Thursday, August 12, 2010

The One After the Storm

Despite the calm waters this morning...

There were lots of surfers out by the pier! See those tiny dots? Surfers! You can click to see them better.

Phoenix didn't notice them. She was more interested in a hole in the sand.

Cali told her to be careful lest a crab come up and nip her on the nose!

As you can see, no noses were harmed during this photo shoot.

"Mom, is this a pita chip??"
Cali was a bit ahead of us today since the beach was so quiet. There was a bad storm last night and it has been a rainy day so far. Phoenix lags behind because she insists on walking in the tire tracks.

Over the week I've had a few requests for some pictures of the inside of our traveling home. Click here for a tour of the Argosy!

Tonight the two leggers are going to dinner with the rally folks in the rec hall. I hope it doesn't storm! Last night there was a BAD storm. I am proud to say that I was pretty calm despite the craziness going on outside; EVEN when my two leggers left us to go have dinner with some friends in their Airstream next door. At first I thought puparazzi was outside my window again because of all the flashbulbs going off but Cali told me that was just lightening this time.

Two more nights here at the beach! Then we head for home to see the aftermath of Puddles' housesitting. I've been hearing some rumors that the place is trashed and that she didn't get a computer virus but was taken back to intervention after her hijinx at my place. The good news is mom had her first drink in about four months last night so maybe I can give her a glass (or bottle) of wine before we pull in so she's not as alarmed by the mess! I hope Wally & Stella are sobered up by then! Stacey says they're molting like crazy... wonder why that is?? BOL!

There's a dog across from us that looks suspiciously like Miss Puddles AND two lady Schnauzers that have been asking a lot of questions about JD & Max. My assistant never has her camera when they're out and about but I'll make sure she gets photos before we leave!


  1. Digging in the sand looks super fun! That's what I would prolly do the whole time if I went to the beach.

    I don't really thinks Stella and Wally drank too much except for chocolate milk. So they might have little milk mustache stains.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. I think Phoenix has the right idea walking in the tire tacks, less work on your legs!! and hope the house is not to bad then you get back!!
    See Yea George xxx

  3. I think Phoenix is prolly on the RIGHT TRACK with the foot work there. hehehe
    Yep, I been hearing those rumors about your place too.
    Are you sure Wally and Stella's feathers came out.... ummmmm NATURALLY???
    Haven't you ever seen... Puddles in that Pink Boa thingy??? She may have been lookin' for replacement parts for it. I'm just sayin'.
    Now I'm gonna go back up and take a tour of your grrrreat summer home.

  4. Wowie... you gots TONS of places to sleep and nap and keep your Stuffs and a Kitchen to fix your foods and snacks ... and... AN AC too!!
    all the comforts a grrrreat Dawg House should have.

  5. Ummmmmm...yea bout them feathers....I ain't got no clue what ya'll talkin bout. And Zona, you might wanna get a bottle of vodka fur your mom and tells her to drink up befores ya'll get home.

    Oh and walkin in them tire try walkin in sand with these legs. I mean they are gorgeous and all but.......


  6. Wow it sounds like it is still a super fun time you are having, even with all the storms.

    And yeah, you might want to prep your mom for the arrival back home! We have heard stories about Puddles!

  7. Zona,

    Now that's my mom's idea of camping! Youz have a real nice home on wheels! I've been away for a while so I did not know that Puddles was house sitting for youz.....(extra BIG bottle of vodka for your mom I thinks would be a good idea!;)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. That was a pretty cool tour of your airstream, thanks for sharing!

    I've heard those rumors about Puddles as well. Yeah, I think a drink or three might be in order before she comes home and sees the mess Miss Puddles left behind.

  9. I'm so hoping fur the best with your choice of sitters but...........

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  10. Her nose in the sand is cracking me up! It looks like a great walk on the beach!

    I've heard some crazy stories about what's going on back at your house. I suggest giving your mom several glasses of something good before you get back!


  11. JD - Hey, a couple of ladies asking after us? I'm not surprised - especially now that I have a nifty scar, I hear the ladies like rugged things like that!

    Max - Huh! I bet it's my alert prowess and legendary 'guard dog' reputation that's got them interested!

    JD - Yeah, WHATEVER bro'! I know it's my laid back 'tude and extra tall physique that they're asking after....

    Max - As if bro', as if! It'll be my melodious woof that'll get them going, just you watch....

    FH - Um, I thought I'd best step in Zona as it appears my boys might be some time with this discussion! They'd love to see a photo of these lady schnauzers and they send special 'woofs' their way! :)

  12. Our week at the beach in the RV is at the end of September (and we go into South Carolina).

  13. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

  14. Miss Puddles and JD and Max could by spying on you. No doubt jealous of your party good times at the beach.




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