Monday, September 27, 2010

The One with the Shock

FIRST, a great big happy birthday to PáPá, mom's grandpa. He celebrated his 85th on Saturday!! We all wish we could have been in Arizona to celebrate with him. I've never met him but have heard many, many wonderful stories from the two-leggers and from Ginger and Cali who have had great fun with him in the past! When mom talked to him on Saturday he said he had a problem. The problem was that he didn't know if he should order lobster or the fish of the day for dinner that night. He went on to say that if that's his biggest problem at 85, he's in pretty good shape! We agree and we love you PáPá!

Now... I need to tell you something about my trip to NJ. It's hard for me to say this. I'm still a little spooked.

While we were away, I was stalked.

My nemesis must have hired this copy-cat to spy on me while we were away. Can you see him outside my window?

Let me biggify...

Wait... are you ready? Brace yourselves. It's horrifying.

Here he is still keeping one eye on me.

Everywhere I turned, his beady little eye was on me!

Click play arrow to view this monster in action.
Pardon the blurry video. I was nervous!

When I got home, I was ready to have a word with my nemesis. Why spy on me?? It's common knowledge that I'm only interested in asking him some questions: Where do I order those cheek implants to store more food? Does he have a spare set of suction cups I can borrow to climb trees? What is the view like from up there? Nothing as sinister as, oh, I don't know, "Do you taste like chicken??"

THEN my friend Frogger told me something most shocking.

"Zona, did you hear that Stacey collected
some of your apples for her.... squirrels??"
I turned to Freddy to tell me this is a joke.

"What Frogger says is true, Zona.
And not only that...

I don't know if I should tell you....
Lisa is building an enclosure for
some of them at her place too."

Can you believe this?? Two of my bestest friends have been brainwashed by my nemesis and his crew!!

I knew they both are amazing wildlife rehabilitators but I had no idea that included tree rats. I am shaken.


  1. Zona,

    Happy Birthdays to youz PaPa!! Dose tree rats is everywheres....we must unite and conquers dem! "Do you taste like chicken??" hehehe...dat's funny. :)

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS I sent youz a pmail a few minutes ago...

  2. OMD how awful!! Those frog friends are quite handsome. We have heard & seen frogs at our cabin BUT they are tiny & green & they have loug big croaky voices. Don't know how those tiny things can be so loud. Hope you get that nemesis of yours whipped into shape. Be careful - they be mean lil critters.

  3. Happee Birthday to Paw Paw. We think he is pulling your paw. He doesn't look 85. Never trust little green ribbit things
    Beeny & Lily

  4. Happy Birthday to your PaPa, hope he had a wonderful weekend. And at 85, we think he is entitled to both the lobster AND the fish of the day.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Please tell your PaPa happy birthday from Franklin and me. Now, as to the squirrel thing - that is horrifying. I don't even know what to suggest here. What do you think you should do about it?

    lotsa licks, Lola

  6. Happy Birthday PaPa!

    About that squirrel situation, I think a restraining order may be in order. You just can't be too careful these days ...If you need Josie and I to come and take him out, just let me know. We will jump in the x-paws mobile and be there in a flash.

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Maybe you should stalk him that would be frightening.

  8. Happy Birthday to Papa!

    I am horrified at the cheekiness of that nut hoarder! Quick, make yourself a tin foil hat so they can't read your mind!


  9. Happy Birfday to your PaPa.

    Now about this Tree Rat situation I am just STUNNED.. This is hideous and horrid. I had no Idea that tree Rats could STALK US. Now I'm gonna be afraid to even go down the road.
    We need to bann together and come up with a PLAN.

  10. Happy birfday to your papa!

    Your case sounds like Pip could help you!! He is a detective you know!


  11. I agree wivs above this soounds like a job for Pip and Miss Josie if evver there was one, it could be worse tho yu could be inubdated wivs bilge rats they evven worse
    Your furiend
    x x x

  12. Happy Birfday PaPa!!!!!!!! Youe tells him fur me Zona!
    I personally would likes to know bouts them cheek inplants too.
    BUT, I sees dis is too alarming of a situation to be concerned bout inplants. I thinks da FBI needs to be involved cuz I has noticed some of my beers is missing and I thinks da squirrels has stolen them.


  13. We hope your PaPa had the bestest birfday ever! And like I always say, squirrels are EVIL!

  14. First, Happy, Happy Birthday to your PaPa! I likes his face. He looks like he would totally gives you lots of treats. Maybe even lobster!

    Now, abouts your stalker. Well, I'm just all shivery here abouts this most recent turn of events. I can't believes your furends got suckered in by him! Between this and Tank's unfortunate knee-capping episode arranged by SQUIRRELS, it seems that they are getting more and more bold. What can be done? Maybe we could notify the Office of Homeland Security. I think they would be most interested in these shift characters.

    Concerned Wiggles & WAgs,

    PeeS. Um, let me know if you DO find out where you can get cheek implants, okay?

  15. happy Birthday to your Papa!! Im sure he would LOVe you!

    Stalkers... we have those here too but we teach them a lesson and they still keep coming back?! Sorry your buddies were tricked - just buy them a beer and let them know the truth! Good Luck!

  16. Woof! Woof! Happy Birthday to your Papa. Looking great for 85 ... hope he had the lobster. Just got back from the backyard n chased all the squirrels. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    FYI: Just emailed your mama. Woof! Woof!

  17. miss zona,
    okie dokie, let's woof about the happy stuff first! happy happy happy belated birthday to your papa!! he is lookin' grrreat for 85! so did he pick the lobster or the fish?? you can't leave us hangin' like that! teehee.
    now that stalker squirrel is a total weirdo. just make sure you keep your distance. one look at its beady little eyes let me know that it might be crazy enough to jump on you or somethingie like that. egads!

    the booker man

  18. Happy Birthday to PáPá! Today is my boys' birthday!

    Sorry to hear about your stalker.

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Papa! I hope you made him a great big cake!

  20. Happy Birthday to your papa!

    He looks like khwite the pawty animal!

    Too bad woo khan't get him to eskhape The Blast Furnace!

    Nice animal stalkers!




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