Friday, October 31, 2008

The One with the Halloween Party

Monkey here - sorry for the late post but we've been a little buzzed on pretzels, as you suspected. It was a pretty quiet Howl-o-ween here in the country - no trick-or-treaters. Although Panzie, the neighbors' beagle, did stop by for a quick visit earlier. She was not in costume.

Papa stopped home for a quick overnight visit too. He was home last night and it was wonderful! We all miss him a lot when he's gone, especially mom. I join her and Phoenix on the bed when he's away to keep them company. Anyway, last night he brought home my beloved pretzels and was, in my opinion, over excited about foam. Yes, foam. He is in the final planning stages for his hunting trip to Montana. He's going with his friend Cam, who works for a company that - now forgive me because I'm not too clear on the specifics - manufactures things such as cases and uses specialized equipment to cut high quality foam to custom fit things, such as military equipment and, most recently, papa's rifle and walking stick for the hunting trip. Papa was thrilled with how well it turned out and talked at length about how accurate the lasers are (from a photo of the rifle, the computer was able to calculate exactly where the laser should make the cuts - like magic!) and the walking stick has a special Velcro holder, etc. etc. To be honest, the smell of pretzels had me a bit distracted so it's a bit fuzzy. I do know that he is very grateful to Cam and the man who worked on the case. The trip is in eight days so the excitement is certainly building!

Exciting, huh? :: yawn :: Planning for the trip has been fun though! We take lots of walks around the yard and in the field. The two-leggers have a bit of trouble keeping up with me though, which is why they do some training on the side. They've been hiking up Skyline Drive. Mom wimps out and walks unencumbered but papa has a backpack weighed down with dumbbells to help him get used to the weight of his pack for the trip.

Well, time to turn in - big day planned tomorrow. Ginger goes to the vet for a checkup and one of us will tag along to keep her company, hopefully Cali. Papa will be back tomorrow and is off for a couple of days so I'm going to put some hide-and-seek sessions in his Google Calendar before I turn in tonight.

PS - as promised I got into the perfume today so I had to get a bath. Argh! Mom and I have a real difference of opinion on what I should smell like. And I just heard her griping that Cali followed my lead so she has a date with the tub too! Haha... we like to keep her busy when papa's away! :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The One with all the Poker

Not much to report today. The nanny cam light was off all day, which was great because we were able to break out the poker table and have a good game. Those who watch us on the camera will be disappointed, they always talk about waiting to catch us playing cards. Ginger won. Come to think of it, she's had a really good day all around. The weather is very mild so I think it's lifted her spirits.

Papa comes home today with - you guessed it - PRETZELS. I'm so anxious I was careful to not roll in anything stinky, lest mom get annoyed with me and not share. There's plenty of time for a good stinky roll tomorrow. Hehe..

Speaking of, it's Halloween tomorrow. I hope we don't have to dress up. This is Ginger and Cali one year, poor dears. Aunt Katie sent them costumes.

I mentioned my Aunt Katie before, right? I love her - and that means a lot because I don't love many two-leggers. She's a doctor now. My mom was telling papa that Aunt Katie knew she wanted to work in the medical field when she was in elementary school. One evening, she proudly announced at the dinner table she was going to be a pedestrian. Even though they knew she meant pediatrician, they've mercilessly teased her about her plans to enter the practice of pedestrian medicine ever since. All joking aside, not many set such a lofty a goal for themselves calmly over dinner at age seven and follow through. My humans are really proud of her. You should hear them brag - you'd think they were talking about Cali they're so pleased.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The First One

I’ve been hearing my Aunt Katie talk about how much fun it is to blog. She’s been trying to get my human mom to sign up but mom doesn’t think anyone would be interested in what we’re doing. How insulting! I am very interesting so welcome to my blog!

First, let me introduce us. My papa is great. He is the best hide-and-seek player EVER. No games scheduled today though, he's at work. I’m not sure what he does but he seems to get paid with various edible treats. Sometimes he brings mom chocolates or pastries but usually he brings home pretzels, which is my favorite because she shares a little bit with all of us. That’s all mom’s been talking about: he’ll be home soon with lots of pretzels from Germany. I’m not sure who this Germany is but she makes the best pretzels!

My big sister is Ginger. She just had a birthday party. She's eleven-teen, as my grandpa would say. She is the boss around here. Cali is next. She is seven. She loves to play chase with me and is a really responsible big sister. She's brave too - she happily greets everyone who comes to visit. I'm much more cautious. Someone who is not cautious at all is my little sister, Phoenix. She came to live with us almost two years ago. I'm so glad she found us because she's a tun of fun and always cuddles with me when it's cold. Plus it's nice not being the baby anymore!

Mom is out now, which gives me a chance to log on. She’s running errands and said she will stop at the pet store. My big sister Ginger has been adjusting to getting older so she needs a few things. Speaking of mom, I think I hear her pulling into the driveway. Time to logoff! I’ll try to get back online soon to let you know how we are doing.

Monkey (aka: Zona)

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