Sunday, August 8, 2010

The One with the Flood

So Friday night after I posted a HUGE storm rolled through - LOTS of lightning! Mom's good camera kept fogging up and she was nervous about using it so these photos - actually all of the photos in this post - are from the pocket camera and not too crisp! You might have to use your imagination a little bit!

This is the storm as it got closer.

Luckily we were dry and cozy with the two leggers in the Argosy. Yesterday brought some more of our Airstream friends, sunny skies and a slight cool down. It was still too warm for Cali and Phoenix to go to the beach midday so only I tagged along this time.

I was really curious about these - they were all over the beach! Mom wouldn't let me play with them though. Can you believe that?

There were many little two leggers asking to pet me. I was pretty good but I did get overwhelmed after awhile. I'm still not completely comfortable around crowds but I'm much more open to the idea than when I first found mom and papa. I overheard them saying how proud they were of me and how there was no way they would have considered walking me on a crowded beach just a few years ago. That made me feel good!

When we got back, we ran into a friend of Norwood's.

When he found out we knew him too, he hung around almost all day hoping he'd show up.

He even asked Cali (that furry black blob on the other side of the baby gate) to help him find Norwood.

Phoenix spent a lot of the afternoon on her green pillow letting the A/C fan her while she waited for dinner.

AFTER dinner, the most amazing thing happened. We went for our evening walk on the beach and it was FLOODED. Seeing a sopping wet Yorki walking down the path with her family should have clued us in that something was amiss but we didn't realize it until we crested the dune and saw water EVERYWHERE. It was fantastical!

It was great fun splashing through the ginormous puddles.

Even Phoenix got into the fun!

Mom said something to her about not wanting to hear any grief the next time she needs a bath since she clearly didn't mind getting wet in the sea water. Two leggers just don't get us sometimes!

At times the puddles (caused by a great big storm out at sea) were too deep for the little Phoeny. She stayed on the upper sand area during the deep stretch but Cali LOVED running through this new river to mom and Phoenix and then back through it to me and papa near the ocean waves. She was SOAKED!

Here is a quick video of her running through one last time before she had to put papa back on the leash since the crowds were building again. Everyone wanted to see this strange water pattern.

Click play arrow to view video.

It was a great evening - SO much fun!

Cali and papa went for an early morning walk today and the water had receded but I wonder if it will be like that again tonight?? Paws crossed!

I know this is a super long post but I wanted to thank The Fiesty Three for their wonderful prayer chain idea for all of our friends in blogland who need our thoughts right now. Click here to read all about it.

I also want to thank Miss Mayzie. Mom says that the dogs and cats in blogland are priority to her but that Mayzie was so sweet to include her and papa in her prayer list. As many of you know, I was excitedly awaiting the arrival of not one but TWO little two leggers of my very own. Sadly, mom lost both babies and our hearts are heavy here. Though we have our down moments, we're doing much, much better lately. This is due in no small part to many of you and your gentle support. Thank you!!

Now I'm off to find some more beer! Papa said something about a couple of Carolina Blondes..


  1. What a great day at the beach - you all had lots of fun! We have never been to a beach and we aren't sure if we would like the water, but it would be fun to try.

    We are so very sorry for your loss. There are no words to heal your heartache but know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Hugs from the OP Pack

  2. You sure had an adventure, Zona. It looks very exciting! I'm so glad you all had such a good time. I'm also so glad to see that you're all doing all right. Down moments are not something that can be helped, but if you're starting to heal a bit that's very, very good. I bet that all of you are the best help to your pawrents that there could be. I know Blog Mom says that I made all the difference in her dealing with a very great sadness of her own, and now so is Franklin. We really are their best friends.

    lotsa licks to all of you, Lola

  3. I can't believe that Norwood's furend was trying to climb in with you!!! I guess he has taught all of them some of HIS bad habits. hehehe
    You know how sorry I am that you will have to wait a little longer for a two legger of your own. You be very much kind to your mom and dad right now. OK?

  4. Zona,
    I missed you while I was away. It looks like all of you had so much fun at the beach!!

    Mom and me are so very sorry for you loss, all of you are in out thoughts and prayers.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. Oh, wow! What awesome fun you had on the beach! I don't know if I would be able to contain my excitement. I might have just exploded with a huge case of zoomies!

    We thought that was what had happened, and we are really very sorry that it didn't work out this time. Hopefully one of these days you will have your own two-legged puppies to play with! Be extra nice to your mom and dad!


