Friday, July 31, 2009

The One with Asparagus Farm

We have arrived at our destination for the weekend! If you'll look very closely, you will notice that Cali and I are waiting in the truck. The two-leggers weren't quite ready to leave yet but we were so excited we couldn't wait to jump into the back seat!

It was a nice drive down here to Westmoreland State Park. Along the way we passed a road side produce stand where papa picked up some delicious looking produce, not that we got to taste any: tomatoes, Concorde grapes, watermelon, corn, eggplant... lots of fresh treats for the two leggers!

Upon arrival at camp, we got hooked up and then took a drive to check out our temporary home.

Click here to view some pictures from our adventures today!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The One with the Carnival

The two-leggers took a break from getting the Argosy ready for our trip tomorrow to take a ride down to the local Fireman's Carnival to see the fireworks display! We pups stayed home - too noisy for us. But, despite the telephone pole, the show sure looked pretty.

Click the play arrow to view the video.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The One with the Miracle

Things have been two speeds around here: stalled or full speed ahead! Monday and Tuesday both two-leggers had to work so our beloved Stacey came to visit us. That was welcome relief because it was booorrring - the fish are not as entertaing to watch as you would think! We got used to having mom or papa home with us all day. In contrast, today has been full throttle. Mom worked remotely and has been spending the last couple of hours finally tackling the chaos that we used to call the laundry room. It was spilling out into the hallway downstairs! I'm happy to report that it is now back to normal, though we're taking bets on how long it takes her to fold the laundry she did today.

This has all been interspersed with trips out to the Argosy. Looks like we're gearing up for another camping expedition! Cali is beside herself with excitement. Poor thing bounces around like we're headed out today every time mom opens the camper door. If she's not sitting by the Argosy, she's standing on the deck looking for papa who is away at work.

Something strange did happen today. Mom made herself not only a healthy breakfast, which she ate on the patio this morning while we ran about enjoying the day, but also dinner. Sure, papa walked her through it but still. It was an amazing sight! On the menu was baked Mahi Mahi, grilled squash and peppers from the garden (reheated) and garlic bread. I took photos as proof! The dishes did not photograph that well - both look rather bland and colorless but mom seemed happy!

Now I'm off to see if she can fix us a tasty dinner before she starts folding those clothes! I'll keep you posted on our camping plans.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The One with No Laundry

Another day of fishing for the two-leggers. This time they made it home before the dark clouds, which, happily, only threatened. Click here for some photos.

When they returned home, it was time for us to run around the yard while the two-leggers swam in the pool. Needless to say, the laundry room is still overflowing. Maybe mom will tackle that tomorrow night while papa is away! I digress, playing outside is more tiring that you would think! I had to take a nap in my beach.

I was so pooped, I didn't even notice this frog watching over my shoulder from under the hot tub.

Can you spot him?
Mom was able to read most of a second book today. This one was focused heavily on the human tendency toward projection and anthropomorphism. MY mom??! Anthropomorphizing? NEVER!!!

With that, it's time for me, Zona, to sign off for the night!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The One with the Phoenix

Good evening, beloved blog readers! Yes, yes, I know, "THREE posts in one day?!" you ask. It has been a busy Saturday!! This post is as I lounge on the couch after a BIRTHDAY PARTY!

My little sister Phoenix is growing up - she just turned three years old. See? It's her turn to wear the birthday bandanna! I seem to be wearing mine more like a cape of some sort.

As you have probably read, Phoenix found us -- correction: found the Crazy Cat Lady, who then contacted mom, the Crazy Dog Lady -- back on New Year's Eve two and a half years ago. Completely out of character, which is becoming a trend in these situations, papa suggested we bring her home. She had been hanging around a neighbor's house for a few days in the cold and wind. So mom and papa brought her home! Mom was worried someone might be looking for her and was worried about how Miss Ginger would react to a new addition so she called the Humane Society... on New Year's Eve... never expecting them to answer let alone come pick her up within the hour!!! She had just finished giving her a bath and she was still a little wet and cold when she drove off to jail the shelter. Mom bawled her eyes out that night. And she visited Phoenix every day during her requisite 10 day stay at the shelter while waiting to see if her previous family would call about her. On the afternoon of the 9th day, mom got a call at work and she feared that maybe they DID call looking for Phoeny. But they didn't... and the shelter said they miscalculated the days and we could bring her home that very afternoon! The rest is history!

