Thursday, April 30, 2009

The One Where Piglet Plays in Mud

While getting ready to go to NJ, mom let us out today after breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen while we took care of business.

Shortly, I noticed Phoenix under the deck and, in a Lassie-Cali-Molly move, I ran to mom and tried to tell her Phoenix was being naughty. She slowly picked up on my signals and we stepped out to the deck.

As we started going down the steps, we heard her coming out from under the deck and rounding the corner.

The scene of the crime:

Needless to say, she was carried into the house and got a quick bath. Poor Piglet.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The One After the Salon

Ta-da! Miss Cali has returned from her adventure at the groomer! Look at that shiny coat.

Still a fluffy chest but her leg feathers were trimmed. She will be nice and comfortable for beach week!

Unfortunately, we discovered that she has a case of tapeworm. Yuck! Probably from eating something she shouldn't have outside. Luckily it's an easy one to treat. Mom mentioned it in her message to Dr. Mitchell when she called to give her an update on my suspected allergies. I'm still drooling a few times a day and frequently watching something intently on the living room carpet and couches. My face isn't as itchy but mom noticed the tips of my ears are a little red and crusty. I am probably following in my big sister's footsteps with the allergy troubles. Hopefully mine are limited to springtime. Poor Cali has year-round trouble but especially in spring and summer!

Besides---- wait a minute... is that a bear in the yard?!

After her busy day, Cali got a special treat - one of the toys Mesa and Molly sent made an appearance. She LOVES Mesa and Molly toys!! Even if it is a snowman in April...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The One Where They Can Stay Up Late

My favorite thing about Tuesday is that mom has no worries when she stays up late. This is because the arrival of Wednesday means she doesn't have to rise at 4:30 a.m. In addition, that means I do not have to drag myself out of my cozy bed at 4:30 a.m. I'm something of a velcro-dog, so if mom gets up, I get up. Besides, who would activate the motion sensor on the driveway lights for mom, if I didn't run out there to do it?!

Today was another hot day but we'll return to normal temperatures tomorrow. And we're expecting rain. Papa says that's good because it might help with all of the pollen. I hope so! I suspect my drooling issues are because I may be (I'm not committing to anything here!) but I MAY be nibbling on something I shouldn't be outside. I can't resist it! Mom is going to wait out the peak allergy season before she starts to make changes to narrow down the cause. Can't a puppy drool a little? She claims to value mediation but when I zone out while studying the floor, I'm crazy? Sheesh!

Oh well. I do appreciate that I have two-leggers that take such good care of me.

Speaking of being well cared for... our very own woolly-bug Cali is headed to the groomer tomorrow for her annual springtime spa treatment! Phoenix and I are exempt because of our short coats. Mom can handle routine bathing at home! Cali-bear has such a thick undercoat it's best left to a professional this time of year. I don't seem to have photos of the at-home-haircut but I've heard stories - horror stories the way Cali tells it! Company was about to arrive... the terrible buzzing... the uneven hair... a little more to even it up... oops.......

Monday, April 27, 2009

The One Where Phoenix is ... a Super Hero?

We've always half-noticed that Phoenix has a letter formed on her back! Much like Superman has an "S" emblazoned on his chest, Phoenix proudly wears a "J!"

It's quite fitting actually. You see, when our little Jack Russell Mix acts a little - well - acts like a crazy JRT, we say, "Uh oh, Jack is back!!" I think her ego is getting a little inflated with this Super Hero talk. Look at her boldly directing mom on what laptop music to select for her nap time!

A few beats into her favorite tune and Princess Phoenix is out like a light.

While Phoenix was napping in the cool house, the rest of us took a quick lap around the yard. With this heat wave (we've been in the 90s and it's only April!), the pool is starting to get ever so slightly warmer! It was up to 84° today. And that's just with the solar cover on - we haven't even set up the heating system yet! If we keep going at this rate, papa's traditional polar bear dip on his birthday, won't be in the upper 60s like it usually is!

Gotta go for now -
The Big Bang Theory is on tonight! And it's NOT a repeat, I'm told. So exciting!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The One with Spring Love

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The One with the Tow Vehicle

Finally. FINALLY! The deal has been found. And virtually right in our backyard - go figure. All that internet searching, traveling & calling and it was in town all along!

Happily we now have a more reliable tow vehicle for the Argosy. No more worrying about the Explorer's transmission or the inevitable sway after a truck speeds past us!

So many interesting smells!

Friday, April 24, 2009

The One with the Left Overs

The morning started off a little chilly, as you can see from Princess Phoenix. It quickly warmed up and we're on our way to a beautiful weekend!

Last night mom went out to dinner with a friend. The steak was done a tad rare for her liking so she brought it home. We were VERY excited because we knew we'd get tasty treats!

