Sunday, November 30, 2008

The One where the Tree Moves In

We're almost ready for Santa Claus! Mom and papa decorated the house for his arrival. I think they're just about finished. I sure am beat from supervising. Notice how the tree is up on a tall stand? That's for Big G. Since she's blind, anytime the two-leggers change things, which seems like A LOT, the poor old girl has to remap so this will save her face from uncomfortable pokes by the prickly tree in the house. The question remains: why IS the tree in the house anyway? These two-leggers and their bright ideas . . .

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The One with the Screamer

Today has been a great day! It started with several games of hide-and-seek. Here are some videos.

After the games, us youngsters relaxed outside by the fire. Ginger hung back - she doesn't like to be cold.

The princess...After relaxing a bit, Phoenix and I chased something up a tree... we had great fun!

During naptime, mom and papa went to get a Christmas tree! They ran errands and stopped at Mr. Cupp's house down the street to cut down the perfect tree. We'll set it up tomorrow, along with some decorations inside the house. We didn't have a tree last year so this will be the first Christmas tree Phoenix has. Exciting!

This is a video of the tree being cut down today. Mom expected papa to yell, "Timmbbberr!" But if you listen closely, I believe his words were, "Oh, jeepers!"

Friday, November 28, 2008

The One in Rockaway

The two-leggers have returned after 58 hours and 30 minutes! They brought home some delicious left-overs. At least they smelled delicious. We each got a little bread crust but the good stuff was gone by then. Oh well, at least they're home!

We had fun while they were gone though. Stacey was here and Lisa the Cat Lady came to visit. Some of you know her as Lisa the Chicken Lady since she brings us eggs too! As much fun as it was with our visitors and card games, it was GREAT to sleep in our own beds last night. Mom closes the bedroom door while they are gone so that she can see us on the camera.

Speaking of cameras, mom agreed to take a couple pictures for me. This first one is of a place called Yocco's. It's supposed to be a great hot dog and pierogie place on the way to New Jersey. It's always busy and filled with two-leggers so I've never been there.

This is just a picture of a bridge mom likes.... :: yawn ::

Now we're talking... look at the size of this guy!! The two-leggers saw him both mornings just waltzing around without a care in the world. I should have gone with them - easy pickins.

Relatives of mine?

And finally, relatives of papa's. I hope they weren't catching us with the poker table out. They sure look amused!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The One with the Late Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for a warm and dry bed each night, fresh food each day, constant love from my family and great doggie friends. I'm also thankful that there are wonderful, caring two-leggers out there who work tirelessly to ensure that as many critters as possible have these things to be thankful for every day.

Some of my favorite websites:

Monday, November 24, 2008

The One Where Papa Has a Baby

I haven't been able to blog because my eyes got a bit worse before they got better. Luckily, they are now clear and healthy again. Just in time too: the two-leggers are going away for a couple of days later this week. Something about going out of town for turkey. I suppose they are afraid to contaminate the house. Cali is allergic to a lot of things, especially turkey. Our sitter will be here though, in our turkey-free zone. Well, Phoenix is a bit of a turkey but not the same kind I guess. She looks more like a bat baby to me.

I can be a baby too...

But Phoenix still has me beat and I can give you a perfect example. It's been raining this evening. So what, you ask? Well, Phoenix refused to go out until mom put her -- wait for it -- rain coat on! Papa was so embarrassed. I don't think he believed us that she's such a wimp until tonight. Hehe.. Mom can't look at her without laughing so I thought I'd post some pictures to share the laughter.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The One Where Zona Runs

I'm back! I've been busy - so many things have happened! Cali picked papa up at the airport late Sunday night. It was wonderful! We stayed up late with him and then both two-leggers were free from work on Monday. We cuddled mostly and then traipsed in the woods a bit.

Mom picked up a tick at some point. Yes, a single tick. She's been taking ticks off of the four of us left and right but she gets one tick and rushes to the doctor's office within days. Not to mention sending Dr. Aunt Katie pictures of her swollen, infected bite. Seems kind of dramatic to me!

Speaking of dramatic, mom thinks my eye is not scratched after all. Since it's moved to both eyes, she's guessing some kind of conjunctivitis. She's putting a different ointment in both eyes now. :: sigh :: I sure hope it works because if not I have to go see the vet at the end of the week. This picture looks bad because it's dilated but you can see the discharge.. yuck. Now both eyes are red and goopy but my pupil is closer to normal now. Cross your fingers that the new ointment works...

