Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The One After Almost a WEEK

Umm.. so yeah... I'm still annoyed with mom. She works A-L-L T-H-E T-I-M-E in February and into March. She keeps telling me we're almost through the worst of it though so MAYBE just MAYBE I'll get back to a regular blogging schedule. I miss my furends!!

She let me come online real quick tonight because my mini two-legger brother was tumbling and kicking her so much she finally got the hint that work time is over! I'm training him already!

AND she let me take a break from snoopervising her to go to the banquet this weekend. That was a great escape from this snooze-fest here. Did you see my boy Sarge on the drums??

That was so exciting! I had no idea the band was so good! Look at Asta rocking out!

Not much going on here. We've had some crazy weather but it's warming up now. I'm sad the snow is gone but that means much more time outside! I do like that! I hope everyone is enjoying the week!


  1. I has missed you Zona and am so happy you is back! Da banquet was pawsome, I think everybodys had a wunderful time!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  2. Hey Zona -

    I know all about that one -

    I khouldn't make it either - I did send a Khat-O-Gram and a khatsnakhk tray!


  3. Zona

    Youw boy Sawge was amazing in the band..we had a blast! I'm so glad to see you finally. sometimes hooman lives intewfewe wif ouw fun
    I hope all of you awe well
    smoochie kisses

  4. HiZona! I'm doing much worse than you and I'm still not up to par with visiting. Still, some is better than none I always woof. Right?

  5. Hi Zona, I hope you got the email I sent to you. You are FANGtastic.
    I think you are onto something.. start training the two leggers... before they are out of the oven.. and they won't end up in our Frying Pan. hehehe You are brilliant!!
    Sorry he was makin your mom uncomfortable.. butt it will all be worthwhile.
    GLAD to have you back ... and I was pretty proud of Sarge too!!!
    You two BOTH did amazing police work!!

  6. that was one good band
    Benny & Lily

  7. My boys went to the banquet too and yapped for hours about the band. I finally had to tell them to hush up about it. They really had a good time hanging out with everyone!

    Sorry your mom has to work all the time now. Soon the baby will be here and she'll be home all the time. At least for a little bit anyways.

  8. Ummm, Zona...I thinks your mom needs to get her priorities straight!
    Blogging Before Work! Hehehehehe!

    Okays, I just loves to hear bouts da little 2 legger kickin, dat is just simply wonderfuls and AMAZING! Mum says it maybe uncomfy but at da same time a good feeling...yea, I don't egt it either.


  9. Ahhhhh....your wittle 2-legger is practicin' to be a football player! It pays to starts trainin' early.

    Da banquet was pawsome!!!

  10. Hey Zona Girl!
    Wow, I had such a super time with you at the party! You're one GREAT dancer! Yeeehaa. I think your new 2-legger is gonna be a runner! That's pawesome for some serious future fetch time with you!!
    Grr and my Snuggly Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  11. Hi, hi, Zona! I'm glad to see you! Wasn't the pawty FUN? And Sarge was SO good on the drums. I liked how you were jumping up and down and howling and stuff whenever he was playing.

    My mom has not been very helpful to me lately with my bloggie either. What is it with them anyway?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  12. Gah! I know all about humans with busy brains. It is most annoying. But the party was a total blast.


  13. miss zona!

    i know how you feel cuz my mama is bein' all busy schmisy, too. boohooooo. i'm glad you got on to make a postie, though, and it was super grrreat to see you at the banquet! you are right, sarge was tearin' it up on those drums! i had no idea he was so full of the talents. if the cop thingie evarrr doesn't work out, he could so be a pro drummer!

    the booker man



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