Mom was VERY nervous for those ten days and wished she just kept her here and never notified anyone. But it was the right thing to do. And it turned out of the best! No one claimed her, which was meant to be because we couldn't imagine our family without her. I'm so glad she's my sister. She is tons of fun and loves to cuddle with me after we play. Thinking of those early days had me looking back at some of our puppy photos... ah.. youth!

The One with the Fishing Trip

The two-leggers have returned from the impromptu fishing trip on the river. When they started out this afternoon, the sky was bright with puffy, white clouds.

They returned in torrential rains and, I must say, were soaked!

Despite the last bit of the trip, or maybe because of it!, they had a great time! They were out for several hours and the weather was beautiful (mostly). Papa caught lots of fish and mom was able to finish a book, which she hasn't had time to do in awhile. Not to mention her role as my photographer since I didn't go on this particular trip. Click here to view some photos. (If you click on the first picture, it will expand and you can scroll through the larger pictures.) Sorry, I only have one picture of mom and she won't let me post it. Next time....

She also took this quick video of papa reeling in a catfish!

Click on the play arrow to view video.

The One with the River

Friday, July 24, 2009

The One with the Night Swim

Friday passed quickly here! Mom worked all day but by the afternoon we were able to play in the yard and await papa's return from California.

We were SO good about not chasing this bunny. Mom was impressed!! Then Cali, the least likely of us all, broke the stay and we all took chase! Happily we put the brakes on after a few yards. Mom emptied the treat bag she was so pleased with our self-correction. Okay, maybe not completely self-corrected. She DID have to remind us to "wait" but still - it was a live rabbit!! We deserved those treats and belly rubs.

After dinner the two-leggers went for a swim. We pups got to hang out by the pool in our beach. As they were putting the pool cover back on, mom snapped a (poor) picture of the moon. There's something disturbing about this photo. Can you spot it?

By midnight, I was pooped but Cali was still ready to party!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The One with the Storm

Papa is away tonight and mom is glued to her computers catching up on work. Yep, things are back to normal!

We did have a wonderful storm late this afternoon! Poor Aunt Katie missed another one. She's away one week and it storms in AZ but is subdued here, she heads back home to calm weather and it storms here. She can't seem to be in the right place at the right time to have a nice thunderstorm!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The One Where the Status Quo is Restored

Miss Mesa has left the building!
No more special meatballs from Aunt Katie!

Their room has returned to being mom's boring dressing room. All afternoon papa would walk in there and call out, "Mesa!!" I would run in every time to find her only to realize papa was tricking me - again. Usually I'm sharper than that. I'm going to blame it on lack of sleep. Mom and Aunt Katie kept me up until 1:00 a.m. only to get me up again at 3:45 a.m. to say goodbye! They spent most of that time laughing and doing their nails. Two-leggers - sheesh! Mom's toes do look fancy, thanks to Aunt Katie's handy work!

I went back to bed when the trio left but woke again when papa got up a short while later to leave for work too. So it was just us pups again. Stacey came to visit, which was nice. We haven't seen her in so long with this crazy summer schedule! Aunt Katie and Mesa touched down safely in Arizona around noon, Papa was able to get home early and mom was back by 3:30. Not a bad day!

Mom took some pictures in the yard while we played a rousing game of chase outside.

The chestnut tree looks promising!
The latest growth on the Prickly pear.
Mom's view as she reclined on the swing.
Phoenix's view from the swing.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The One with all the Bowling

Cali said the trip to the Drive-In last night was lots of fun!