My Arizona family sent a big box with some delicious cookies and Mesa and Molly each sent us a toy. Isn't that cool? Cali sure loves their old toys. They also sent cookies for mom and crumb cake for papa. He 's away tonight so hopefully she saves some for him.

Oh, yeah, it SNOWED on Tuesday. It wasn't sticking to the ground but Cali was dusted and Phoenix and Ginger had to wear coats - princesses. Phoenix is such a princess she wouldn't go outside this morning with Stacey, our sitter, until Stacey called mom at work to find out where her coat was. I have a picture of Phoenix. I also have a picture of Ginger but she asked me not to post it. She said it's undignified. I would do it anyway but she scares me a little bit.

Celebrating the snow and papa's return:

Did mom say pizza?

Meanwhile, warm and toasty in the kitchen while papa cooks dinner:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The One Where Zona Takes a Bath

I'll never understand her. Papa comes home today so, while mom's back was turned for a few seconds, I got in a GOOD roll. I mean one of the best! And not just the usual neck roll - a full body length coating. The timing was perfect. A nice douse of perfume before papa arrives tonight. But nooooo.... she is once again appalled and gives me a full bath. The whole time consoling me by saying how nice I'll smell when papa gets home. Is she crazy?! What did she think I was doing? I had that spot earmarked for days.

T minus 9 hours and 55 minutes. But who's counting....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The One with the Ballroom Dancing

T minus 25 hours until papa lands in VA!
:: celebratory dancing ::
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mom's getting worried about me. I've been missing papa so much that I get a bit - well a lot - paranoid when she leaves the house. It's common knowledge that I hate leaving home because I may encounter two-leggers but, when mom got home today from the grocery store, I sat in the driver seat of the truck while she unloaded the packages. As a rule I'm quite reluctant to get in the car, so this was highly unusual. My thought process: what if she's visiting papa?!? It's worth the risk if I get the chance to visit him too. So I'll keep crying when she leaves until she gets the hint and takes me too. I won't be as uptight when papa gets home. I can't wait!!

It's not just me. We're all a little clingy to mom now. He sounds like he's missing us too. We won't be missing each other for long though!

:: more dancing ::

Friday, November 14, 2008

The One with the Giant Poking Device

Eight days is a long time. My hide-and-seek skills are going to suffer. By the time papa gets home late Sunday night, I'll be lucky if I remember his best hiding places!! :: sigh ::

He called yesterday just after dinner. He got back to the ranch early so when he called mom was wide awake for a change! He said he saw a MOOSE. I'd love to see a moose. Even more exciting, they have DOGS at the ranch - four. He didn't take pictures of either but did send these pictures he took while hiking yesterday. It sure looks cold there!

He's impressed with the ranch. The food is great - they have a different pie each night. I've never had pie but Cali said she once ate an entire apple pie when she was a puppy and loved it. He also said that the beds are comfortable. Without papa, the food here barely passes for food but our beds are comfortable! Especially since I sleep on mom's bed almost all night while he's gone. I think I've mentioned that before but it bears repeating.

Otherwise, things here are quiet, as you can see. (Don't watch too closely - you'll get motion sick the way mom films!)

Mom has been working and SLOWLY chipping away at her to do list. Now that the clock is ticking, she'll probably get more accomplished. She seems to prefer cramming everything in to one or two days instead of spreading her tasks out over a reasonable amount of time. Something about working better under pressure.

Ginger is hanging in there. Unfortunately, she'll be miserable tomorrow. It's supposed to rain all day. She hates getting wet. You won't believe this but she has a rain coat! I'll try to get a picture, which will surely get a chuckle or two. Mom pulled a tick off of her this morning. We're overrun with ticks this year. Hopefully the colder weather will slow them down.

Cali, Phoenix and I played in the small wooded area at the back of the yard. Mom sat on a rock under the trees and watched us. We're usually not allowed back there - ticks, thorns, deer urine (my favorite) - but I think we just wore her down finally. I tried to hide it, as to not prove her right, but I think a tree branch caught me on the eye. There's some discharge and I guess it's getting swollen and red. Mom put some ointment on it, despite my attempts to redirect the ointment anywhere but my eye. It's looking worse but hopefully it's better by morning because I sure hate that stuff.

She's out to dinner with the self-professed Crazy Cat Lady down the street. Her husband is in Montana with papa. While she's gone, I think I'll go rub as much of this ointment out as I can. Until next time... Monkey, signing off.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The One with the Videotape

Papa called last night after we were tucked in bed. He had a long day but it sounds like he had a lot of fun! He didn't see any elk but seemed to really enjoy walking in the mountains, despite the snow. He told mom that, minus the snow, it reminded him of when he was with the Border Patrol. I'm not 100% sure what that means but I'm relatively certain that Cali is in charge of Border Patrol now. She's always walking the perimeter of our property checking for anything unusual.

