Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The One with the Surfing Rainbow

Things at the beach have been pretty mellow! We mostly hang out inside or under our awning during the day since it's so hot. This is Phoenix after a mid-morning stroll.

We do take interesting walks in the morning and evenings though. We even found a dog that ran away earlier today! That always makes you feel good! Though I guess technically she found us. I think my two leggers have a "lost doggie" magnet on them or something! Her brother was still missing as of this morning but I hope they found him by now. It's hot out there!!

On Monday afternoon, while fishing, we saw this rainbow over the ocean! You can click on the photos to make them bigger. (Again, mom was using the pocket camera so photos aren't that great in this post.)

Crazy HIGH tide coming in again!

Papa's box kite... or something like that... This was last night.

We didn't go to the beach last night since mom wasn't sure how high the tide would be and since I'm not 100% convinced that kites are safe. She was glad we were hanging out in the Airstream. Mom got annoyed with crazy dog walking two leggers at the beach, just like I predicted she would. I'm just surprised it took until TUESDAY! Too bad all doggie pawrents can't be like our Dogs with Blogs pawrents, right?

By the way, for those keep track - ONE WEEK until my Aunt Katie arrives from the Blast Furnace as Khyra's would say! Not only that, that same day is Cali's 9th Birthday!!!! Pawty time!!

PeeS: I'm still having trouble getting onto some of your blogs since my connection is only so-so. I leave comments when I can but I promise to catch up with everyone on our drive home Saturday!


  1. Kites ARE evil! Stay far away from them! We even have kites that have peoples attached to them. Can you believe that? We won't go anywhere near those ones.

    Sam and Pippen

  2. Beautiful. Keep your paws crossed paw will catch a fish
    Benny & Lily

  3. Would you just LOOK at those cute speckled feeties... and in case you missed the fact that they are CROSSED... just follow the tail and it will take you to the major points of interest!!!
    My mom is all peed off. She LOVES those Kite thingys and wishes she was there to watch your dad fly the boxer kind. She has had dozens and dozens of kites... since she was a pup, butt she says... never a boxer. I think if she wants a boxer on a string.. she should go take Mayzie Gal for a Walk. hehehe
    You have had such a beautiful place to do your resting and relaxing.
    I hate for you to go home to .... well, you know what kind of mess Puddles and her crowd must have left for you. hehehe

    love the beach pics~!! :D


  5. Ok, first we love your crossed paws - so cute!! And oh, we think those kite things look like bad news - we haven't seen one before but it just seems like it is not a good thing for dogs or cats!

    And well, we can't blame your mom for getting mad at the bad dog parents - it is frustrating to see those things!!

  6. Oh! I love the picture of the rainbow over the water! I once saw a double rainbow over the ocean. It was the coolest and...Gah! I sound like that guy
    on you tube!

    Anyway...Cool pictures!

  7. Phoenix,
    I LUVS your crossed cutes! I has never been to the oceans, it looks so beootiful theres. Mom and dad go all the time BUT they never takes me with them. :(

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. Yes, dog blogger pawrents are waaaay better dog walkers than all non-dog blogger pawrents combined!
    Zona, I can't believe you went on vacation without me! Next time, can I come along? My mom said she's crazy about Airstreams and wants an invite too....she also said she wants to see pictures of the inside of the Airstream b/c she says she can travel "vicariously" with your mom....whatever that means...BOL!

  9. She sure has some talent to cross her paws like that!

    I've been enjoying your pictures so much, I'm kind of sad that you'll be leaving the beach. I hope you have lots of happy memories to take with you!


    P.S. That must have been some party Puddles had at your place, since she must have passed out for several days there. She's saying it was a computer virus, but we all know Puddles!

  10. What a cool rainbow. All the pictures are fantastic, but the best might be the crossed paws. They're so adorable.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  11. I like that rainbow, just a hint of one.

    Our local Parks & Rec used to sponsor a kite day which was always fun. If you didn't have a kite, they'd give one to you. I think it was really supposed to be more for kids but there were lots of adults there flying kites too. It was fun to go for a few hours and look at them all but they haven't done it for the last few years. Probably the economy, I'm guessing. They probably don't have the money for the kites.

  12. The khrossed paws!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks fur sharing the rainbow pikhs!

    We feel like we are living in my Auntie Di's blastfurnace WITH humidity added fur extra enjoyment!


  13. Love the pictures! Those lil paws crossed was so sweet! What an awesome day you had!

    Fred and Haylie

  14. What fun!

    And those footsies....CUTE!

  15. We are always on the lookout for dogs that appear lost as well and carry leashes and cookies with us in the mastiff mobile at all times.

    The beach looks both totally fun and totally exhausting.




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