Mom sometimes tosses around the idea of moving us off commercial diets and onto a homemade diet or even a semi-raw diet. Our excitement over snacks like this always has her wondering if kibble is the best way to go! A puppy can hope....

Meanwhile, papa got home tonight and we had great fun in the yard!

A few updates: Rodger is home from his tests. I don't know what the next steps are... papa wasn't too sure he knew what was next. I'm still producing puddles of drool but my face isn't itchy anymore! Darn pollen.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The One with the Mystery

Well, still no comments from my friends. I guess my readers are shy. That's okay. I can certainly relate to that!

Nothing to report today. It was a quiet day with some afternoon rain - again.

Most of the day was spent with mom peering into my mouth (yes) or pressing on my tummy. Let me explain. I've been hyper-salivating on and off over the last few days. This combined with my suddenly "itchy" muzzle (originally labeled as allergies) has mom suspecting something might be stuck in my teeth or irritating my gums. I guess she thinks my rubbing could be an attempt to dislodge something instead of simply being itchy. She's done some quick exams but will ask papa to look when he gets home. Fun times.

My face isn't as itchy today and the redness (Causing the itchiness? Resulting from the itchiness?! Which came first - the chicken or the egg?) has lessened. Mom is still concerned because, since I started with the excessive saliva, I've been studying the carpet as if I see something. Now I have Phoenix doing the same ... she watches me and then looks at the floor too. Haha - this is fun! Even more - mom has gotten down on the floor to look for small objects, fleas, anything. She's vaccuumed repeatedly... I still study the floor intently!

When I was a puppy, I had bouts of hypersalivation. I would eat bugs and then get really drooly. Or I would bite a tick off myself, produce a lot of drool and spit it out - incidentally, I would stare at the tick on the carpet until mom noticed and would pick it up. We're not sure what is causing this latest round but mom is suspecting something oral since it's lasting longer that the previous episodes. it isn't affecting my appetite though, so that's good!

I do have a very sensitive tummy and mom noticed a leaf from a Hosta plant in the driveway half eaten. It's non-toxic but could certainly upset our systems. Who knows what is causing my recent issues... You know my mom though - worry, worry and worry some more!

To be continued . . .

Monday, April 20, 2009

The One with the Mama Bear

Today the two-leggers headed to work very early. For brief time, the rain subsided and the sun peeked out so I had my trainees monitoring the yard for my nemesis.

The sun soon hid behind the clouds, making it a perfect time for a nap. Can you spot Camo-Cali on the couch?

Speaking of the sun, the sun polyp is getting closer and closer to blooming! The experts say it will take a two or three days for it to adjust to the tank and fully bloom.

Mom got home slightly early today! I'm excited but kept an eye on the driveway for papa. (I don't think I'm supposed to stand on this wall but I'm wearing them down!)

Papa? Are you hiding back here?

While I continued my search for papa, Phoenix stepped on a thorn and let out a terrible scream. Cali, as usual, jumped up from her lounging position on the grass and ran to check on her. She is like a mama bear with a cub when one of us is hurt. Or, in this case, wimpy. She really looks after us. I love my Cali Bear!

Tomorrow Rodger heads back to the heart surgeon to have an evaluation done. They will run some tests to determine if he is a candidate for open heart surgery, if my sources are correct. Please keep him in your prayers and I will keep you updated!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The One with Great Friends

Despite the cloudy weather, the day has been very nice! The rain has held off, we got a few chores out of the way and visits from some of our friends!

After some routine chores, we went out to - this is not a typo - burp the fridge in the Airstream. You heard it hear first, friends. You can indeed burp an inanimate appliance. Mom and papa wrestled the 200 pound unit out of it's cubby in the camper and then carefully plotted a way to get it through the door and down the step without dropping it! When they got it into the garage, they flipped it upside down and the fridge did indeed burp! We're hoping this "reset" of sorts will fix the trouble we'd been having with it.

Otherwise, the day progressed rather quietly. Our friends the Crazy Cat People stopped by for a short bit. They were both worn out from working hard on the outdoor enclosure for Paddy the Beaver. You can check out the progress on Mrs. Cat Lady's blog!

We mostly meandered about enjoying the warm weather. I hear it's going to cool down tomorrow. During our walks, Phoenix couldn't figure out why this tree was watching her every move!

Things are continuing to bloom!

While Cali played with papa and a new toy, Phoenix and I went on weed patrol. Mom is REALLY falling behind.

The Weed Patrol

"Here's another one she missed."

As I strut over to tell mom to get back to work, I notice Cali anxiously awaiting a visitor!

A friend over stopped over with a gift! An angel statue for the garden! The statue is in Ginger's honor, of course. She told us that Ginger will always be watching over us so we placed it by our favorite area in the yard. Isn't she cute?? It arrived at a perfect time. We've all been missing Ginger a little more this week. Spring is her favorite season.

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