Monday, August 2, 2010

The One with the ARGH!

Wally and Stella were so pleased that my furends asked about their care when we leave tomorrow. My dearest Miss Stacey, who comes to be with us when mom and papa go away without us, will come to take care of those crazy ducks and the house while we're gone. Isn't she the bestest?? We're also super lucky to have our neighbor, who happens to be one of my favorite two-leggers, Lisa the C-C-L come by to check on them when we're only away for a short time. Wally and Stella are lucky ducks for sure!

Now.... you all probably know about LOL Dogs and how usually it's cute or funny. Right?

Exhibit A:
But sometimes I have to pull mom away from the laptop because something on it annoys her to no end. (That's bad.) Like the time they posted a dog most likely having a seizure, which we are very sensitive to at my house, but listed it as a "dreaming" incident. We heard about that for days! This isn't as bad but still got mom riled up.

Exhibit B:

As we're about to head off to the beach during peak season, we are SURE to see some variation of this. It happens almost every time - you may have read about it last summer too! Poor mom practically has to be restrained. She wants to run down the beach and tell those doggie owners what she thinks about their "methods." Perhaps by demonstration, such as dragging them into a pit of snakes. Papa tries to keep her calm - or at least from giving her unsolicited advice. So far it's worked but please cross your fingers mom doesn't get thrown in the ocean this week for trying to help some scared doggie.

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  1. How come I can't come take cares of da ducks? And your house...wink, wink...hahahaha! Oh never mind, I knows why.
    I couldve swore dat bottom pikture was Mayzie. We all know hers don't likes da water...then again, NEITHER do I.
    Okays, I know how your mom is...remembers dat from an email. However, thankfully your papa will be theres to restrain...I mean to calm her down. Dad always tells my mum it ain't none of her business BUT when it comes to mistreatment of animals her makes it her business...can't believes mum hasn't gotten arrested yet...hehehe!


  2. Yuh, we saw that seizure movie dog and got really mad and felt sad for the poor doggie. Sometimes peoples are really mean with their puppies and others laugh. Not right.

    A live in substitute human? That sounds great.


  3. My Momma agrees wivs your Momma and sometimes my Pop worries that my Moms big gob will get her into troubles. Luckily so far it hasn't but we do have to warns her to be careful every now and then. I know where she is coming from buts I don't want my Moms to get hurt from someone mean not liking what she has to say.

  4. Mom says your 'rents are so lucky to have such wonderful doggiesitters! Mine haven't been on vacation in years because of us **grins**.
    Anyhoo, we agree, sometimes LOL dogs just isn't funny. They should be more thoughtful!


  5. Aww! Your mom's a sweetheart! I hope you don't see any of that, that would be a real trip downer!


  6. Have a wonderful trip! I thinks camping in da Airstream at da beach sounds most WONDERFUL!

    I am soooooooo glad to hears that Wally and Stella will be cared for.....BUTT how comes your mom don't lets them come along in da Airstream?!?!?! I bet they would loves da beach!


  7. We don't understand some humans as well... I used be real scared of the water but mom was all sneaky like and got me real close without me knowing and I got my feets wet... I still didn't like it but wasn't as scared. And then when one of my friends started swimming I just jumped in too! Now I like it! Pippen still doesn't like it but that's okay.

    Sam and Pippen

  8. Have funs on yous trips!!!

    When My Mommy and Grandma (her Mommy) goes outs together... danger.. 'day once yelled at man for leaving his dog in a truck while he went into a restaurant and ate his food. Mommy and Grandma were like ~AWW what a cute doggie.. 'da owner must just be running in to get take out~ Den Mommy and Grandma went into 'da restaurant and saw 'da man sitting in a booth ordering food.. Ummmmm.. NOPE!!!! Yous not goings to stuff yous pie holes whiles yous doggies sitting in yous truck hot and hungry mister mean man...
    anyways.. to make a long story even longer...he hees... Grandma went over and yelled at 'da man.. He said he was a "Good" owner.. cha-ya right!!! well he left..
    Don't leave doggies in cars on hot days...
    boy oh boy.. okay.. 'da Josie feels betters.. Maybe I's needs a dip in 'dat oceans...

    Hugs!!!! And safe travels!!!!

    xoxoxo Josie..who else..heehees

  9. Oh, tell you mom and Papa I bes packing ups my stuff and I'll be overs shortly to watch out fur da dickies and da house....gotta text a few furiends furst if you know what I mean...hehehehe!


  10. Hi Zona! We are glad that Stella and Wally will have someone coming by to look after them!

    And we have to agree with your mom - sometimes we see stuff on the dog and cat LOL sites that look like something bad could be going on and it makes her super upset. So we can totally understand what your mom got mad about!

  11. I don't ever check out that lol catz or dogz site because I've seen a few pictures that made me question why anyone would find that funny.

    I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip.

    I have to agree with Minna Krebs in wondering why you don't bring the ducks along with you because I'm sure they'd love the beach! lol

  12. I saw that on the LOL dogs site and thought it didn't look like a lot of fun for the doggies. Some dogs (Most Peis) don't care for water. Why in the world can't that be respected instead of scaring them half to death. I mean, there are quite a few things humans have to make us do - baths, the VET, things like that. Isn't that enough?

    It sure sounds like Wally and Stella will be having a fine time while you're all away, but I bet they'll be glad when you're back anyway. Have a great time!

    lotsa licks, Lola

  13. Thanks fur the grins and the chance to shake my head at 'humans'


  14. LOL! I want to hang with your mom, she sounds like my kind of fun!

  15. lol dogs can be super funny--but when you said that they used a pic of a dog that might of been having a seizure--NOT COOL. i've never seen it though....


  16. I think your Mommy and my Mommy would make quite a pair. Mommy has cussed, she doesn't do it unless she's really mad, at so many thoughtless stupid people and what they do to their doggies.

    Peoples are just so ignorant sometime.


  17. Wait. Now Puddles is watching the house? Hold on a sec. It's a text from Puddles. It says,

    Wild house party at Zona's. Be there or be square.

  18. Oh...that makes me SO sad! And it breaks my momma's heart. Remember how I was skeered of the sea-link fahn? Well, I'm not anymore but it wasn't cuz my mom made me stand under it to "face my fears." We worked on it for a looooong time and she never made me get any closer to it than I wanted to get.

    And I'll keep my paws crossed but I think your mom and mine are just too much alike. Cuz she's been known to gives some peoples advice without them asking for it, too.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. I just gots Puddles' text, too. Tell Wally and Stella to gets ready to shake their tail feathers!

  19. miss zona,
    wally and stella have it made in the shade! :)
    i think your mama is totally right to get upset over those thingies. i don't like that either. why would anybuddy make a silly out of a doggie having a seizure or try to force their doggie to do somethingie that they are scared of doing?? GRRRRR.
    the booker man

  20. Have fun at the beach! We are jealous.

  21. Oh boy, do we ever agree!! I have Water Dogs and most of them take to it like they were born in it, but I have a couple who aren't so sure they want to get wet. We let them just play nearby and this year they are both starting to show a little interest when they see the others having so much fun swimming.
    We've had people suggest we throw them in. Of course they can swim, but I would never force them or intentionally instill fear of water in them. Maybe someday they'll decide they like the water, if not, that's OK, too.

  22. Aw... that picture made mom sad, too. We hope you don't see any of that, only happy doggies!!


  23. Nobody has to drag us to the water! They usually have to beg us to get out! But, if somebody doesn't want to go in - well, that's just mean! Hope you have a great vacay! We'll check back to see what adventures you're up to.
    The Road Dogs



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