Thursday, March 29, 2012

The One with a Grrr and a Prayer Request

Not that my mom would ever consider sending us via cargo but United is now "on her list." Let me tell you, that is not where I want to be... ever! I was hoping when I saw the headline that they were maybe "banning" short-nosed breeds in cargo because of the respiratory problems they are more likely to have in flight but no.. more breed discrimination. :: sigh :: Here's the article that got mom all riled up today.

And now, the prayer request, my dear furend Ronnii is not doing well. If you can, pop over and lend the power of the paw... I know it will help!!!


  1. Hey Zona Girl!
    Wow, I'll have to check this out and see what the rotten peeps at United are up to. Sounds like they need a good bashing! I'm so sorry to see that Ronnii has the sickies...she's such a sweetie. Very sweet post for her.
    Grr and a Loving Woof,
    Sarge, Boyfuriend

  2. Ronnii is in our thoughts and prayers....

  3. Sending our love to all our friends and those that suffer at the hands of men.


  4. It's about time you showed back up in Blogville. I has missed you.
    I hasn;t heard dat story but I go checks it out.
    We has sent our thougths to Ronii, we loves her.

    PS: Executive Director ain't gots many perks when I has to deal withs my personal asst (mum).

  5. I don't know about this United thingy... butt my mom says that she Hates to Fly United.. fur a BUNCH of reasons. I guess she could now as some more to the list.

    I just came from leaving my words fur Ronnii. I was stunned and sooooooo sad.

  6. Such a sad day today. Ronnii has crossed the Bridge.

  7. So sorry about Ronni.....always fly Pet Airways...we hear all good things
    Benny & Lily



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