Monday, December 20, 2010

The One with the Tiny Tree

As many of you can relate, it's been so busy around here that I've been neglecting my blogging. It's no secret that it's time consuming supervising all of the Christmas preparations that by the end of the day, I'm anxious to crawl into bed and snuggle!

So, as a lead up to my 2010 Christmas post, I decided to run some repeats. I was wondering what to start with and found myself gazing at the tree. The two-leggers got a teeny-tiny tree this year. Mom said it has something to do with a time crunch right after Christmas and not having time to take down a full sized tree. And NOT having a live tree is not is something mom can fathom. So, a tiny tree it is! It's a live tree so the plan is to plant it outside. (Dad said something about the ground being frozen so I predict a highly comical blog post in the future.)

I'm still stuck on why mom is worried about the time it takes to undress the tree. Last year it only took her about a minute and a half... with a break! Remember?? . . . . . . .

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The One Where the Tree Moves Out... Again!

Well today was moving day! The tree is now back outside where it belongs and the house has been returned to it's pre-Christmas state! Papa loves putting the tree up, as you saw earlier, but HATES taking it down. In fact, he hates seeing any of the decorations in the removal process. So mom waits for a day when he'll be at work and blitzes the clean up in one shot. I hate to boast but my mom can be pretty efficient when she puts her mind to it. Take a look!

Click play arrow to view video.

Normally this can be a tedious task but with the wind chill often below zero today, we didn't mind staying inside to do chores!

We did get outside now and then to get some fresh air and to visit our boys. I think they missed us a little bit last week. They charge mom when she lets them out in the morning, with no regard for the cold temps, and quack up a storm! I think they're just asking for treats but mom insists they're asking for their best friend: Cali.


  1. That video is the best! I wish Beth could move that quick....ha ha!

  2. The Momster wants to know how much she can pay your Mom to come do that for us:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Hi Zona! We think it is cool that you have a real tree even if it is tiny. WE have a fake tree - mom said she has never had a real tree, so she is used to it, but she thinks that real trees are very cool (though she does like having a crazy color tree - she really wants a silver one!) She used to think the fake tree was good because no cats climbed it - til last year when Barney tried, and now this year Gus and Stella both actually do climb. We understand about your dad not wanting to watch the decorations come down - mom hates it but she is in charge of it anyway. Your mom is very efficient at it - our mom should take some lessons from her!

  4. Yes...can your mom come take ours down when heris done at da OP's? My mum is sooooooo messy when her undresses our tree! I was very impressed with your mom's skills.

    Uh, why wasn't Phoenix helpin?


  5. Wow! Your mom sure has a lot of energy! That was amazing.


    P.S. I thought Phoenix's head was going to unscrew there for a minute. That was some fast action.

  6. Dang, your mom is FAST!!! I had to rewind the video and watch it again because I blinked the first time and missed it. lol

  7. Your Mom is fast and efficient and neat. My humans have had a tiny tree for the last couple of years. They say they're too old to be moving furniture in and out and also they've run out of places to put it so they got a tree that can sit on top of the furniture. They gave up real ones a few years ago, too. I don't mind. Less inconvenience for the doggies this way.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  8. Your mom sure is fast! I'd like a chance to race with her! Mom would like to know if you can send her over here the day after Christmas to get our tree down.


  9. When your Mom goes to help the Op Pack, can she swing by here. We're not far. We have a whole bunch of things she can do. She sure moves fast. She could even run zoomies with us.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  10. Your mom is faster than SANTA PAWS!!! That is amazing. I'm gonna make MY mom watch this as a training film. hehehe

  11. Frankie's right! She should win some type of award!



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