Friday, May 6, 2011

The One with Friendly Friday

As many of you know, our pal Pip has been trying to sell his house... it's time to spread the word and send up those good vibes!! We won't mention the raccoons that visit him sometimes.... or that Puddles parks her Pinto out front when she's on a kool-aid bender.

Speaking of Pip, don't forget to get your superhero outfits ready for his big Blogoversary pawty on May 30!

AND have you heard about the GREAT idea my best boy Sarge had??

It's only the most fantastical event AND you can win a super cool prize! It's called....

Isn't that a cool logo he made? Click here to see how it works! I think I'm going to start mine now and set it to post on Sunday, May 29. It will work out perfectly because I will be busy that weekend.... do you know why??? MY AUNT KATIE IS COMING TO VISIT US IN 22 DAYS!!! YAHOO!!!!!


  1. Zona!!! You were in on this, too! OMD! And about those raccoons, they are long gone ...we think. Now, we just have a couple of possums. The question is what are all these critters doing living in the city. Hopefully, when we do move (in 87 million years), they won't follow us to the suburbs!

    Thanks for making our day!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Oh dang, I furgots all bout them racoons! I wonder how they would be in some stew?
    Yes, da Pinto is out front quite frequently...hehehe.


  3. Da Blogville Reality office will be up and runnin'. Pip's house is a sure seller!

  4. So many exciting things happening right now in blogging world! So much to look forward to. xxx

  5. We surely did give Pip... a BOOST didn't we???

    Racoon is DELICIOUS.. Esp. in STEW form.

  6. Hey Zona Girl!
    Wow, our surprise sure worked great for Pip! Thanks so much for plugging my big event! I really appreaciate're the bestest woo dog ever. I'm sending my bestest cuddles your way. I'm sure you're gonna have a great visit with Katie...please show us pix!!
    Grr and My Bestest Woof,
    Sarge, COP



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