Thursday, November 25, 2010

The One with the Story of Me

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for a warm and dry bed each night, fresh food each day, constant love from my family and great doggie friends. I'm also thankful that there are wonderful, caring two leggers out there who work tirelessly to ensure that as many critters as possible have these things to be thankful for every day.

Some of my favorite websites:

Minna Krebs and Frankie had the most fabulous ideas for Thanksgiving posts! Today I will share the Story of Me and tomorrow I will post all about Shopping with Frankie!!

I was born in North Carolina and soon rescued by a league in West Virginia. When I was eleven weeks old, my litter mates and I made the trek to Virginia for a Pet Adoption Day at Petsmart. It was a long ride and very, very noisy. They wheeled us all in to the store in crates stacked on a dolly, as people stood to the side and excitedly watched all of us tiny pups roll in to the store. Into the puppy pen we all went. My siblings were beyond excited and happy to play with anyone and everyone. Meanwhile, I sat quietly to the side a bit anxious with all of the noise and two-leggers looming over us.

As some kids were making their way toward me, I faintly heard someone say, "That's her! The puppy sitting by herself: that's the one we liked from the website." (They fell in love with my solemn good looks on the rescue league home page and called about meeting me at PetSmart the next day.) A man hurried over and scooped me up before the kids descended. I loved him at first sight! Papa soon handed me over to mom and she never let go!

I cuddled in her arms as she filled out the paperwork and answered many questions. I was sneaking quick peeks at my new family, excited but still nervous. Finally, finally, it was official. I was going home! When we got outside, my nerves returned. These WERE two-leggers after all! Mom put me down on the grass to potty and I froze. I'm embarrassed to admit that she had to pick me up to carry me to the car. I wouldn't move a muscle. They softly spoke to me in the car, trying to coax me to look at them - even tapping the window to determine if I was perhaps deaf!

I started to warm up during the drive and realized I already loved these two-leggers of mine. When we arrived home and I met my two sisters, my shyness was quickly forgotten! I knew I would be happy and loved forever. I was right! (Of course.)

Cali's Gotcha Day story is here.

And you can read about Phoenix's homecoming here.


  1. Wonderful post - having a pup join the family is definitely something to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh boy, what a great story!!!! I'm thankful you got picked by great parents!

    LOVE your Thanksgiving picture! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. That's a very lovely story, Zona and you have such a very wonderful family. I guess you all just have reason to be thankful for each other and I'm thankful that you're our furiends.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  4. Zona,

    Who would not fall in luvs wif you? :)
    Happy Thanksgiving Everybodys!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. Hi Zona'n Phoenix'n Cali - we r Shiloh'n Shasta, your newest followerz. That were all great storiez. Goin'tu our forever homez iz a good thin'butt kinda scary tu! We cood tell that ya'all gotza good one. We wish our mom hadn't seen that pikchur with the turkey dog'n pilgrim kitty - now we no that she iz gittin'ideaz fer next Halloween or Thankzgivin'.

    By the way, we haf our goin'home storiez posted if u want'tu read'em.

  6. Dear Zona,
    That was a wonderful story. We just LOVVVEEE your puppy pictures, u look just too adorable. No wonder your family loved u right away.
    We are thankful for friends like u who we can connect with inspite of being miles away.
    Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving,
    wags, Buddy n Ginger

  7. What a sweet story--You have such a wonderful family who I know you are thankful to have and who I know feel the same way. My dream is to have a puppy from the time they are very young all the way through their life...Maybe someday!

    I hope you're having an enjoyable Thanksgiving!!

  8. Aaaaaaaaaack...Zona, look at how little you was! Hehehehe...I loves how yur mom and Papa are such suckers when it comes to animals.
    You know, I nevers realized yu was a puppy when you came home...good to know!
    You is so lucky to haves your pawrents and we is so lucky to haves met ya'll! Happy Thanksgiving!


  9. Oh Zona, I love your story! I am so glad you found such a wonderful family. And what a cute little puppy you were (you are still pretty cute!).

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Great post! I am happy you found such a great family. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Hi Zona
    We are so happy that you & your sisters have found such a wonderful forever home.
    Happy Thanksgiving
    Love Ruby & Penny
    Pees - your puppy pictures are ADORABLE!!!

  12. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

    It isn't pawesome how we know!?!

    Thanks fur sharing the tales of the tails!

    Happy Thankgiving!

    We love the AirTurkey!


  13. This is so much fun. It is great to read all the happy making stories about my pals.


  14. What a great story! You were such a cute little still are cute but the puppy pictures are especially cute!!

    Elyse and Riley

  15. Oh, Zona...I always just melt anytime I see a picture of you when you were a baby puppy. You were just pawsitively SQUEEdorable! Well, you still are! I'm very much glad that you found your Most Perfect Family That Ever Was when you were so young. And that they luvs you and protect you from the skeery stuff in the world. You sure are lucky!

    I hope you're having a Most Wonderful Thanksgiving, my furend!

    Wiggles & wags,

  16. Your pictures are adorable!
    Happee Thanksgiving
    Benny & Lily

  17. Homecoming stories are so heartwarming! I love them, and I'm so glad you landing yourself a safe and happy forever home. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!

  18. Yay! Great story!

    Happy Turkey Day!


  19. What a happy story!! You know what I did when I first met my human uncle? I peed I was so nervous! But after he kissed me and scratched my ears for me I came to trust him! You were a cute lil' pup!


  20. That was such a great story !!

  21. That airstream turkey is pretty cool!

    Thanks for sharing your adoption story, Zona. I especially loved the puppy pix. It's been a lot of fun to surf the net today and read everyone's stories.

    I hope you and your family had a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  22. Oh my gosh your stories are all just WONDERFUL. I am sooooo very much happy that you all came together. SIGH
    I am SURE Sarge is glad that you ended up in such a supe home, Zona.



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