Sunday, July 4, 2010

The One with Frankie's Name Game

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Last year I posted a traditional Independence Day post and so I had been wondering what to post this year. I figured I would go with something patriotic and perhaps historical. Then my friend Frankie had a GREAT idea. What if all of us Dogs with Blogs write about how we got our names?

This worked out perfectly for me because first, it gave me a blog topic and second, it fit in perfectly with both the patriotic AND historical theme I was already leaning towards. How is "Zona" patriotic you ask? I concede it IS a bit of a stretch but let me start at the beginning.


Sweet Ginger was mom's first dog. She and papa went to visit her one evening and fell in love with her instantly. She had been going by Peaches but it was unanimous that Peaches didn't fit her. After some discussion, she became Ginger. Originally, it was a because of her coloring and temperament. Days before getting married mom and papa found out they were moving to VIRGINIA. Mom, having spent her whole life in Arizona and not being a huge fan of the east coast was not pleased at first. She soon found out that the name Ginger is sometimes a nickname for two leggers named Virginia and wondered if she jinxed the move by inadvertently naming her after the state. Then along came....


At this point mom was still longing for the west. So she convinced papa that if they named this adorable fuzzy puppy CALIfornia after the western state MAYBE they would end up moving west again! Plus the name fit her sunny, outgoing personality perfectly! Luckily, they only moved slightly west where they found me....


By this time, they had moved to the town we currently live in and were far from the congested east coast city atmosphere. Having more space and back to living in a valley, mom felt more at home. By the time I came along, mom was no longer longing for the desert but the two leggers nostalgically named me after AriZONA to keep with the U.S. cities and states theme. And maybe so as not to test fate by naming me HOBOken or some other cold place. It worked out well. It's a unique sounding name, which suits me. Then, one windy New Year's Eve, we met...


Wind has made her nervous since she first came to find us. The crazy cat lady convinced mom and papa to bring her home after she was hanging around a neighbor's house for a couple of days. Then only about six months old, had to spend ten days at the animal shelter to make sure she wasn't being looked for by her original two leggers. Mom was VERY nervous for those ten days and visited her every day. She wished she just kept her here and never notified anyone. But it was the right thing to do. And it turned out of the best! No one claimed her (common suspicion is she was "dumped" one night on our back road), which was meant to be because we couldn't imagine our family without her. So when it came time to name her (they had been calling her Eve at the shelter), Phoenix was perfect. Not only is it a lively city in Arizona, but the mythical meaning was appropriate considering her beginning.

And there you have it - how we got our names! Mom and papa have another name in the queue but it hasn't fit me or Phoenix so maybe our next four legged pack member will be honored with the special name! The more the merrier, right?

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and can take a moment to give thanks for the freedoms we have as Americans. Stay safe on the roads and with those pesky fireworks!

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  1. AriZONA - I never would have figure that out! I love the whole city and state theme! I didn't know your mom was originally from the west coast? We live in the midwest and my mom always talks about moving to the west or east coast where her relatives live, but Papa likes the midwest ...

    Happy Fourth of July!

  2. Zona - what Most GREAT and meaningful names you all have! I was wondering if Zona was from Arizona. But you know, I never puts all the states together with all your names. Your momma and daddy are very clever!

    My dad wanted to name Ranger "Tex," but mom is from Oak-luh-home-ah and they don't care for Texans too much. BOL! So Ranger it was!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. OH MY DOG...that was YOU dancing withs da palm tree? Uh, I hopes you don't remembers serenading it...hehehehe.
    What is so interesting is that you all purty much have a blatant theme going and I nevers picked it up...duh.
    But why on earth would you mom want to lives in Arizona, it's like a million degrees theres and got nuttin but landscapes of desert. I mean take our part of da country...where everbuddy is related to everbuddy and da peoples haves couches on they front couldn't ask fur anything betters than dat. Oh and don't furgets da monshine either...hehehehe.
    I thinks all you names suit you vert wel.

  4. I had a feeling your name was short for Arizona! Very cool! I like how all of you have state names. Was your mom afraid to name Phoenix after another state in case you had to move again?


  5. Love the way your M & D came up with names for all of you!!! They fit you!! Our M & D are not so creative. But we like our names anyway....
    Tailwags & xoxo

  6. Zona those are all great stories. They're all kind of like chapters in a book with one big theme. Tell you what. Do you think that name that Mom has saved up would work for a new Pei sister? I'm still thinking that's just what your family group needs. Of course it's easy for me to say. Right now I'm the only doggy here at all.

    Happy 4th to all of you,

    wags, Lola

  7. miss zona!
    first like, i gotta woof about your comment on my post cuz i just could not believe that somebuddy would think you are a BOY! you have a most girlie face with those pretty big eyes!
    anywho, ya'll's name stories are totally cool! i love that ya'll are named after states/cities. your mama and daddy are sure creative like! :)
    happy independence day!!
    the booker man

  8. Hi Zona - we really enjoyed this post, we think that Frankie is a genius to have come up with such a fun game! We haven't played in pupson as funnily enough we posted about our names just a few weeks ago, but we have really enjoyed finding out how our pals got their names. We love how you all found your names, they suit you down to the ground. We've often wondered where Zona came from as it's so pretty, just like you! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  9. What a great lot of stories!

    Good thing she didn't name woo what Mom and I khall where Auntie Di lives: THE BLAST FURNACE ;-)

    AKA Phoenix ariZONA!

    Happy FoURth of WOO-ly!


  10. I hate say this... butt I agree with PUDDLES... I would never have guessed that all the Western names. Sooo interesting, and they fit you like the furs on your paw.

  11. We loved the stories... but, Puddles is right! ;) The East Coast... especially the south... is the way to go! lol We sure love it. It's not for everyone though.
    We can't wait to see what the next name is... so go ahead and find a new friend!
    ~Milly and Shelby

  12. Now Zona, You know that I didn't have to do much "convincing" to get your two-leggers to bring Miss Phoenix home!

  13. Wow what a cool way to get your names


  14. Great stories about all of your names. We thought Zona had some link to Arizona and it is nice now to hear the whole tale. Great game - we have really enjoyed it.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. Happy 4th Zona!!!

    Great Story!! We's loves it's!! Very clevers!!!
    Mommy wants to changes our names to Maui!!!! Hee Hee!! She be's trying to gets Daddy to Moves for 'da longest times!! Daddy gets saying 'dats if we's moves to Hawaii 'dey would Quarantines us!!
    NO WAY!!! Like Mommy could survive wits outs us!! So she saids Maybe Florida Keys and I's can be's Flo for shorts..SNORTS!!
    Love this Post!!
    Have good Nite Nite!!

    Izzy (Flo..HA), Josie and Anakin Man

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. That is so cool how you got your name....I would of never thought of that Zona! I like all the stories....thank you for sharing. I hope you had a beautiful and happy 4th!

  18. Woof! Woof! That's GREAT ... Mmmm I say very clever n genius. LOVE it! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  19. Those are some great stories behind your names! I'm sorry it has been so hot there. But, like a true doxie, I can tell from today's photo that Phoenix doesn't mind too much ;o)

  20. Great stories! I love all of your names.



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