Sunday, June 13, 2010

The One with the Song

My two-legger friend Lisa posted this video on her Facebook page on Friday and it seriously gave my mom puppy fever. That's not a bad thing. Our female to male ratio was compromised when we found out Stella was really... Stello. So I'm ready for another girl puppy.

I should note that Phoenix is trying to get me to delete that sentence. She wants to stay the puppy around here. BOL! I like to tease her but something (mom) tells me her status is pretty safe for now. But you never know who might show up on our doorstep!


  1. Oh Zona, A puppy would be soooo fun... Butt then they are kinda a pain in the tail too. Maybe you could just do some puppy sitting.. that way the go HOME...
    These pups are soooo cute.

  2. Those little things are awfully cute!
    Benny & Lily

  3. Oh, that is too cute for woofs. That human is very talented. Also, your doorstep sounds like a most interesting place. Will look for future developments on it.

    wags, Lola

  4. Ooooh...Oooooh, I gots it...he needs to join America's Got Talent. He is just super duper talented and all.
    May I suggest a cute little doxie girl to keeps EVERYBUDDY on their toes. We is very good fur entertaining purposes...hehehe!

  5. I like being the puppy around my house, too! Mom says she likes puppies a lot, but we don't need any more around our house for a while. Plus, Lilac is old and cranky and she doesn't much like puppies.

    That guy is majorly talented, though! I'd rather watch him on TV than some of the other jokers they find and put on there!


  6. Maybe woo just need another doggy - it doesn't have to be a puppy!


  7. Wow his singing put me to (yawn stretch) umm tomsleep zzzzzzz too snore!!!!

  8. I luvs that video sooooo much! That man is a real good singer!

    Oh, and might I suggest a brindle puppy? No reason, of course. Just thought you might like a brindle puppy.

    Wiggles & Wags,



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