Papa said someone in their group did get an elk yesterday. He was amazed at the size of it - bigger than Miracle, a horse that lives in the neighborhood. He took some pictures but hasn't sent them to me yet. So I'll post again.

Mom did some work with the aquarium last night. Phoenix was worried that mom would mess up one of Papa's projects so she watched her very carefully. I think it turned out nice! You can't tell from this picture but the live rock is really starting to get some nice color! The last picture is actually a 27 second video. It's "boring but colorful," as my aunt would say, but I wanted to practice posting videos.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The One with the Secret Closet

:: sigh :: Papa's been gone for three days now. It's been booorrring around here. Mom's been organizing closets. I'm only concerned with my closet and that's on the list for tomorrow. Ginger is pretty anxious too, as you can see.

As mom was making lists of her chores, I was keeping Papa's chair warm. I never sit in his chair without his permission but mom knows I miss him so she let me lay there for awhile. He'll be home before I know it. I hope.

He sent mom a couple of videos of where he was hunting yesterday. He was in a tree stand all day. He must have hated that. Papa can't stand to sit still. He gets that from me. It did look really beautiful though - wide open space, no two-leggers... heaven! I hope he was able to hike today. He enjoys a good walk outside - hey - I bet he got that from me too. Here are a couple of still pictures from Papa's video:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The One at the Beach

Well, I've been busy these last few days. The deer have been through a lot lately so we've all been taking turns rolling in what mom refers to as "the stink." Despite the numerous baths, I do love fall!! Still no luck with the squirrel though. He knows my tricks so only plays near the fence line for a quick escape.

This weekend the two-leggers went on the Skyline Drive hike, as promised, but were a little disappointed by the view. There was a haze in the air but they took a picture for me anyway.
The second picture is Main Street - a real metropolis!

Papa also snapped
one of the gas station on the corner. Aunt Katie asked for a picture. I guess she thinks we're fibbing about gas being under $2! Today gas was down to $1.97 on the other side of town. Papa thinks it will be interesting to see how the prices change now that the election is over.

He's in California tonight. Mom said he's on his way to the beach to catch up on paperwork. Ginger and Cali have been to the beach a few times. They had a blast. These were from 2004, a year before I was born. They had a fancy beach tent set up but spent the days between mom and papa under this makeshift umbrella, while the tent sat empty. Hehe... This was a few months before Ginger's eye surgery. Poor thing. It sure looks like it was painful.

This one is really old - 1999! It's from before Cali was even born! Ginger just turned two. Doesn't she look small? She and papa look so young! This was on the way home from Thanksgiving in Nalcrest with MáMá and PáPá. On the drive back to Virginia, Ginger asked for a quick visit to the beach in Daytona.
They were allowed to drive the car on the beach but eventually got kicked off because, although car fluids are acceptable, dog fluids are a big no-no in Daytona! No dogs allowed on the deserted beach! Ginger had the last laugh though because she had already played in the water and on the sand when the beach fuzz showed up.

Oh, well, enough reminiscing for today. P
apa just called to show us the beach via his webcam. Isn't that cool?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The One with the Pediatrician

Happy Saturday! He's BACK! Yes, papa is back but also.... my nemesis has returned. You guessed it, the squirrel has returned to torment me. Usually I play it cool and casually ask to go out (and then run like a greyhound in order to tree him!) but this time I got too excited so mama was on to me. No treeing squirrels today. I showed my hand too soon, as we pups say on Poker Day.

Ginger and Cali went to Dr. Mitchell's office today. I got a reprieve from my counter-conditioning training. Cali said it was a good thing I had the day off because there were lots of bicycles and the nearby Tae Kwon Do class had just let out - two-leggers everywhere. She loved it of course but said I would have had a "set back" with my social anxiety.

The rumor is I screamed like.. well, a monkey when they left but that is not true. Do not believe it. I will concede that I was very excited when they returned home.

Cali took some pictures on the drive for me. Her office is over an hour away but she is the best vet so it's well worth the ride. Besides, it is a beautiful drive, especially during this time of year. Now she is no Ansel Adams but, in her defense, the car was moving and the windows were a bit smudged. I'll have better pictures tomorrow after mom and papa hike to the Skyline Drive overlook.

Time for dinner! We were delayed because Ginger was taking a snooze and we figured this will help us get used to the time change... we fall back tonight. That means only two hours will separate us from our Arizona family!
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