Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The One After the V-E-T

Today was a full day. We headed into the city to visit Dr. Mitchell.

As you can see, we were anxiously awaiting her arrival.

Watching the door from her post under the bench,
Cali LOVES being under things!

Okay... some of us were anxiously awaiting her arrival.
I won't name names but someone was rather bored.

It was a pretty quick visit.

Despite fall allergies kicking in, Cali's lungs sound great! We're still keeping her on natural supplements for her mild arthritis, which is also good news! Dr. Mitchell even said that Cali looks amazing and doesn't look her age, which is nine. Mom told her to stop aging and I guess she did! She did get a little lecture on watching her figure. She was nice and trim in the spring (a first!) but the summer heat has had her less active so this fall it will be lots of chase and hiking! It's important for all of us to be within our healthy weight range but especially important for Miss Cali. Not carrying around that extra weight will improve both of her health issues: arthritis (not so much weight on those joints) and asthma (less fat around her lungs and organs). But despite the few extra pounds, her lungs sound perfectly clear!! GREAT news!

Phoenix skated by with a routine exam. She didn't even need any vaccines! Though it was probably the worst for her because she got carsick going there AND coming home. Poor baby. Her picture says it all... "Ughhh...."

I got my Lepto booster. Mom is a bit crazy about not over vaccinating us but this one is a necessity where we live. Then we turned our attention to my muzzle. We've tested for mange a couple of times before and it's always negative. We've done smears to check for bacteria and yeast - negative. We've evicted some hookworm hitchhikers who can cause localized itchiness. Nose - clear. Teeth and mouth - clear. Looking at my chart, I flare up in March and September, like clockwork. Prime pollen time. So.. we're thinking that's the problem. Considering the circumstances and relatively mild nature (compared to Cali), Dr. Mitchell didn't think the allergy panel was necessary.

I have a new allergy medicine regimine for these peak months and some natural solutions for the rest of the year. I came home with a topical spray (I hope she doesn't spray it right on my face!!), special face wash and a new supply of allergy pills.

I also came home with a short dose of steroids. You thought I ran fast before? Now I'll be juiced up and you won't even see me pass you!!! I'll be so---- wait--- mom just told me that's not what they're for - something about my itchies and getting them under control quickly.


This stuff is pretty much all for me! Though I'll share the Panacur. We're going to get quarterly treatments thanks to our penchant for tasting the culinary delights left behind by our various visitors here at The Park.

While mom and Dr. Mitchell got caught up and scheduled a visit and potential hike, I was getting an innocent pedicure and was taken on a nice long walk. I was anxious to get back to mom though so I didn't understand why there was such a long wait outside. When we FINALLY got inside, the rubber glove came out and I realized what they wanted from me but it was too late. I was violated. AND they stole from me. It was a disgrace. Apparently, they HAD to have a sample. I bet they're going to sell it on eBay and make tons of green papers. Isn't that what two leggers do when they get things from famous folks?

Anyhow... it was HOT here today. I had to look twice at the calendar. Take a look at the weather station...

100°! It's Northern Virginia in late September! Crazy! It's supposed to cool off for the weekend. We won't be here but I think Wally & Stella will appreciate the reprieve. Speaking of which, I'm off to make my packing list and get ready for tomorrow. You know what tomorrow is, right???


  1. Oh my we are glad you are healthy!


  2. It looks like a great visit fur woo!

    Paws khrossed fur the ikhky nose issue to heal -

    As fur the weather, oh yes! We were into the lower 90's this afternoon - as soon as we stepped out fur our late morning walk, we khould SO tell our khooler weather had gone away ;-(


  3. Zona!!!

    I missed you so much girlfuriend! I am so sorry dat you has the itchies too. :( We is expecting hot weather up here in NY too...bummer.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  4. Woof! Woof! Allergies is no FUN ... that's lots of medicine. Sending you my Golden healing thoughts for the itches to go away. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Good VET visit... if good and vet can even be put into the same comment...
    Wow.. you and Sarge would be brown Streaks if you could ever get together to ... ZOOM !!!
    One Hundred for you...
    We are on our Third 90 PLUS degree day. It will be the same Tomorrow and Friday.. That will break the all time RECORD for 90 degree days in September!!! No darned wonder we are having these tornadoes.. (they just had one in the Columbus area three hours ago).
    I dread to think what this means is coming in January and Feb..
    Hope all the meds. help all of you with the itchies.

  6. Hey Zona Girl!
    Glad the vet trip was okay. Allergies are a pain but at least they're treatable and everyone is all fine. You are super duper fast and I love the pix of your speedy self!
    Grr and an affectionate Woof,

  7. Good doc visits are the best. My Lily knows all about that allergy stuff
    Benny & Lily

  8. miss zona!
    YAY for everythingie at the V-E-T going a-okay! i'm sorry you get poked with the rubber glove, though. can't a doggie have a little personal space?? sheesh! anywho, i hope your new meddies make your schnoz feel better. oh, and i so know about those steroid thingies! they give me the munchies and make me have to peeeeeeeeee.
    it's hotter at your house than at mine in south carolina! it was 95 here. craziness!

    the booker man

  9. The Booker Man is right, get ready for lots of trips out to pee - but those 'roids do help the itchies a lot. Hope all the meds get things under control.

    Sorry about your hot weather, it must have come from our way - it has been hot and sticky here this week, but get ready, some cooler temps for us over the weekend.

    Glad the vet visit was such a good one overall.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. Whoowee! That sure is hawt, Zona! I hopes it cools down there real soon.

    Now, abouts your V.E.T. visit. If you wants me to buy your, um, sample from ebay so it doesn't fall into the wrong paws, you just lets me know. I'm here for you, girlfurend.

    BUTT...I'm very much glad everything else checked out okay and good luck with getting rid of your itchies. Be careful, though, cuz that's a whole lotta medicine and we wouldn't want you to gets addicted and have to go into rehab with Lindsay Lohan's dog or anything.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. That was hot! Whew! I thought ninety degrees here yesterday was bad.

    I'm glad you got the vet visit overwith and it's not something serious wrong with your nose.


  12. What kind of natural supplements does Cali take for arthritis? I have a bit of arthritis myself - mostly just in the winter.

    Your pal, Pip

  13. Oh Zona I was thinking bout dis VET visit. I'm glad all is okie dokie and you gots you some drugs to takes care of all dis...personally, beer does da trick fur me though...hehehehe!
    Mum was all worried bout da mange (hers never thought about it until her read some of da comments).


  14. Glad evfuryone had a good visit!!

    It's hot here too!! Not as hot as yous, butt pretty hot for 'dis time for us's our in planet pug!! snorts!!

    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

  15. hee hee... over in planet pug!!

    we's started drinking IzZY'z mint Juleps!!!

  16. Hi Zona
    Glad you puppers are doing ok. So sorry you were violated. Hope you don't get
    Ruby & Penny



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