  6. Hi Zona,

    Please tell your parents how sorry my mom and I are for your loss. My mom says she has been where you are and knows the pain and disappointment. Sometimes it takes a long time, but have faith that it will happen and when it does it will be wonderful!

    Your pal, Pip & Kristin

  7. Pugga Momma here...

    then the pugs will be on...

    I am so sorry for your loss~ My prayers are with you both. You have each other to help heal this pain. You both are kind, caring, people who are very deserving and please keep faith!!


    Hello's 'deres yous fun vacation'ers!! looks likes yous trips was funs and good tings 'da stormy storms didn't takes yous outs to 'da seas!! Yous are cute family.. even 'dose big doggies (snorts... 'dem not be puggies)
    Glad yous had funs!!!

    Big Pug Hugs!!!!
    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  8. Hello Zona!!!

    We's posted an award for yous!!

    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  9. Hi Zona so pleased your having such a great time. That beach flooding weird, I surpose it was nicer water to paddle in, not like that yukie salty stuff.
    See Yea George xxx

  10. If I saw the sky looking like that I would FREAK! You are so brave. Then to go to the flooded beach too! Adventure pups!


  11. Oh Zona My Momma has also been where your Moms is and more than once. It takes time to heal and even though you heal it doesn't mean you have to forgets. My Moms says she carries all her little two leggers that never made it here in a her heart always and she is sure your Moms wills too. Lets her know we is thinking of her and your Pop too and we is carrying you in out heartys too. Momma says fings have a way of working themselves out eventually and to tell you that she did finally gets her two legger and he is nearly 14 now so he is ancient and he scares me cos he is SO very tall and So very very noisy.
    Big luvs and hugs for alls of you
    Molly and Tea ( thats my Momma not the drinking stuff)

  12. We love the idea of a puppy (& Human) prayer chain! THanks for letting us know pretty Zona. And one day when you all get your two legged puppy - it will really be worth the wait!

  13. That sure does look like lots of fun! I'm SOOOOOOO super duper proud of you, Zona, for doing so good on the beach with all those peoples around. I pawsonally know what a big deal it is when you're able to do something that you couldn't do before cuz you were afraid. You're awful lucky to have pawrents who understand you and help you grow and be brave and stuff.

    And when they do have some tiny two-leggers of their own, those little two-leggers are gonna be awfully lucky, too, to haves such Most Wonderful pawrents!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. You asked about how we gots Brudder Ranger's baby picture and that's a LONG story but it comes down to them getting it from Brudder Ranger's breeder's daughter. (Did that make sense?)

  14. Hi Zona and all,

    We've just had a great catch-up feast with all your photos - really wonderful! Gosh, your humans take such great snaps!

    We were sad though to read that your mom lost her little bi-ped puppies, that makes our tails droop and we wish we could give your mom a huge cuddle. We know you'll never forget them and they'll always be in your hearts, we just hope the sadness gets less over time - and one day we hope you'll have some little bi-ped puppies of your own who will use you all as climbing frames!!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  15. Z O N A...... How soon are you gonna get back home??? I heard this awful RUMOR... Well, GOSSIP is what I guess it is... that there was some trouble at your house...
    You know how Puddles SAYS she has a computer virus and stuff... WELL... what is circulating around is that she threw some MAJOR BEERS BASH thingy at your house and she got busted for
    BWI (BarkingWhileIntoxicated) and is REALLY just back in for more... Intervention.
    I don't know if the story is true or not though. It might just be a Blogville Legend.
    Sooooooo I just hoping that you all really like to sleep in your trailer... A LOT... And for a LONG time. I'm just sayin'.

  16. All that puddles to jump around in look fun! I keep hearing thunder so I'm pretty sure we're about to get some rain in a bit. I don't think it's going to be flooding like it did there though.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Nothing I could do or say would heal your heartache but please know that you're in my thoughts and prayers.

  17. you guys look like you had loads of fun on the beach, have a great rest of your holiday,


  18. That sure did look like one nasty storm there!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  19. Oh Zona it looks like it was a very good day at the beach!

    And oh, we are so sorry to learn about your loss - we are sending all of you lots of comforting purrs and prayers and hugs. We know you will take good care of your mom and dad right now.

  20. Zona
    What a wicked storm- cool but scary. Wow. Ummm I'm so glad you found my friend. How'd he get all the way over there. He obviously lost his way and thanks for taking care of him. Wow- he's a big one. Did you put your lips on him? Thanks again! You're the best



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