Sunday, March 27, 2011

The One after the Office Day

It has been a BUSY few days!!!

First, on Thursday, mom and Cali took papa to work. Cali got to spend the day at mom's office. School is closed until Tuesday so she had the run of the building!

"We're here!!!"
Heading up to mom's office...
Looking out one of mom's windows at the NEMESIS tree!
After breakfast in mom's office, they went out for a walk and then checked out the lower level of Lloyd House, where mom's office is.

The kitchen! The building used to be the dormitory. This is where they cooked meals... now it's used for special events and sandwich making for the homeless! Great smells in here!

Cali LOVED the floor to ceiling windows.

SHE'S HOME!!!!!!!!

I think I had more fun when I got to go last time.

Click play arrow to view video.

THEN... on FRIDAY... it was my bestest boy Sarge's BARKDAY! He turned FIVE! Since I'm so far behind on my posts, I'm sure everyone has already visited him but if not run over and check out his post! His barkday weekend has been a working weekend. Have you heard the latest on the Blogville Case?? Check it out on his blog... we're getting close to a resolution. I hope Mayor Futer's friend Slick.

Speaking of Frankie... I think we need his help! It looks like we have a mole problem!!

Papa spent time evening out the piles and we inspected his work when he was finished, as usual.


  1. Wow! You get to go to work with your mom! Not me, she leaves behind every morning and I don't like it one bit!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: Be sure to tune into my blog tomorrow. I have a surprise for you.

  2. Hoping you were watching mom at work so she wasn't messing around
    Benny & Lily

  3. Your mom's work place is pawesome!
    Sure it is great to go to work with her!
    Happy Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. How cool that Cali got to go to work with your mom! Those pictures of her adventure are great!


  5. Cali you must have had a WONDERFUL Work Day with your mom. That is a beautiful place.

    I would have been more than willing to Gwalk Moleys fur you.. butt it looks like the problem has been handled. hehehe

  6. Awesome place to go and visit, too cool!

  7. So fun you could go to work with your mom!

  8. Cali ain't da only one in loves withs them mum is overs here having a duck fit. What a luverly place your mom gets to work. So much character in older places likes dat.
    I has nevers seen a mole so I can't helps on dis.


  9. Thanks for showing us around where your mom works its a lovely building. I didn't know it was Sarge's B/day thanks I will go there now.
    See Yea George xxx

  10. You had a wonderfur day at your Mom's office. Maybe's you can get a job dere too.

  11. Man, that's a nice place where your Mom works! And that's a pretty fancy rug, too! Glad to see you didn't hold a grudge with Cali that she got to go to work this time :)

    The Road Dogs

  12. PeeS - Now you're supposed to go roll around in the mulch and dirt!

    The Road Dogs

  13. What a beautiful workplace your Mom has!! How cool you gals get to go to work with her sometimes. When I was working, I took Riley to work to visit, but then brought her right back home and it was after all the clients (mental healthcare facility) had gone home.

    Anyway, can Papa come over and do a little work in our yard? Your yard looks fabulous!

    Elyse and Riley

  14. Zona
    You've cewtainly been vewy vewy busy
    Youw Mom is so lucky to have you go wif hew to wowk and I hope that nasty moles go away soon. the staff in dogville is pwetty busy wif petty cwimes these days, sheeesh..
    I wead on Pip
    s bloggie that you awe having to pwepawe fow a hooman pup and he gave you some wondewful advice. This is all so vewy wondewful
    smoochie kisses

  15. Zona,

    Your mom works in a great lookin' place, so fancy. :) You all are so lucky to be able to go wif her sometimes. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  16. Hey Zona Girl!
    Wow, pawesome post. Love the pix of your Mom's work place. I really liked your were watching for the Nut Crackers squirrel gang! Such a super wonderful dedicated Deputy! You look amazing! Thanks for the BDay wishes and I'd like to do zoomies with you in that cool yard!
    Grr and A Snuggly Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  17. miss zona!

    wow, that is super duper cool that both you and miss cali have gotten to go to work with your mama! i would so totally love it if my mama or daddy would take me 'n asa to work with them!

    the booker man

  18. Hey again Zona Girl!
    Wow, I got your most pawesome barkday package yesterday! Thanks a whole big ton! You are the coolest girl ever. The treats are yummy and I got my bandana on right away. This weekend my peeps promise to try out the book/frisbee combo! Yipee, I can't wait. Thanks again for being so sweet.
    BTW: I'm totally fascinated with feeding your fish!! :)
    Grr and a Lovin' Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  19. How so furry cool you got to go to work with mom!



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