Friday, July 9, 2010

The One with Friendly Friday

As most of you know, we are into the Month of Puddles!! This is the infamous badge MinnaK made for the occasion!! Look at that cute Puddles Butt!

Later in the month, Sam and Pippen are hosting a Puddles Roast. At first I was horrified by this. But then mom explained that we were not actually talking about what I thought we were talking about! Now I'm excited. Puddles has taught me lots. BOL!

On this , I also want to mention my nemesis. Yes, I know, he is NOT my friend in any way despite his Christmas peace offering. But something hilarious happened today. Papa came home and, as he walked by the plum tree, he scared Mr. Tree Rat. He jumped out of the tree, ran across the yard... and.... jumped straight into the pond!! Can you believe it? We all got a good laugh at that! He seemed appalled and climbed out right away. I guess he's not like those swimming tree rats Frankie has.


  1. Hey Zona!

    We finally made it over to your blog! Great place you have here and thanks for posting about the weiner, um we mean the Puddles roast.

    Sam and Pippen

  2.'s really raining there? I told it to goes to your house but I didn't really think it would...hehhe!!!
    You bes my furiend fuevers now dat you gots you badges up...thank you.
    I once was chasing a squirrel and da whole time he was running and looking overs my shoulders to sees where I was and BAAAAAM...he ran smack into da fence...hehehehehe! Oh gosh, I stills laughs bout dat.
    It's a shame your squirrel didn't drown.

  3. We are soooooo hopeful fur rain rain rain fur tomorrow!

    Then we'll have PUDDLES of our own!


  4. Wow.. you have a water squirrel too??? Well, at least yours didn't like it as much as mine did. hehehe
    Let me tell you about the RAIN I got today... 2.75 inches... in One and a Half hours.... my driveway is now all washed away!!! TOOOOOO much TOOOOO fast.

  5. I am not really the outdoors type, but I have squirrel issues of my own going on. We have our first eggplant in the garden and this pesky squirrel seems bound and determined to steal it!

    Your squirrel chasing, pal, Pip

  6. Your squirrel ran into the water?! BOL! That's hilarious! I'm going to dream about that all night!


  7. Hi Zona - we would have been on our backs laughing if we had witnessed your tree rat falling into the pond, he he he! We're giggling just thinking abou ti!

    We think the month of Puddles sounds quite delightful! What a lovely card MinnaK made for her - with a saucy kiss on her behind, oooh la la! The Puddles Roast sounds like great fun too - like you we're extremely relieved it's not what it initially sounds like!!

    Hope you have a great weekend - stay cool! (We're writing this in front of an a/c unit - ahhh, lovely!)

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  8. A drenched tree rat?? Now that would have been a fun thing to see!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. BOL! Oh, I wish I coulda seen that Evil Tree Rat go jump in a lake! BOL! But I luvs thinking about it, that's for sure!

    And that Puddles. I gots to think about what I'm gonna roast her with. Do you thinks hickory wood would do?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. hi zona~! about the 100th post celebration, i don't haves a set date because well, i go day by day, but i do announce how many more entries until the big 100 and i believe i am at my 97th entry so far (with todays). im sorry i don't have a set date. :(

    ahhhhh that little puddie poo--she is everywhere. heehee. sucha cutie patootie though. :D


    PS. mum LOVES "get fuzzy"~!!!!

  11. HI! I'm following on Google Connect via the Blog Hop!

    Have a great weekend!
    Doreen from Doggies and Stuff blog

  12. Hi Zona - just wanted to let you know that the eggplant is safely in the fridge. I managed to fend off those pesky squirrels!

    Your pal, Pip

  13. miss zona,
    well, i wasn't the only one confuzzled about miss puddles's roast then!! i was like all worried, too, until mama explained it to me. heehee.
    i would have paid 50 gazillion greenies to watch that goober squirrel get the poop scared out of him. bwuahaha.
    the booker man

    pee s -- asa woofed that she's lookin' into whether she has a doggie bed modeling cousin or somethingie. if she does, maybe we can get the hook up with some free beds. WIN!

  14. Hi Zona nice to meet you ,I picked your blog up from Frankies wedding blog, that's a funny story about the tree rat, love the piccy to go with it to.
    See Yea George xxx



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