Monday, June 21, 2010

The One with the Sad

The two-leggers went swimming yesterday and made us stay inside. That worked out okay because whoo-wee... it's been really hot here. While they floated around, they let the boys out to play in the grass.

Normally they only spend 10-15 minutes out of their enclosure while mom sits with them and watches them dig for bugs - it's much more exciting than that sounds! (Even though I'm generally in the house watching out the window.)

But today they got to stay out a long time, while mom and papa swam around in the outdoor bath. I don't understand two-leggers.

They usually scoot right back in when mom says it's time but today... they had another idea.

"Stella, here she comes."
"Yep, she's definitely coming this way."
"I'm not ready to go in, Stella. RUN!!!!!!!!!!"
I have to tell you that "RUN" is a relative term with Wally and Stella. They waddle so fast that they look like they're going to tip over - it's hilarious! Mom should have video taped it but she was too busy laughing at them. Finally papa came over and they EVENTUALLY got the boys back in the pen. It was most amusing to watch. Mom told Wally that she's going to think twice about letting them out for a long time when she's alone now!

Now for the sad.... Today after mom got home from work, she was watering and noticed that momma bird wasn't around. I'm sad to report that our latest batch of birdies didn't make it. Papa thinks the heat and our lack of rain might have been the cause despite the watering they'd get through the deck board when they watered the plants. :: sigh ::


  1. wally and stella are such silly 'n sneaky duckies!! heehee.
    i'm sorry the birdies didn't make it, miss zona. that is very sad. :(
    the booker man

  2. Wally & Stella looked very happy wandering & exploring... Too bad about the birdies tho.

  3. HaaRoooo Wally and Stella must have really enjoyed their grass time... butt they would have stayed close if only... your mom and dad had let them in the outdoor baff with them... I'm just sayin'.
    It was HOT here too Zona.

  4. So sorry the birdies didn't make it. It is HOT everywhere, best to stay inside and rest.

    Your pal, Pip

  5. I'm so sorry, Zona. Mother Nature is a real bitch sometimes, isn't she?


  6. Wally and Stella crack me up! They could almost have their own blog. I'm sorry about the baby birds!


  7. Sorry 'bout the sad diskhovery -

    Thanks fur sharing their fun with us!


  8. say, your wonders if da quack quacks woulds like to haves a race? I coulds pretend likes they is ground hoggies....okays, thaat not funny...hehehe
    I sorry to hears bouts da birdies...ummm, I thinking da survival of da fittest mights apply heres.

  9. Hello Zona,
    Nice to meet you! Thanks for Following my blog
    I can't wait to read more about your exciting life.

  10. I'm so sad abouts the baby birdies. But I sure did gets a good happy from looking at pictures of Wally and Stella and imagining them waddling around. What keeps 'em from flying away?

    Wiggles & Wags,



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