Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The One with the Business

So much happened while I was away!! So this post is LONG. I mean LONG. You'll probably need a drink break AND a potty break! I promise tomorrow will be a more manageable length. Aunt Katie arrives!!

First and foremost, I want to let my Arizona two-legger friend, Cathie, know that I'm thinking about her and about her two Cocker Spaniel babies, as they mourn the loss of Jamie, a mischievous but loving Cocker girl. Jamie went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. I know her family misses her but I an sure there was a party up there last night as old friends and new welcomed her as she begins her wait for Ms. Cathie!

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Don't forget to check out the auction that JD and Max set up for Shelby! I sent our auction item info off to them yesterday. Since mom is.. well... let's just say she's not reknowned for her skills in the kitchen... I offered up a cook book. It's not just any cookbook. It's a cookbook to teach our two leggers to make all kind of yummy treats for us pups! Check it out! And look at the other items. There are some really great things and all for a great cause - Shelby!! I placed a bid on one of Lola's items, a super cute harness for my little sister.

Another cool thing JD and Max has done is borrowed his mom's green papers to sponsor a doggie for me at Dog's Trust for Paw it Forward!! My sponsored doggie packet arrived while we were at the beach. Check this out! Isn't Jason handsome?? Click on the photos to make them bigger.

Since JD and Max were so generous, I'd love to Paw it Forward! If you'd like to play, please let me know in the comments! I'd like to use my allowance to donate $15 to an animal charity of your choice in your name AND send you a surprise gift! The first two furends that wish to play... are my PIF participants!

I thought of my blogger furends a lot while away. First some of the doggies there looked like some of you and then... there was this...

When I got home, I received an award from Those Elgin Pugs and Sprinkles! Aren't they great?

The rules are:

1) Thank the person who gave you the award.


2) Share 10 things about yourself.

1. I love sleeping in with mom using papa's warm space.
2. I love breakfast, especially with a bit of egg on top as a treat.
3. I love playing in the yard on a warm spring day.
4. I love playing in the snow on a cold winter day.
5. I love playing any day.
6. I love snack time.
7. I hate answering machines.
8. I love my pack.
9. I love dinner and dessert.
10. I love sneaking up to cuddle with papa in his chair.

3) Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and you think are fantastic.

I think all of my blogger furends are fantastical!! But as I looked through blogs I noticed this award seemed to have made the rounds while I was away so… I open this up to everyone!! I think you’re all fantastic so if you haven’t received this award yet, please accept it!!


  1. OH NO! Is that SpongeBob? I think I am going to be sick....I have to go and lay down....

  2. Mom is laughing like crazy over that Spongebob picture! She says she's so sick of hearing about Spongebob at school that she'd enjoy seeing that a great deal.

    That was a very cool Paw It Forward that JD and Max did! They're generous fellows for sure! We've played before, so we'll let somebody else have a shot at it!


    P.S. We're very sorry for Jamie's family!

  3. Our sympathies to your friend and her pakhk -

    What a hunk - that is some eyekhandy on the frig!

    That is a pawesome P-I-F!

    This past Sunday's transport was OUR P-I-F after playing JackDaddy's P-I-F AND celebrating our #900-#902 posts! We asked Jack and The TG to make a donate in our names instead of sending us 'stuff' -

    Khongrats on the award and fur sharing those bits about woo!

    Please khross our paws that Aunt Katie won't be bringing any blast furnace with her!

    Joey and Tanner's mom and dad were in PA last week - Joey said his dad thought he was going to die trying to breath our humidity!

    PeeEssWoo: Poor Remington!

  4. Oh, Zona, honey. That wasn't hardly long at all. Everything you told us was really impawtant!

    Firstly, I am very much sorry abouts your furend who crossed over to the Bridge. Run free, sweet Jamie. Please tell her mom that we're thinking of her.

