Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The One with All the Spying

I'm pretty much a bowl is half full type of doggie. I get that from my mom. But what I'm about to tell you is a bit negative.

As you know, there has been a lot of talk around blogville about network nanny cameras - SPY cameras. I am here to tell all of my DWB furends to stop these plans in their tracks!! When my mom first talked about getting the camera, I thought it was so we could spy on my nemesis, as he spies on me.

As hard as it may be to believe, this was not the case. Not ONCE has she turned the camera on him. It's always on us!!

Photos courtesy of nanny-spy-cam.
It's even caught mom a time or two. Here she is with Phoeny working on her work computer AND my laptop.

And with Phoenix again - who I believe was dictating her Christmas list at the time.

This next exhibit is slightly embarrassing but I am presenting this as evidence AGAINST spy cams... you never know what your camera will catch you doing! (I did warn Sarge that I was a bit of a lap dog. I hope he's not appalled!)

We've had this eye in the sky spying on us for so long, there's even a picture of us all crammed into the old recliner with Ginger at our feet!

Sure, mom sold me (and papa) on it because it would be a great way to check in on our aging sister, Ginger. (And my nemesis, the squirrel, so I thought!)

And when Ginger's seizures started, this was pretty much the only way papa was able to get mom out of the house.

The four of us, including the elusive Cali Bear!!
I can't begin to tell you what a damper this has put on our weekday adventures. We are constantly rescheduling poker tournaments and dogs only happy hours.

I can't open the baby gate to take a walk around downstairs without having to take a peek to see if the camera is spying on me. I can't nap in my crate by papa's chair without that thing whirling down to look at me through the plants. It's no way to live.

Phoenix tried to disconnect it one time to put it up outside for my nemesis.. but it caught her in the very act!!

Mom even convinced Aunt Katie to get one of these spy machines for my cousins!!

They've caught Molly stealing socks!

Pretending their napping until the camera light goes off.

Modeling for the infamous Christmas photo.

Getting caught "Cali-Style" - that's not right.
(Notice I didn't include her face to protect her dignity.)

When I wait for my friends to show up for a late night game of darts downstairs, I feel that beady black camera eye staring at me.

She even hooked me up with my OWN camera... click here for that post.

It was fun at first but it was getting out of control so... it died a sudden death. Oops...

I'm not telling you this for your condolences. I'm telling you this so you can help stop this nanny cam movement!!

PSA ajourned.

Note: These photos were made possible by the Panasonic BL-C30 Wireless Network Camera, which live feeds are accessible through the Internet with assigned user names and passwords. (Mom is making me tell you she loves it and it's VERY user friendly.)


  1. I don't like this one bit. Is there a petition I can sign?

  2. Wow!! We are NOT letting Mom see this. She'll go run out and get one right away. Her and Dad are always talking about how they wonder what we do all day... well, it's none of their bees-wax. Ya know?
    ~Milly and Shelby

  3. I am highly against cameras, for obvious reasons.

    And Puddles eyeshadow is definitely suspicious.

    If you see anything glowing, let me know.

  4. Oh dis is redonkulous! I thinking da peoples been around too much uranium...they gonna be glowing soon.
    Howevers, my mum would loooooove would haves caught me doing many many many many many many many many many many many many many things. I should prolly stop theres.
    Uh was I at dat poker game by any chance.
    Did Cali's muzzle REALLY change colors from da plastics???????


  5. I think that would be great! Then Beth could see how naughty my little sister Ozabella is sometimes!

  6. Hi Zona,

    Thanks for your concern over our raccoon problem. Yes, they are eating our tomatoes and seem to be making regular appearances in our alley. They are quite large - bigger than me! I am no longer allowed in the backyard at night because my mom thinks they might not be so nice to me! Hopefully, they will be on their way soon ...

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Oh Zona!!
    'da Josie agrees wits yous 100 and 87%'s!!!
    'dis is nutty!! My brothers is turning into a nut pies and he's out sides as we speaks settin' ups for tonights show tunes!! Okay's.. IzZY was on 'da roof late last nites and took downs 'dat spy wares, but Anakin put on's his OverAlls and got his red hammertimes and pounded aways out deres all afternoons!!
    'dis interrupted my Josie nap times!! He's crazy and he also boughts doggie duloclax too's??
    He's loosing its..

    We's glad yous did 'dis post.. 'da madness must be stopped and speaking of madness, I's don't need my vision works to tell Puddles 'dat hers eye shadows bit rodeo clowns...

    If's we's had 'da spy wears insides yous may or may not see couchPugtatoes!!

    'da Josie

  8. Aiiiiiiiieeeeeee what MADNESS IS THIS?????? It MUST be brought to a HALT incessessently!! We can not pawmit this to go even 87 inches FURther!!! PEE on that thingy... OFTEN!!
    Poop on it if you can!!!
    PeeS... Sarge LOVES a Lap Dawg... I'm just sayin'. AND... yes YES YES you could have SARGE put on that pendant...
    NOW... you all run to the water bowl and start Lapping up some Ammunition!!!

  9. Hmmm. We don't have one of those. I don't think that anyone here could figure out what to do with it, so we might be safe. Maybe. But I do want to say that I'm in solidarity with you. This is an invasion of privacy that must not be tolerated.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  10. Yikes, we had no idea about these horrible things. We aren't going to let the Momster see this post, OK?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. It would khatpture me being khute - fur sure!

    PeeEssWoo; Honk when woo get khloser - I'll release some phloof!

  12. Yegads! Dad said he wanted one of those to watch the bird nest outside the kitchen window. Now I know what he's really up to! We four dogs have a pact that nobody ever tells so nobody ever gets in trouble! I have to pull the plug on this plan of his!


  13. Zona,

    There is still one littlem boy, that hasn't been named yet unless somebody has already told Frankie.

    Sarah..Mona's Mom

  14. Oh my word spy cameras what next!! We think you just gave mom some ideas...
    Benny & Lily

  15. Hmmm... You could knock down the telephone poles, thus knocking out power to the neighborhood, thus bringing down the internet and the spycam. Nah, too hard.

    Can't you simply "trip" over the darned thing's plug? You're a dog for heaven's sake. Dogs do that all the time. You trip over the plug, wrap your leg in the wiring, the unit comes crashing to the floor, and poof. It's broken. They buy a new one, you do it again.

    Or - I've seen this on TV, so I know it works - spray paint the lens. Yeah, it works all the time on crime shows!

  16. That is my fate pretty soon Miss Zona. My mom wanted me to talk to your mom and see what kind of camera you guys had. I think I see mom googling that panasonic thingy right now. YIKES! I better start practicing being good.


  17. Good thing our mommy doesnt use that! We would be in alot of trouble if she knew what we were up to all day!

    Fred and Haylie

  18. Lol, big brother is watching you. If I was you I give them somehing to watch, maybe some folk dancing of fox troting.
    See Yea George xxx

  19. I've always wondered what my chi's do all day when I'm not around. But I'd have to get a camera for every room in the house and that'd be a little too spendy. Plus I think for the most part they just sleep.

    When I worked at the bank, they had cameras EVERYWHERE! I often wondered what they caught us doing.

  20. Hi Zona! It's nice to meets you!!! I have been following you now for a little while! Your so purty!




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