Saturday, August 28, 2010

The One with No Bears

It was a busy day here! The two leggers were buzzing about doing lots of chores. That makes for an exhausting day for me since I have to supervise. You know how it is! So when we finally took a rest on the couch, we browsed through the 450 pictures from earlier in the month taken by the wildlife camera we have in the yard.

My friend Lisa, the Crazy Cat Lady, has one and has been capturing photos of bears!!

Picture stolen from courtesy of Lisa's Sassy Cat Hill blog.
Thanks, Lisa!!
While cool, this freaks my mom out. We never see any bear activity down here at our end of the neighborhood but mom wondered if maybe we're just missing it! So out came the camera.

"Is this thing on??"
We started it at the top of the hill.
No bears.

We moved it down to the apple trees.
Still no bears but it did capture papa moving the Airstream!
Still no bears. (Mom is happy about this!)
Though we did get a trio of nightly visitors
while we were at the beach.
And then a picture of us getting home from the beach!
And papa mowing the lawn.
And stealing apples.
But still no bears!
Only our overnight/early morning guests,
also stealing apples.
Phoenix was curious about the
scent they leave behind!
That perfume only means one thing...
An evening shot with apples...
And gone by the first picture during the daylight!
Back for more.
And now learning a new trick!
"Now how did she do it again?"
"Got it!!"
"Oh my word!! Is that a CAMERA spying on me?!?"
I'm wondering if they'll be back for more.
There are lots more apples...
YEP! She's back!
I wonder what the camera has captured this last week. The card should be filling up again! I hope it didn't snap a picture of me doing anything... embarrassing.


  1. Surely if your mom caught you doing something embarrassing on the camera, she wouldn't put it up for everybody to see! Um, Puddles doesn't have access to your camera, does she?


  2. Mom wants to set up a stealth cam so she can see what we do while she's at work... talk about embarrassing photos!

    Sam and Pippen

  3. We are going to have to break down and get one of these wildlife cameras with all of the great pictures we see.

  4. Hey you three are gonna end up with a Pooping Puddles Picture if you aren't careful.
    OOOORRRRR getting caught rolling in deers poops.. and have to take a baff. NOT good.
    I think it is funny that your Papa got caught stealing apples. hehe

  5. Great pictures. That is a very smart deer.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  6. I just fed your fish. I like them because they're all different colors.

    It looks like you have a huge backyard!

    Those are some pretty cool pictures. I never thought to set something like that up in mine. I'd probably just get shots of my dogs doing their business and squirrels running across the top of my fence.

  7. How cool is that!!! We are glad you didn't see any bears but the deer were fun to see. Hopping apple-picking deer - so funny!

    Thanks for sharing your wildlife cam finds.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. What great shots of the deer and at least they clean up after themselves!! Following from the blog hop. Come visit us:

  9. You have very talented dancing deers....our don't dance at all!

  10. You would NEVER do anything embarrassing - I just know it! Me on the other hand....
    Those deer sure are pretty.

  11. OMD!!! That is 'da funniest/cutest ting evfur!! hee hees...

    In 'da winters.. 'da 'prolly will fly?? snorts!!

    Mommy tells Daddy she wants to get camera for us's..whatever.. Anakin always gets harassed by a chipmunk in 'da backyards wit a big A on a red sweater??

    Yeah rights.. we's believe 'dat when we see its..

    'da Josie



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