Saturday, January 22, 2011

The One with DONUTS

Some of you may have heard that my bestest boy dog, Sarge, the Official Chief of Police of Blogville, has appointed me DEPUTY DOG! (Isn't he handsome???)

At first I was honored.
Then I was excited because
I know my papa will be SO proud of me.
Then, inevitably, I was nervous.

You see, despite my Shepherd ancestry, I'm not exactly the bravest dog you'll meet. In fact, when my two-leggers rescued me I was pretty much scared cautious of EVERYTHING! With lots of patience and love from my family, I'm a LOT more confident now but... me... a deputy?!? I wasn't sure that I would be up to the task!

I talked to my mom, my biggest cheerleader, and she said she KNEW I could do it. She reminded me of how far I've come and how much more comfortable I am with the most intimidating situation for me... meeting new two-leggers! Then she reminded me that in Blogville, I would be with all my friends and new doggies and kitties, whom I love to meet! I was halfway convinced I could do it.

Then today I read something on Sarge's blog. As a deputy, I'm entitled to DONUTS!!

I'm in. It's official. I'm Sarge's Deputy Dog!!


  1. Hey Zona Girl!!
    WOW, that's soooo great! Sweets for the sweet...that's my motto! You are the coolest, bestest deputy. You'll be great. We'll be brave together...lots of together time. We'll be a real crime-fighting duo. Donuts are just an added perk. All business, but some pleasure too. Hey, we gotta eat too!
    Grr and a Delicious Woof,
    Your bestest guy Sarge, COP

  2. Okay - that does it! THREE blogs today talking about DONUTS! We MUST have some! Oh, right . . . CONGRATS Zona on your appointment to DEPUTY. We know you'll do a GREAT job!

    The Road Dogs

  3. YAY we will sorts yoo outs a nice deputy badge asap, congratulations on your new post Zona !


  4. Zona!
    Happy Saturday!
    I know you are going to be the best Deputy Dog!
    And with the thinking of getting donuts as part of your job... pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Tee hee! We just came from Sarge's! I think Morgan wants to be deputized, too.

    She says not to worry! Being cautious is one of the very most important things about being a Shepherd. Everyone is suspect until proven trustworty! BOL! You sound very Shepherdy to me.


  6. Hey again, MBG Zona!
    Wow, I just checked out Richie and he has your deputy badge all ready! It's the greatest! Check it out!
    Grr and An Excited Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  7. Those donuts will do it every time,Zona!!! We were so excited when we saw that Sarge had named you his deputy. Just think of all the time you two can spend together now, not to mention the donuts:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Donuts! We love donuts. Whenever Mom buys them she always gets a couple plain ones for us. We think we should go remind her that it's been a long time since she brought donuts home.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  9. Zona,

    You will be a great deputy, I just know it!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS I will helps you eat dose donuts if you want me too. ;)

  10. Any job that comes with benefits like donuts is worth doing! :-))

    I hope you're having a good weekend and your Mom is feeling great too!!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS ZONA !!!!! I think that Sarge chose Well on many levels!!!!

  12. Zona!
    CONGWATOLATIONS that is a vewy pewestigoos job and what an honow! I Agwee wif youw mom. You eill be splendid!!!
    I know you have come a long and patients does that to us.
    I think you desewve that faboolous job wif those donut benefits..I think Sawge chose well
    smoochie kisses

  13. Hi Zona,

    Congratulations on your appointment!! I just know you will be a good Deputy Dog.

    Did you get my e-mail about needing a "z" flower post? I'm starting a new one of my friends in Snow. Do you have one I can copy of you in the snow or can you send me on?

    My blog is working again and we are busy catching up. I'ne missed you.


  14. You'll be a great deputy, Zona! Donuts?!? I wanted a donut today but never got one...hmmm...can I come over and have one of yours? Hehehe!

    Elyse and Riley

  15. Mom says thanks fur the Deputy Dawg flashbakhk!


    PeeEssWoo: DONUTS!!! A sweet after my own tummy!

  16. You know Sarge will take good care of you!

    And yeah, donuts are definitely an added bonus. Who doesn't like donuts?! You'll make an excellent deputy, Zona.

  17. That is so cool! Love your snow play pic!

  18. Talk about an awesome salary! :)

  19. Come on over to Texas!! I'll get the spare room ready unless ya wanta share them bed with me and Mommy.


  20. What? You get DONUTS!? YUM! You'll make a Most Excellent deputy, Zona. You've come a really long way AND I hear that donuts have super brave-making powers. Yep.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  21. Hey Zona Girl!
    I have offered Mona a job with us as a Civilian Desk Clerk. She asked about working with us and I think she'll be great! I hope she accepts.
    BTW: Could you please email me at lfurman1987ATyahooDOTcom It may take me a few days to get back to you, but I have an idea to
    Grr and a Loving Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  22. Hi Zona,

    I'm so excited. Sarge has asked me to join you guys on the police force. I'm so excited. Of course I'll say yes.

    My post today has your flower picture. Thanks so much for helping me finish my flower posts.


  23. miss zona,

    i knew you'd make a way grrreat deputy doggie even before the donuts were involved, but it's always nice to have a little extra motivationals. teehee. ;)

    the booker man



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