Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The One with the Chess Nuts

It's that time of year!

The pool has settled in for winter.

And the chess nuts are arriving.

Haha.. not really. The first year this is what I thought and boy was that embarrassing. When mom said they'd be falling out of the tree soon, I was a bit... umm.. freaked. You know how shy I am around people and imagining them falling out of my trees was a bit too much!

Let me show you what really happens. Are you ready?

Okay, this way.

Okay look up.... see that tree?

It's a chestnut tree and is LOADED with nuts packaged in the prickliest of packages.

As fall gets closer, the packages start to turn from green to brown and open up...

Dropping shiny brown chestnuts to the grass below.

My job is to help mom find all of these little treasures.

A lot of times the entire prickly package falls to the grass.
Look at this one... triplets!

Little Phoeny helps too. Even more than I do actually!

Cali mostly supervises. She likes to watch mom collect the chestnuts from the pricklies. Mom will sometimes yelp when she gets poked so Mama Bear Cali wants to be close in case mom needs her. Phoenix and I find it a little silly actually. If it hurts, why are we collecting these things?

My nemesis obviously doesn't mind the pokiness! Here's a half eaten nut.

He will even sit on the edge of my sandbox and chow down... right where he knows we can watch him from the sliding glass door. That little devil.

Look at all of these... and they were just from today!


  1. hello zona!

    thanks for the comment! what a great little chestnut finder you are! such great helpers for mom, i bet she loves it. so glad to be your furfriend, can't wait to read more about your Fall adventures!


  2. When I was a little Girl, I loved going to my great-grandmothers house to pick Chestnuts, I can remember picking buckets full! We Love the Fall. Have a Great Night!

  3. Those chess nuts remind momma of New York City on a cold evening near Rocka Fella Center
    Benny & Lily

  4. Zona,

    You is so sweets to helps your momma picks up da chestnuts. My mom says she wishes we had a chestnut tree in our back yard...all we has is oak trees AND lots of acorns..yuk!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. Boy, those chestnuts look dangerous. Make sure one of the prickly shells doesn't hit you in the head. Maybe you should devise some kind of trap for your nemesis using those prickly shells!

    Your pal Pip

  6. Wowie Zona you three really have a grrrreat crop of those chess nut thingys. Will you tell us how you keep them and how you like to eat them. I hope that... Shiver.... squirrel gets GAS from stealing your foodables.

  7. wowsers, miss zona! look at all of those chestnuts! your post was super educational cuz i've nevarrr seen chestnuts up close like that before. they are cool lookin' in their little prickly packs...too bad it kinda hurts to touch them, though! oh, and GRRRR to that stoopid squirrel tormenting ya'll. i hope he gets bopped on the noggin' by one of those fallin' chestnuts. wouldn't that be so totally funny? HEEHEE.

    the booker man

  8. Those chestnuts seem to not want to be eaten with all that prickly stuff. Watch out for your toes.


  9. I am wishing I could taste one of those! Your mom must be so thankful for all your help!


  10. Will there be a post with The One With The Open Fire?


  11. Hehehehe...Khyra's comment just craaaacked me uuuup! Hers a hoot!
    anyways, them dang rodents eats my pecans too!
    I've nevers seen a chestnut tree, I don't think!
    You girls are gonna haves your work cut out dis time of year...either laughing at your mom stepping on da procklies or protecting da crop from da nemesis.


  12. Cool post! I don't have a chestnut tree in my yard. That would be so neat!

  13. Those Chess nuts look sorta dangerous! Looks like they might kinda hurt going down!

  14. What a good helper you are. We wouldn't like to step on those pricklies - ouchie!!! So does Mom make something special with those cool chestnuts?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. BOL, We have never seen a chesnut tree here. WOW yall are going to be super busy helping your mom! They look yummy though nom nom.

  16. Zona
    How cool! Youw vewy own chestnut twee..the closest I get to see them is on a chestnut cawt aftew they have been woasted on the stweet..I love the smell, and Mommi shawes
    smocchie kisses

  17. Very interesting... I'm curious about your nemesis though. Does he live alone or does he have his own pack?

  18. Oh, gosh, Zona! I just LUVED this postie cuz I learned so much. I didn't know that those chestnuts came in prickly packages. I think you all are Most Wonderful for helping your mom pick them up. But I can't believe your nemisis is eating YOUR chestnuts! Oh, he MUST be stopped!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  19. Is your nemesis a squirell? I have a nemesis squirell. He thinks he can come in MY backyard!

    I hope your mom makes lots of yummies for you with those chess nuts!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  20. You are so lucky to have your own chestnut tree, we have to go out in the car for miles to find just one tree, and hope the dam squirrels don't get them first!
    See Yea George xxx

  21. Hi Zona,
    We came to know of you from our friend Bookerman thought we should come and say 'Hello'.
    You have a very interesting bloggie here. We really enjoyed learning about chess...err...chestnuts today especially because we haven't really seen them growing on trees like that.
    Hope we can be friends.
    buddy n ginger


  22. I didn't know that those chestnuts came in prickly packages. Interesting!

    How nice of you to help your mama pick them all up. Sorry the squirrels like to steal them from you. Maybe one will fall down and hit them in the head one day. Then you won't have to worry about them anymore.

  23. Oh is 'dat cool!! lots of work 'dose!! We's need nap just from watching all 'dat!! hee hees!!!

    Our Mommy is such a nerd that she wants to paint them... she paints acorn.. hold on..


    Okays... so hers paints acorns and pinecones and decorates 'da house wits all 'da junks...
    hers nut ball... snorts..
    maybe one of 'dem tings hit hers on head!!

    ha ha!!

    Ut ohs.. she's coming... .k bye..

    'da Josie

  24. Zona
    Wow wee we'd make a good pair... U have chestnuts roasting on a open fire and i have the jingle bell. We'll for sure make santa's good list

  25. wow guys thats a lot of chestnuts, aren't you very good helping your mom collect them? ill have to go look for some of my own, i love collecting chestnuts, do you guys wanna come help me find some? :)

    Jenny :)



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