It was a busy night with lots of movie goers! She loved watching the people next to her, not to mention the nibbles of pizza crust and popcorn! The two-leggers watched The Hangover, which was surprisingly good according to mom, and Terminator. Well, papa saw it. He was disappointed by the ending but liked it overall. Mom dozed during the last half and I think Aunt Katie slept through the entire movie. A double header makes for a late night!

Thus today they all slept in a bit - ugh! So boring! I love getting up early and taking a morning stroll in the yard. So many things to smell after dawn. Eventually, they woke and fed us a nice breakfast. Then they were off again! This time they went to the bowling alley. Mom's amazing luck on her birthday many months ago must have been just that - birthday luck. She did not do too well! Guess her Wii Bowling practice does not transfer to actual bowling.

After bowling they stopped to pick up a "cleaning crew" for the saltwater tank and a fish for the freshwater tank, also to help with cleaning. Who knew fish were so messy? The lighting was slightly adjusted in the tank to help the hair algae problem. Once it's resolved, mom will consider another coral for the empty space. Exciting stuff over here, right?

Mom is back on the Wii doing her Wii Fit workout, papa is on Mafia Wars, I'm blogging and Aunt Katie is reading about vampires. We're a house full of geeks! I love it!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The One with the Guests

Our long awaited guests arrived on Wednesday!! It's been a whirlwind of action here so I haven't had a chance to update my loyal readers. The two-leggers and Cali are currently headed to the drive-in to take in a couple of movies--- correction, papa and Aunt Katie are going for the movies, mom is going for the popcorn. That leaves me, Phoenix and Mesa home to catch up on our cutey-sleep. Wednesday started with some cleaning and making the guest bed. Phoenix always lays under the beds when mom is doing this chore. She generally goes halfway under and seems to think her whole body has cleared the bed. She's a little like the Wicked Witch in Wizard of Oz.

When mom taps her, those little feet pull in!

Click on play arrow to view video.

Then she likes to test out the softness of the beds to ensure mom did a proper job!

Notice she's without a collar? She had to have a bath that morning. She found some excellent deer presents! Mom just doesn't understand our need to perfume ourselves before we have special guests.

Cali took a ride to the airport to pick them up on Wednesday. She LOVES road trips even if most of the time is spent in the car!

Waiting for luggage...
"This window to watch the taxis is Cali height!"
Thursday mom and Katie ran some errands, while we waited at home with our jailed cousin.

They came home with something they're calling "Wii." The Wii Fit has a special balance board, that talks to us in a high pitched voice. Apparently it's a lot of fun, though it makes the two-leggers sore. They say that's good. Odd! Mom even boxed dad and knocked him out each time! Who knew?

We pups are growing tired of it. They're constantly bouncing around the living room. We have to dodge their every step! I even got whacked in the face with the controller once. Bad mom! And look at Phoenix's sad face.

Making funny faces to get mom to take us back outside... though I JUST got out of the bath thanks to perfume. Cali, your turn!

I can't help myself. It has been beautiful outside this week!!

Phoenix discovered (and was afraid of!) scat by the fence line. Mom and papa suspect the bear might be coming by to snack on all of the blackberries by the shed and along the fence.

Sure smells good in that area!

"I love being outside!"
Back inside, Mesa gets her medicine in special meatball treats. Aunt Katie gives us all a taste. Yum!!

When they had to leave on Friday for the traditional shopping afternoon, Phoenix offered to do time with Mesa. Or was staking claim on her old crate! More likely, she wanted the treats offered upon entry!

They were gone most of the afternoon...

But were home in time for dinner and more Wii!

Mesa is fun to have around but she gets angry with me when I try to play with her or anyone else! I guess I'm scary. Me!! Zona!! All dogs love me. I get so confused. I just sneak off to my crate when she's overwhelmed with me. Luckily that's not often!

Our Tiniest Visitor

Well, I better get to sleep! They should be home from the movies soon and Cali will tell me all about it! I'll post again soon! Tomorrow the two-leggers are going to play Wii, I'm sure, and then go bowling at the local bowling alley. Then there is talk about a baseball game but I'm not clear if that's a REAL game or this ever present Wii! I'll let you know!
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