Saturday, July 25, 2009

The One with the Fishing Trip

The two-leggers have returned from the impromptu fishing trip on the river. When they started out this afternoon, the sky was bright with puffy, white clouds.

They returned in torrential rains and, I must say, were soaked!

Despite the last bit of the trip, or maybe because of it!, they had a great time! They were out for several hours and the weather was beautiful (mostly). Papa caught lots of fish and mom was able to finish a book, which she hasn't had time to do in awhile. Not to mention her role as my photographer since I didn't go on this particular trip. Click here to view some photos. (If you click on the first picture, it will expand and you can scroll through the larger pictures.) Sorry, I only have one picture of mom and she won't let me post it. Next time....

She also took this quick video of papa reeling in a catfish!

Click on the play arrow to view video.




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