Saturday, March 19, 2011

The One after the Checkup

What a long day we have had! Lots of entertaining! The Crazy Cat Lady and Mr. C stopped by AND we also got a visit from Dr. Mitchell. She brought her daughter and another little friend to visit too! While papa entertained the mini two-leggers, Dr. M and mom gave us each exams.

This is when I would suggest taking a break to potty and get a snack. This is a WORDY post!!!

I wasn't due for any vaccines but we talked about my leg trouble and a strange bump mom found this morning. As suspected, at some point I injured my cruciate ligament in my back right knee. Probably from my "fancy run at high speed and spin around to stop and wait for my sisters to catch up" move! That knee is thicker than the other knee so she's sure that's what's causing me to limp now and then - stiffness due to arthritis that has set in from a prior injury. It's not torn so no intervention is needed but I will get two extra supplements added to my diet. I was SO happy to hear that running and exercise is recommended to keep me fit and keep my knees strong. So that was good news! But mom has to make sure I don't overdo it or start favoring my other knee and tear that ligament... blah blah blah... All I heard was I can still run and play! I also heard my teethies are due for a cleaning. Mom has been dreading this. She hates the thought of anesthesia for any of us and especially hates the thought of my separation issues. They have a plan worked out for that piece. But the schedule is moved up because of the suspicious lump on my leg. We're hopeful that it's an insect bite of some kind that will go away on its own but if not, it has to come off. Paws crossed! They barely even talked about my allergies but I have a new supplement for that too. ::sigh::

Phoenix was next. She needed a vaccine or two AND they took some of her bloods for testing. She did not enjoy any of that. Mom also asked about her knobby neck. It's just a fatty deposit and is most likely just fine but Dr. M said it should also come off when it's time for her dental in the fall. So mom is worried about that AND little Phoenix having to deal with anesthesia too. But she looked at lots and lots of pictures and realized this fatty deposit has been there for a long time without any changes so she's trying to relax a bit. (Not easy for my mom.)

Lump is over her sternum,
just to the left of the leash clip.
2011, just a few weeks ago.
Notice the perfume
smeared all over her neck? BOL
Finally, it was Cali's turn. She had the same vaccines given and even more blood taken on account of her... advanced age. She was perfectly calm throughout. You wouldn't know she had a needle in her neck!! She, too, needs a dental cleaning, even though she JUST had one done last year!! Her tail is still looking umm.. rat-like after her infection last spring but seems fine. One of the blood tests will be a T-4 to check her thyroid. Her beautiful face has a pink spot that's curious looking but we were distracted by a strange non-ulcer...bump ON her eye under her eyelid. If it's still there in a few weeks when I go in for my yet to be scheduled dental cleaning, she'll come with me so Dr. M can take a closer look and mom will remind her to look at Cali's pink spot.

Needless to say, mom's a little overwhelmed - probably just overtired - no nap today! We're going to say extra prayers that my lump and Cali's eye bump go away on their own. Then mom only has to worry about routine dental cleanings... and Phoenix's umm.. fattiness. Hehe..


  1. We will have all 44 paws crossed at our house dat everyting will turn's out jus fine for every buddy! Usually all our bumps and lumps turn out to be nothing so let's all hope for the same.

  2. That is kinda cool that da Vet comes to your house!! Much less stressful than going to their office!

    Now tell your mom not to worry.......her needs to concentrate and rest for da new two-legger! (love your description, Zona, about your special 'move' heeehheee)

  3. Four paws khrossed and some AGJ too!


  4. Hope all turns out fine for all of you! Poor Mom needs some rest. More paws crossed here, too, for you!

  5. We have our paws crossed for all of you! As Lilac has gotten older, she's gotten her share of little fatty lumps, but we just leave them alone since the vet told us to. Tell your mom that worrying isn't good for her and that two-legger puppy, so just relax and know that lots of dogs go through these things as they get older and that it's almost always no big thing!


  6. I'm going to keep my paws crossed too that none of those things are bad. Doggies don't mind having bumps as long as they aren't owie. But that knee is more worrisome. You be careful and mind mom about appropriate exercises.


  7. Now Miss Zoomie Zona, yu must always takes care when changin direction when doin zoomie yu know. Makes sure yu takes care cos your Moms does not needs any extra worries. I has a few odd lumps n bump and Ronnii has abouts 87 it comes to us all as we gets older, I do hopes daty dem goes away so your mom does not fret so much. Woryin n fretin when yu has a baby bump give da bump hiccups yu know............. My two legger bruvver gots dem every mornin when him was a bump about 2am n it used to wakes my Moms up, she said she fort she was gonna givs birth to a jumpin been nots a baby.
    Now go makes your Mom put her feeties up n relax.

    xx xx

  8. no worries our paws are crossed
    Benny & Lily

  9. Hey Zona Girl!
    Wow, I'm so concerned! Are you okay?!? OMD Naw, this is gonna be nothing at all. I'm sure some small crawly critter gave you a nasty bite and it'll go away. Gotta take care of those long, cute, zoomie legs of yours! Maybe make careful zoomies for a while...just until you are back to 100%. I'm sending you my very bestest, strongest healing vibes so your knee improves, your bump disappears and Cali's peeper heals itself all up. Take care of everyone there! I'll be thinking even more about you...keep me posted!
    Grr and a Concerned Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  10. We will keep paws crossed that these are just minor things - which they probably are. Your poor Mom, though. The more kids you have, the more kids you have to worry about. That's the thing of it. Tell her it's not time to worry about any of it yet. That probably won't help, but it's worth a shot.

  11. I have my paws crossed for you all, and hug to mom, I know what its like for a mom to be overtired.
    Moms started giving me a sardine a day Granny says it would help with my itching have only been taking it for a week and it seems to be working. Must be to do with the fish oils,they might help your joints to.
    Have a good Week
    See Yea George xxx

  12. Wow, that's a lot to have to absorb from one visit. We have all our paws crossed for the lumpy bumps to disappear on their own. We have Phantom "on watch" for several new lumpy bumps too.

    Tell Mom to relax and take it one step at a time. We all are here to support you and send good thoughts for all.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. miss zona!

    i like that you vet comes to visit YOU instead of the other way around! heehee. i've got my paws crossed for you and miss cali's lumpy bumps to go away on their own. my mama checks my big sis asa all the time cuz she's had several lumpy bumps removed.

    the booker man

  14. You dogs drive us moms crazy with the little lumps and bumps and bruises and cuts and sprains. Can't you all just take it a little bit easier so we don't have to spend so much time worrying?

    Morgan has a fatty tumor on her chest, too and unless it grows fast, it's staying there.



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