not so fun case of poison ivy for mom!

July was fun-filled!! We had baseball games, mom's first time pulling the Argosy, another trip to Hatteras and baby birds. Most exciting, though, was a visit from Dr. Aunt Katie and Mesa. The month closed with the two-leggers taking a couple of fishing trips on the river, a birthday, a Carnival AND another camping trip!!

In August, mom flew to Connecticut to meet up with Dr. Aunt Katie, who had a conference there, and her mom, who traveled to keep her company and visit family. A great time was had! When she returned, we celebrated another birthday, had some fun in our piece of the country and took another trip in the Airstream to search for more teeth!

We kicked off September with an awesome trip to Southwick Beach in NY. We even went on a ferry ride with mom and papa! Back at home, the two-leggers went to a local air show and enjoyed the yard.

October began with a special anniversary, a trip to NJ and PA for the WDCU Installation Rally! The highlight of the month has to be the addition of Wally and Stella to our family!

I thank you for your interest in life in the company of dogs! It's been a great year and we're all looking forward to more good times ahead. Stay tuned....




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