Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The One with the Late Post

I think I need a new assistant. I wrote this post yesterday afternoon and, after approving, she hit SAVE instead of publish. What am I going to do with her??

We got some sad news confirmed at her appointment just before we left so I guess I'll forgive her. This time. Miss Ginger must have her paws full with not one but two tiny angels. The sad news is why we left for the vacation early so I guess there is a silver lining to this whole ordeal. I'm glad we can all heal together at one of our favorite places - THE BEACH!

Meanwhile, I present to you, yesterday's post... today!! Tada!!!


Greetings from the road!!

Yes, I sit like this for hours in the car. And, yes, it is comfortable! Well... it's comfy for me. Not as much for Cali who gets a lot less seat than I do.

Phoenix sits in her princess bed in the front by mom's feet. She sometimes gets carsick so she has a bunch of hospital chux under her bed. She might not need them anymore though! It's been awhile since she's been sick or needed "the pill." Mom even shares her special car blanket with her since the front gets so cold. (Such diva treatment!)

Sometimes she drives - must be a doxie thing.

See that teeny tiny driver in the front seat?
After awhile we stopped to stretch our legs.

The smells were so interesting! There was lots of pee mail to read.

Too soon we were back on the road. Just after we crossed the border...

... we got to see this stunt plane practicing.

Now we're about an hour away from our home for the next week and a half! Cali's tail has been wagging for the last half hour. She LOVES the sea air!


After we arrived and got set up, we walked down to the beach. It was dark already and there were small groups of people up and down the beach with doggies and camp fires. We were so happy to finally be here! We checked the temperature of the water and sat down to just relax for awhile.

Until... on my least favorite things list... fireworks. Egad! As everyone but me will tell you, they were very quiet; maybe as loud as a car horn Cali says. But that was a scary car horn.

I concede it only happened three times and about 15 minutes apart but boy did that put a damper on my evening. I felt better after climbing onto papa's lap. A sixty pound Shepherd-mix in her papa's lap at the beach is not that weird if you ask me! But, even so, I hope Sarge doesn't read this.

We just finished breakfast and are about to go for a stroll! Our Airstream friends will arrive Friday so I'm anxious to check everything out so I can show them all the great smelly places! More to follow...

Oh yeah... hope you're all having fun at the pawty at my house! Puddles is housesitting and Wally & Stella told me that cases of beer have started to arrive. Save me one?


  1. Zona.... Sarge says.... HI THERE. I have pics too. After I get off my GROUNDING

  2. WAAAAAAAAAAAAIT....hold up girlfuriend. WHO got bad news and what is da news and what da heck you talking bout....Heeeeeello, did I miss sumptin? You kreakin me out here!!!!!!
    Oh yea, it bes a doxie thing. We are so very multitalented. You just wouldn't believes da things we can do.
    I think there is nuttin wrong withs a 60 pound doggie in a lap. Then again I am a dog but hoomans may think it weird...they don't know too much anyway.
    Now, bout these birds you got. Ummmmmm...does they happen to likes to play Cops and Robbers? I figured since I wanted to chase them we could make a game of it.


  3. I hear ya. I really do need a new secretary/servant too.
    We hope the news wasn't too bad...

  4. Hey Zona! You look so good, girl. Great pix of you traveling and sniffing the sights on your vacation. Wish I could go looks like such fun. I hope you enjoy your get-away, but I sure hope you'll be back in time for our wedding date! :)
    Grr and Woof,

  5. My boys were sad to hear they weren't invited to the pawty happening at your house while your away. I tried to tell them they wouldn't always be invited everywhere but they didn't want to hear it.

    I'm so sorry that you got some bad news. Whatever it is, I hope it doesn't ruin the vacation.

  6. We are sorry you had some sad news - we hope everything is going to be OK. Hugs to all of you.

    And now we hope you can have fun at the beach. Someday we all hope to find out what a beach is like. Mom says it is a lot of fun but too far for us to drive:(

    Woos ~ The OP Pack

  7. We have had the same thing happen at our house - good help is hard to find. But if there was sand news then well, we think it is forgivable. We hope it is not too sad - and we are glad that you at least got to go somewhere to try and get cheered up!

  8. im a little confused w/ puddies poo--bad news?? sorry, i think i just didn't sleep enough and i didn't read that part right??

    looks like you all had some good fun~!! :)
    heehee--loved the tiny driver in the front seat part~!! :D


  9. Sorry about the bad news, I got a little confused to, anyways have a great week and gald you got there safe. Even tho them fire works went off, dam nasty things.
    See Yea George xxx

  10. Ohy did I hear pawty? Great pictures. Don't assistants know jobs are hard to come by these day. No more slackin. Hope all is well
    Benny & Lily

  11. Ok. We are confused, too about the bad news. Hope everything will be ok! Enjoy your vacation!!
    ~Milly and Shelby

  12. I am really sorry abouts your sad news, too. I hope whatever it is changes for the better. And if it can't, I hopes that all your hearts begin to heal soon.

    Gosh, I know I've said it before but I REALLY wish we had a moving house. Really, really, REALLY! It looks like you're gonna have so much fun (except for the fireworks thing - sorry abouts that).

    Oh, I haves a question. Wally and Stella told us that they sleeps in your pawrents' bed all the time. And that they gets breakfast in bed every day. But do you know if they are allowed to have chocolate milk?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  13. I must bark that you do not look comfy in the back seat but if you say you are comfy then I will just have to believe you! I sit in weird positions when I ride with my parents...sometimes I sit on the floor...can you imagine?
    Hey, are you interested in hosting the THANKFUL FUR THREE THURSDAY again? You did such a pawsome job last week so I'm just checking in....Daisy

  14. Hi Zona - enjoy the beach with your family. Sounds like you all need some quiet time to heal! Take care!

    Your pal, Pip

  15. Blog Mom and I think we understand about the sad news. We think it's connected to the surprise that isn't happening just now and if it's what we think we're really sorry and we hope the vacation helps everyone to heal. Leaving early on vacation was probably a genius idea. Did you think of it yourself, Zona? I know if anything's going to cheer Mom and Dad up it'll be a vaction with all of you.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  16. I think I know what the surprise was that didn't happen, and we are really very sorry! We're glad that you get to go on your trip a little early, though, and take some time to all be together!

    Morgan is a fifty five pound German Shepherd and she climbs up in Mom's lap all the time, so I don't think your reputation is damaged in the slightest! I'll bet Sarge will enjoy putting his paw around you to make you feel safe, too!


  17. Sorry about the sad news...

    I know trying to make the best of things is a challenge...

    PeeEssWoo: I hope woo pakhked your sunskhreen!

  18. Hi we are new to your blog! Sorry to hear about your bad news and hope you rest up!

    Fred and Haylie



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