Sunday, October 3, 2010

The One with the OOPS

We're back from our special weekend! I'll tell you all about that... later. First... I have to confess an oops!

Oh my heavens! On Wednesday my brain must have been waterlogged with all of the rain we had. It was a big day here and we even had special noms to commemorate the date but I forgot to post about it. Wednesday was Cali's GOTCHA DAY!!!

Look how much our baby bear has grown! This is her photo at 4 weeks - her stuffed animal is almost bigger than she is!

She still can work these puppy eyes! They certainly worked for her 9 years ago! The two-leggers were leaving Petsmart one mid-September afternoon in 2001, when Papa spied a lady carrying a tiny black fuzzball. Earlier that day, this kind lady had rescued a four week old Cali from a cardboard box at a flea market 60 miles away from where she lived, ironically this flea market is close to where we live now. She was told that if the puppies weren't adopted, they were going to leave them in the box at the market!! So she scooped up the last puppy and headed back home - to mom and papa's neighborhood.

She was bringing Cali to the adoption day at Petsmart to see if the rescue league would consider taking her in, when papa (completely out of character) intercepted them. After some mild persuading, mom agreed to hold Cali and the rest was history! Mom knew the moment she held her, she wouldn't be able to give her back.... and after looking into those puppy eyes, she never let go!

I'm so thankful to the lady that brought her to my two-leggers. Cali is an awesome big sister!!


  1. Happy Gotcha Day Cali.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  2. Happy Gotcha Day Cali! Dis is such a nice post fur Cali, you is a good sister Zona. :)

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. Happy belated Gotcha Day, Cali!

    Sam and Pippen

  4. Cali is beautiful and looks like a wonderful big sister! Hope she had a great Gotcha Day!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Happy Gotcha Day Cali! Thanks for Sharing!

  6. Congratulations to Cali! May you have many more gotcha days together!


  7. Happy Gotcha Day, Cali. We love big black dogs around here.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  8. Cali, I hope you had a great gotcha day with lots of treats and snuggles. Tell your siblings I said hello and I've missed you all. Momma promised me she would help me keep up better. Having my google reader tell me I have 1000+ posts all the time is a bit overwhelming!

  9. Awwww...HAPPY GOTCHA DAY TO CALI! Gosh, she sure is a lucky pup to have gotten rescued like she did and ended up with your most wonderful family! She was an adorable puppy and an even more beautiful grown-up doggie!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. Happy Gotcha Day!!!

    What a pawesome success story!


  11. happy gotcha day to miss cali!!! :)
    i'm so glad your hoomans brought her home on that day, too! i totally love the picture of miss cali and miss ginger holdin' paws...absolutely precious!

    the booker man

  12. happy gotcha day, the baby photos of Cali are just georgous, she was soooooo small, what a cute little fuzzball she was and now shes a cute big fuzzball, :)

    Jenny :)

  13. Oh goodnesses...HAPPY GOTCHA DAY CALI!!!!!!!!
    What a sweet story and dat lady was an angel to rescue hers. I just loves how your dad took matters into his own hands. My dad would haves never told my mum to hold a puppy...hehehe.
    I loves da baby fotos...fuzzball...hehehe!


  14. Happy Belated Gotcha Day, Cali!!! That's a great story about how you got her.

    I've missed the last 2 weeks of BBT. The first week, I wasn't home and didn't realize I wouldn't be back in time to watch it so I didn't record it. And last week, I got a long distance phone call at the beginning of the program. I thought it would be rude of me to ask my friend to call me back after it was over so I talked to her. Should've set the record button when I heard the phone ring. This Thursday I have something planned too but I'm setting the DVR for sure this time!

  15. oooooooh :D
    happy gotcha day

    El'bow & Hauwii

  16. Awwwww!!!!!

    Happy Gotcha day to you Cali!!!!!

    Yous got it good!!!!!

    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

  17. Happy (belated) Gotcha day Miss Cali! You were the cutest fuzzball ever!



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