    And what a Most Wonderful Paw It Forward from JD and Max! Jason really is so very handsome. We just played so we'll prolly lets somebuddy else play this time. I'm excited abouts your auction item. I might have to see if mom will bid on that. I would luvs it if she made us treats!

    Finally, congratulations on your awardie. I luv that you luv playing. I wish we could play together!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  5. hey Girrrl... I'm NOT gonna tell Sarge about you smoooching your fridge furend.. hehehe
    Sooo sorry to hear about a furend of yours crossing the bridge. That is sooooo sad. Congrats on your two awards.
    I know something... hehehe

  6. We are so sorry about your friend's cocker.
    And I bid on your cookybook! I hope I did it right. Mom never lets me go on EBay so I am not sure I know how to bid!

  7. Oh I am so sorry to hears bout Jamie and I send my thoughts and prayers to her family. I know how hard it must be.
    I loves dat idea of a PIF dat JD and Max did...they so thoughtful and caring. And WOW...dat a hot doggie...I mean not a doxie but...never mind. Anyway, he is just beautiful.
    Congrats on your fabulous award...you so deserve it.
    Now, how we suppose to gets to da wedding dis weekend?


  8. Oh Zona~
    Our thoughts and pawrayers are with you and yous furriends family~ we are so sorry to hear about 'da Cocker Spaniel girl Jamie~

    Yous keeping busy wits yous Paw it forwards and Auction for Shelby!! What a great furriends yous are!!

    Congratulations on yous awards!! We's so happy's to haves yous as bloggy furriends!!

    Big Hugs!!
    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

  9. I am sorry to hear about Jamie too...how sad but how nice of you to mention her! I never met her before....poor me!
    Congrats on the award .... you do deserve it fur sure!
    I was wondering if you wanna help host the THANKFUL FUR 3 THURSDAY tomorrow? Maggie Mae is co-hosting w/me also but the more the merrier! I figgered out how to add the right linky so that everybuddy can take it to their bloggies! I think it will be a huge success! You just have to do it the same way you did it before if you are interested.....Daisy

  10. Congrats on your award!

    So sad to hear about Jamie. I didn't know her but I hate to hear about anyone passing over the rainbow bridge.

    You sure got some nice stuffs in your Paw It Forward package. My boys got a Paw It Forward this week too and I posted pictures today.

    I wish I could bid on your mom's cookbook for Shelby. I'm sure it'll bring in lots of money.

  11. Congrats on the award,and that is a very cool Paw it Forward package - we think it is a great idea!

    And we are sending lots of comforting purrs and prayers to Cathie and her family - we are sorry that Jamie had to go to the bridge.

  12. Sorry to hear about your friends dog Jamie, I'm sure your right about a party being up there. Congrats on your award nice to know more about you, and that's a lovely paw it forward gift.
    See Yea George xxx

  13. Hi Zona,

    We're back from the kennels now and are just stating to catch up on everypup's blogs!

    We're so sorry to hear about Jamie - that Rainbow Bridge takes too many pups and kitties, but we reckon the partying and playing and romping that goes on there must be out of this world!

    We're glad you liked our PIF - Jason is such a handsome dude! Thanks for doing such a great post about it! We loved the photos of you touching noses with him on your fridge, so sweet!

    We got this award from a few pals too but have been really bad about posting it - we really must get round to it. We loved reading your list!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  14. miss zona!
    hihi! mama and daddy are finally home so that means i can read bloggies again. yay!!
    welcome back from the beach, too! it looks like ya'll had funsies...well, except for poor spongebob... (i think remington is having a panic attack!)
    i'm sorry to hear about your sweet friend, miss jamie. she is missed for sures, but i am glad that she has many new friendz up at the bridge to keep her company.
    how cool is it that JD and max sent you a sponsor doggie! jason is a way handsome dude! i like that you put his picture on the fridge right at your height so you can give him gooey nose kisses. teehee. are you gonna right him a letter and be penpal doggies??
    the booker man



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