Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The One with Ivy

Today can be summed up in two words for mom: Poison Ivy. She thinks she picked it up when walking Cali at Yocco's. She's an itchy mess!
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For papa and Rodger, it was back to the pond for fishing and continuing work on the Argosy!

We did get a couple of breaks in today.

Papa showed mom the Rockaway River.

And we got to see a lot of deer and a pair of ducks!

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After dinner we had a good romp in the grass. Little Phoenix tucks and rolls a lot but she instigates these rounds of play so she must love it! Even though she plays hard with us big dogs, mom says we can't be too rough. She is small after all and with such a long back mom worries. (Mom worry?!? That's unheard of... hahaha) If you watch closely, I give her a couple of kisses to reassure her that I'm just noisy when I play - not mad!

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  1. I love your Blog it's really fun to read and the photos are great



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